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upset glider - 06/08/06 04:56 AM

I purchased a single female glider, Stitches, about 5 months ago and she did great for about 3 months. We then moved into a new home and she seemed to become depressed. After much research and checking with the pet store we had purchased Stitches from, we decided that she was lonely and needed another glider. We purchased another female glider, Staples, and a very large cage for them to share. They seemed to be doing fine until after about a week together, Stitches attacked Staples (old attacking new) violently. So much so I was badly bitten trying to pry them apart. After this incident,we separated the gliders thinking that would help. Our older glider seems totally fine but our newer glider, Staples has had very erratic behavior and is now self mutilating her tail BADLY!! I am going to make her an e collar and call the vet, but do they need to be put back together?? And what if they continue to fight so aggressively?? HELP!!!
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Re: upset glider - 06/08/06 05:02 AM

First get the ecollar on her. Do what you have to do to prevent her from doing more damage. Then go to THIS THREAD and click on the Self Mutilation link in the red paragraph at the top. Fill out the questionaire and hit submit. This will send the information right to someone that can help.

Get the collar on her and then do this as soon as you can. Do not put them back together at this point. The other glider could do further damage to the tail or help her get the collar off.
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Re: upset glider - 06/08/06 05:47 AM

The link Dancing provided also has directions for the ecollar (in the thread)-the attachment on top has those directions in pictures. She needs to be kept away from her tail. SM is a vicious hurts, they chew, which hurts more, so they chew more, etc. The only way to stop that before getting to the vet is to keep her from getting at it...and she may need to stay in it through treatment, until the damage is healed.

You will want PAIN meds, and a broad spectrum antibiotic from the vet for a 14-21 day course...depending on how bad the damage is.

From what you described, she likely was injured in the fighting. The damage could have been invisible to the human eye, or buried in fur...either way enough to allow bacteria entry. You will want the vet to check also to be sure nothing is BROKEN in there (you might not be able to tell)...and that there isn't damage elsewhere. If a glider begins to chew at it's side or cloaca it can be fatal very quickly.

For now, get the glider in the may take a few tries to get it right, and to where it's not too tight (ie blue nose=lack of oxygen)..but will stay on. DO NOT REMOVE the collar. Even if a vet tells you to...if the vet has no experience with an SM glider. There have been vets that have said it's okay, and the gliders have mutilated further, and even died, because they are wild animals and not domesticated, and a different set of rules applies. Then TAPE the tail, to keep her from curling it into the collar, and continuing to chew.

Keep her on you as much as possible, and keep her SEPARATE from her catgemate (permanently, imo, if the fights are bad enough to damage. Some gliders just can't be housed together).

I will go and find a thread that has instructions for housing/feeding in a collar, etc., and pictures I've already posted, and put the link (it will be quicker than trying to redo it all).
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Re: upset glider - 06/08/06 05:57 AM

Here is one thread: Help

I can't find the other thread...this one doesn't have all I wanted, but just about, and my phone number. Also, if you can't use a small or hospital cage for her, turn a large one on it's side to minimize chance of falls that can injure.
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 03:43 PM

We called our vet, funny thing is the vet didn't seem nearly as worried about this as I am. They won't even see us until next week. They also told us to give her liquid baby benadryl to help her rest and to possibly stop the itching if she was having any, in her tail. But at this point she has successfully chewed about an inch and a half of her tail. Its red and scabbed, and obviously missing all the hair. She seems to be in good spirits when I have her out with me, but her tail looks terrible, is there anything else I can do?? And also, have you ever heard of giving a glider OTC medication like benadryl??? Oh they also said to put neosporin on her tail, that worked for about two seconds and she freaked out completely until I wiped it back off her tail. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 03:43 PM

Any update on this poor guy?
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 03:49 PM

Other than what I updated this morning, no. I am still looking for anyone who can tell me if their vet ever recommended what mine did. I don't feel very good about giving her medicine like this.
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 04:16 PM

[:"green"]Did you ever fill out the SM questionnaire? If not, do so immediately. I know that one of the SM team will call you very quickly & advise you as to what to do now. Also, you can check out the following links to help you in the meantime until they call...
For bandaging her tail so she can't continue to mutilate it: Ranger's Tail Bandage
You can also read: Self Mutilation Information
There are people you can call also... SM Team Contact Info...
Please, if you don't have her in an e-collar yet, get her into one right away. Don't use any of the meds that were suggested by the vet's office until you have talked to one of the SM team members.
Please keep us updated & good luck
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 04:37 PM

I only have a few minutes right now, so I hope you listen. A lot of vets in this country have NO experience with SM, and no understanding of the psychology of a wild animal, which is what a sugar glider is.

All we can tell you is what you need to do...for the sake of your either do it, or no. And no, your vet is not taking this seriously enough, and no, he is not offering proper treatment for this condition...if that answers your question-it's the only correct answer. Whether other gliders have had these meds...yes...but NOT for what your little one is going through. How this turns out is up to you.

Just a note: this glider should be on a broad spectrum antibiotic and pain meds for proper treatment/recovery-it is for a vet to base dosage on weight.
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 07:41 PM

Yes, this is serious and if not properly treated, could get much worse very quickly. I see you're in Arizona. I'm not sure where, but I've seen two glider-knowledgeable vets (both in the Vet Directory, both in the Phoenix area:

There is one on the west side,

Dr. Amy Cromer
Valley West Animal Hospital
7811 N 35th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ
602-290-1286 (emergency)
602-995-3757 (24-hour emergency animal clinic)

And one on the east side,

Dr. Todd Driggers
Foothills Mobile Exotic
1530 West Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233
602-351-1850 (emergency)

Do take her in as soon as you possible, and keep us posted.
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Re: upset glider - 06/10/06 08:34 PM

Both of those vets come highly recomended. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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Re: upset glider - 06/11/06 04:50 AM

Vet is now suggesting possible amputation of part of the tail. Aside from Ranger's story, does anyone know of an amputation that went well?? It seems awful drastic, but the tail is in bad shape. Also, Staples seems to mess with her tail the more I have her out of her cage. Correlation? Should I just leave her until her next vet appointment if I may be upsetting her by getting her out?? I was trying to spend as much time as possible with her, but the SM is much worse after I handle her? What to do, not handle her, tell the vet amputation is OK??
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Re: upset glider - 06/11/06 04:58 AM

Okay...first, this is why the Ecollar plus bandage (vetwrap works best-the stuff that sticks to itself....or wrap with tape so she can't curl it into the collar) order to stop the damage. The combo of the two seem to work best.

Many more tail issues work as long as they are kept away from the tail, than don't. In fact, Ranger is the exception, and not the rule. In a minute I'll go look up some threads for you...including another little glider named Staples that also chewed half his foot in addition to his tail off...that are doing just fine.

The MOST important thing now is to KEEP HER FROM DOING MORE DAMAGE. Leaving her alone isn't going to stop it. Amputation might seem extreme...but if she's damaged it enough, all it is is a seat for infection where the damage is, and of no further good use to her.

MAKE SURE the vet gives you a PAIN med (like torb or a valium suspension) addition to a broad spectrum antibiotic, amputation or no...tho if he feels he should amputate (most vets don't make that decision without reason) is probably in her best interest to do so, if you want her well and healed.

Let me go find threads for you. And we are here for questions or even just stress relief if you need us.
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Re: upset glider - 06/11/06 05:15 AM

Here's some reading.
First...a whole thread about tail-less gliders:

Gliders Without Tails?

Update on Staples -this had to do with the foot amputation, but as you can see...he did good. And is still around!

Biting Tail Please Help

tail healed slight scab left when to put together

aputated tail ok getting back with other glider

There's a few to get you going. I currently have two gliders who are missing part of their tails...Roxy and Chronos.
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Re: upset glider - 06/11/06 07:56 AM

Here's another thread that may interest you:

too much tail licking

Once the self-mutilation starts, you need to be on constant vigilance. In addition to recommending partial amputation, did your vet run any tests? Did you get antibiotics and pain meds? At the very least, I would insist on both. And do put your little one in the e-collar, and bandaged straw. You've got to keep her from continuing to chew on her tail.

Do keep us posted.
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Re: upset glider - 06/23/06 04:35 AM

So sorry I did not get back sooner. Stitches is now doing fine. The vet here did take very good care of her. She actually ended up with gangrene in her tail, poor girl, even with all we tried. She was put on antibiotics and they helped right away. The vet did decide not to amputate, he let the destroyed part of her tail fall off naturally by itself. She does seem a bit scared of us now, until we get her out to play with her, but other than that, and a shorter tail, she is all better. I thank you all for your kind words and offers of advice and help. They were all greatly appreciated. AND I have a wonderful vet in Tucson if anyone needs somebody, let me know.
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Re: upset glider - 06/23/06 04:53 AM

Thanks for the update. Glad you've got your wee one on the road to recovery. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" /> If your vet isn't already in the Vets Database, please add his information so others in your area can benefit. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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Re: upset glider - 06/23/06 05:20 AM

WOW, you are very lucky the gangreen didn't get into her blood stream.

I would not advise anyone to let an injury go like that. It could have cost your glider her life. Personally I think it was poor advice from your vet on that one.

I'm very happy your glider is doing better.
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