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E-Collar - 05/23/06 09:36 PM

Hey i was just wondering in what cases do you need to use a E-collar i know what they are used for cause my dog had a eye poked out and she had to wear one for like 3 months! But what are some ilness or injuries that would lead to a e-collar their face is so small i cant think of any. E-collars do protect them from scratching their face because it may be iritating.
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Re: E-Collar - 05/23/06 11:22 PM

Someone will be along with the answers soon. I wanted to say though that we have a glider that started hissing at dinner time and grabbed for his wee wee. He didn't try to bite it thank God but it was enough to scare me into flying to the 24 hour vet at 9 pm after I couldn't get an e-collar on him.

Our Vet tried several types and made several collars. Four vets in all that deal with exotics and NOT ONE would work with his shape. We ended up staying at the Vet for hours with them and us taking turns petting him and distracting him. Pain meds kicked in and the antibiotics finally. We went home and didn't sleep for 2 days. After that, he was fine and took meds for 2 weeks.

As far as an e-collar scratching them, tape is used so that won't happen. Our vet even made an E-collar out of X-ray film, tape and a harness. LOL no go, little booger found a way out of it no matter how tight it was.
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Re: E-Collar - 05/23/06 11:30 PM

Hello, there are lots of posting about this on the forum. From what I know, e-collars are widely used when gliders are overgrooming or self-mutilating. It may also help for any injuries that gliders would tend to scratch or lick if they should not because of healing.

Hope this helps, but some more experienced people will come around to rectify if I said something wrong <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Re: E-Collar - 05/24/06 12:05 AM

[:"green"]There are two basic reasons a glider would be put into an e-collar. 1) As a preventive after surgery, to keep the glider from reopening the incision. 2) To prevent a glider from self-mutilating. There are a number of reasons why a glider would start to self-mutilate. If you are interested in reading about self-mutilation (SM), you can check out the web-site that is dedicated to glider SM at Sugar Glider Self Mutilator Site where it goes into great detail about it.
For how to make an E-collar that will work on a sugar glider, you can check out this post (which is a sticky at the top of the Health & Hygiene Forum): Will Your Glider Self Mutilate/Bourbon & E-Collar.
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Re: E-Collar - 05/24/06 12:57 AM

now those posts made me so sad. This Sgga im buying E-collars now it has worried me too. THanks suz for posting that now i will be more alert for the sound that they say they make.
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Re: E-Collar - 05/24/06 10:44 AM

[:"green"]I can not stress enough the importance of familiarizing yourself with the warning signs. A month or so ago, I had my Gizmo neutered - the pompoms were completely removed. Before I picked him up, the vet told me that as soon as he came out from under anesthesia he reopened his incision. I immediately went to the store & bought the supplies for making an e-collar. I picked him up, came home, made the collar for him and put it on him. The next morning, he had knocked over his bowl of water, which soaked the tape securing the collar in place so that he was able to remove it. In the brief time the collar was off, he had reopened his incision. Back to the vet we went so that we were on their doorstep when they opened. Unfortunately, the vet was not going to be in until 3 p.m., so I brought Gizmo to work with me & kept a very close watch on him to ensure that he didn't get the collar off again. That afternoon, the vet debrided the incision edges & resutured him. I became very diligent & checked on him multiple times 24 hours a day to ensure that he wouldn't get the collar off. By the 4th day after surgery, the collar was removed & he didn't not go back after the site again. He has healed very nicely and is doing well now. I can not fathom what might have happened to him if I had not known how to make an E-collar for him - thanks to the instructions posted above & some extra help from dancing (Teresa). The vet was fascinated by the e-collar since she had never seen one that small before and has requested a copy of the instructions on how to make them so that she can use them in the future for her other small patients when needed... Attached is a picture of Gizmo in his e-collar.

Attached picture 575630-Gizmo'sE-collar003rdc.JPG
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Re: E-Collar - 05/25/06 12:47 AM

man idk how to make E-Collars and i doubt i would figure out. What does the ecollar prevent from them biting at something?
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Re: E-Collar - 05/25/06 01:32 AM

An E-Collar will prevent a glider from being able to reach its body. Just be aware that if your glider has an injury to the tip of it's tail an E-Collar may not work as the tail is long enough to wrap around the end of the collar.
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