Can gliders throw up?

Posted By: USMom

Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 04:10 AM

I hear versions of they can't throw up, or if they are throwing up they'll die. Where/how did this start?

I've seen several gliders throw up here. Most of them that did, died. But I have 3 that were sick, but are now fine, and one that was sick, then was fine, and died later (over a year) from something totally different.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 04:20 AM

Shawna, I have had gliders throw up that were very ill and passed in a short time afterward. However, I have seen gliders throw up for "no reason" and I also have one that will throw up if he eats to fast. I do believe it's a gag reflex with him though as he has teeth and gum issues. I believe they throw up for many of the same reasons we do/can, but in gliders, their bodies usually don't respond to doing so until it's too late or close to it.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 04:21 AM

I have one that threw up yoggies because she dove into the container of yoggies and devoured at least 3 smalls and 2 mediums then ran on her wheel. frown There was a nasty pink splat on the bottom of the cage. Gotta love kids packed full of sugar. >.< She was fine later that night though and didn't puke again. She's still doing good so I'm thinking she just had an upset tummy from all those yoggies she just had to have.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 01:47 PM

When I first got my two sister gliders(aiko and hime), the first night I had them Hime threw up twice. It came down to stress from the travel (8 hour drive) and too many yoggies(i had given one to each without knowing that the breeder had feed them a couple of yoggies as well before we met). That and she ate her dinner way fast. So the combination of stress, too many sweets and eating too fast made her puke. But she was, and still is, completely fine afterwards.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 02:11 PM

we have two girls that when we got them they had been on the happy glider all there life I was trying to give them HPW slowly BUT they would devoire the HPW then eat there pellets and they started to puck ...
scared I took them to the vet and we came up with that they were just not used to such a rich diet and that they were eatting all of it from the begining so we had to intro it much slower and now we are doing just fine no problems but they were pucking like a couple times in a day.. but they have a clean bill of health now no issues..
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 05:40 PM

Alev (my 64 gram girl) has thrown up a couple times in the past. Other than having thrown up, she looked ok. I was concerned though and took her to the vet; they did blood work which came back normal. In my experience, they can throw up and it is not always fatal.

BTW, this is a good board! I also read the post about raw honey (I feed mine the HPW diet)... it is good to have certain topics like this clarified. thumb
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/06/09 05:54 PM

I had two gliders that came out of anesthesia REALLY badly once and both of them threw up multiple times. No idea where the "glider's can't throw up" thing came from, but because of it I panicked and rushed them back to the vet.
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/07/09 03:47 AM

I have never heard that before (can't throw up) - but did have one of my joeys come back to me very sick and he threw up at the vets a couple of times. While he did eventually get better (after a long illness) I thought he was going to die when they brought him over, he was soo very sick.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/07/09 05:44 AM

I don't know where it came from. But, we have, in the last couple of years, learned A LOT about gliders and their illnesses. So maybe 5 years ago, a glider throwing up was too ill to be saved, whereas now, it's not? I know I see a lot more gliders that are very ill pulling through, than I did 4 years ago.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/12/09 08:48 AM

Shawna, they have a flap just below their esophagus, that doesn't let anything come back up from a certain point,
They also have tilted holes with reeds that cover it (where they make their sounds from) in the back of their throat. The tilt of those holes would make it very difficult for them to actually vomit

as for the gliders dieing, before us old timers, had seen many gliders that when they threw up, we would and could anticipate that the gliders wouldn't make it.
could that be, because the gliders had gotten the stuff into their lungs? could it have blocked their airways through their lungs and sinus's? we don't know,

as for the other gliders that have faired well, it could be that the food, didn't go far enough down into the stomach, could what is happening to others that are survivng more of a reflux action, gag reflex per sae. could it be that the gliders are spitting up saliva mixed with their foods? could it be making a different pass? (through their lungs) dee's glider maybe ? I dunno..

as you said we are learning more and more about gliders, but the numbers have also increased so we now have more gliders to make comparisons with.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/12/09 10:44 AM

I just want to chime in here and say that my Carina was claustrophobic when I got her. If I put her into a closed bonding pouch she would get so upset that she would vomit. I didn't realize that was why she was ending up wet while in a bonding pouch until I took her out one time and she leaped onto her cage, then threw up all over the place! She never threw up again after that because I stopped closing the bonding pouch and then she was fine. After about a year, I tried closing the bonding pouch again and she's been fine ever since. Based on the quantity that she threw up the one time I saw it happen, I'd say that YES, it is possible for a glider to throw up, not just have reflux.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/13/09 03:35 AM

Gliders absolutely can throw up. I have seen it repeatedly in many gliders. One of my gliders threw up when coming OUT of anesthesia - after not having anything at all in his mouth for a very long time.

I have paperwork from two different vets who documented that the glider threw up during a visit. One was pre-surgical and the other was just a very ill glider.

Pretty much every mammal has valves which help keep food down - humans have many of them. Yet, all are able to vomit. Vomiting does serve life-saving purposes at times, so no valve (or flap of skin) would be conducive to sustaining life if it did not allow for vomiting when necessary.
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/13/09 05:19 AM

Odd, I just came across this subject in a binder my vet gave me to read about marsupial care, rehabilitation and rejected joey care
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Re: Can gliders throw up? - 11/13/09 05:37 PM

Gliders can definitely throw up-it just isn't a good sign when they do usually. Giardia, something stuck in the throat, there are many reasons why they might-but it is never normal.
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