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Micro-chipping? - 01/27/07 09:00 PM

A friend of mine is moving soon to Germany, and hopes to be able to take her glider with her. The military is saying all animals need to be micro-chipped. My vet (also hers) says that microchipping could lead to self-mutilation and is reluctant to do it.

Has anyone heard of micro-chipping gliders? Has anyone seen an escalated risk of mutilation associated with microchips?
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/27/07 09:05 PM

I havent heard of it being done with Gliders. I could see where it would lead to self mutilation though. It would seem to me that with as small as they are the microchip would be very annoying to them and they would try to remove it. I may be way off though. I think I will ask Dr. T what he thinks of it.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/27/07 09:30 PM

I agree that it sounds like it would be very painful for such a small animal. Maybe your friend could get a letter from the vet stating that microchipping of gliders is not an acceptable practice and that he refuses to do it for that reason.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/28/07 12:54 AM

I know it is done with gliders. I think some breeders do it, including maybe some on this forum. I'm just not sure who, so I'm hoping to be able to talk to someone who has had experiences one way or another with it.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/28/07 01:01 AM

There was a post in the thread Micro-chipping back in November by ganesh who lives in France about microchipping gliders. It's the law over there. I don't recall ever reading about anyone in the States microchipping thier gliders. In case you want to read it, it's in this thread:

Just recently in Health & Hygiene, Neutering Methods? 1/19/07, she once again mentioned having her gliders electronically identified. You might want to PM or email her to get more info.

My two boys were neutered last december. The vet used gaz to anesthetize them (I believe it is Isoflorin but not sure). He did not leave the pompom. He made two stiches for Icarus and three for Sloubi. He did not give us pain medicine but antibiotics (Baytril) for a week. I cannot tell you how much it was because at the same we had the four of them electronically identified and I don't remember the details. But I'd say it was around 80 euros each.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/28/07 05:34 AM

It is the law that all pets be micro-chipped in EU countries. I've learned that in my search today. Thanks for the info. I've also learned that microchips can be less than a grain of rice in size. I have heard today about someone who has had this done on gliders. I'll report back if I hear anything about that person's experience.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/28/07 06:15 AM

Not a glider, but my dog (5 lb maltese) has a microchip. In dogs they usually implant it by their neck/shoulder blades. Digis (my dog) is pretty small, I would say about the length of a grain of rice but a tad bit more thicker.

Could a glider self mutilate their own back of neck area if this is where it is implanted at on gliders? I know other gliders will clean neck wounds, but when you leave a glider alone that has a mating (back/neck) wound it will heal.

I'm interested in what you find out.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/29/07 10:59 PM

Ok Got a Response from Dr. Tim Tristan. I did not explain to him WHY the gliders had to be chipped, just asked what his thoughts were on it and this was his reply. (yes, I do have his permission to share this.)

My question would be if microchipping is necessary and/or why someone is doing it. In larger species it possess less risk, but in smaller species it may be more problematic. In saying that, I am sure it could be done without complications.
As for self-mutilating, haven't seen enough sugargliders that have been microchipped to tell you whether it is a common occurance or not.
To answer your question, it depends on whether the benefits out way the risks of microchipping. If you are losing your sugargliders or someone is stealing them it is likley a good idea. If you are doing it just because, why bother.
Microchipping is usually done for.....lost/stolen pets, identifying individuals in large groups that all look the same, research animals, and wildlife. If they don't fall in any of these categories, why chip?
Just my 2 cents,

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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/30/07 10:54 AM

Thanks, Peggy. It sounds like he thinks it could safely be done. Still wish I could talk to someone who has actually done it...
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/30/07 05:05 PM

Why don't you try to get in touch with ganesh? She has had micro-chipping done on her gliders. In fact she just had it done as recently as December. I know she's in France, but she could at least give you an idea of what to expect and whether she has had any type of problem with her gliders after having it done.

Sorry Lucy, I just reread your post and you're wanting to talk to a vet who has actually micro-chipped a glider, aren't you? That is a touch one since the U.S. (as far as I know) doesn't require micro-chipping for any pet.
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 01/31/07 01:33 AM

That's what I was hoping to find - at least an owner who had this done. I will try to find ganesh.Thank you so much1
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Re: Micro-chipping? - 02/01/07 08:48 PM

You're welcome Lucy!!! Were you able to get in touch with ganesh? Would be interested in hearing what she had to say about it.

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