ecoller vs jacket question?

Posted By: jag

ecoller vs jacket question? - 12/09/10 03:33 AM

ecollars, my joey neutar went well exept for how he insistantly attempted to take off his ecollar for more then a couple of hours straight and I finally took it off,(it seems to be so stressful for them, they never quit trying to take it off) kept him with me 24/7 and got thru it but I remember reading someone makes "jackets" instead of an ecoller? id like to find out who so I could purchase one
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Re: ecoller vs jacket question? - 12/09/10 03:37 AM

Ditto... And if anybody has a pic of a glider wearing it that would be cool too. A jacket sounds way less obtrusive than an Ecollar.
Posted By: minkasmom

Re: ecoller vs jacket question? - 12/09/10 03:46 AM

I'm the one who makes the e-jackets...and for SOME situations (such as neutering) they are GREAT! thumb But there are situations (such as Elena's little guy Chuckles) where a jacket DOESN'T work so hot. I've also encountered a little challenge with a couuple other things about the jackets. My "favorite" little test subject Spencer has shown me that I need to do some other thinking about how the straps are made to keep gliders from slipping out of them...he sits there & chews THROUGH them! tant I'm also temporarily stuck on the "sizing issue"...I thought I had it pretty close to "dialed in" until a friend brought over several little boys to be sized up for their future neuterings. What I thought would fit didn't...too small or too big. And the design of what I have at this point doesn't allow for a whole lot of mistakes with that area either.

IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, something could be figured out..but I just haven't had any time to figure out these couple bumps here lately. The holidays are only adding to my lack of time..I'm hoping to be able to get back to it soon.

In the cases where I've had to use them on my own gliders, it IS a welcome alternative to an e-collar. Have patience, I am still here and still thinking...and thinking...and thinking!
Posted By: jag

Re: ecoller vs jacket question? - 12/09/10 04:12 AM

yay!!!! please please keep trying! ok here is my take and so so long and just trying to make sense;

neters so far for me only needed a small deterant for less then 48 hours. the first 8-12 hrs after surgury glider tolerates the collar but only because they are too lethargic immediatly after to fight it, once we get past lethargic and go to groggy, getting the ecoller off becomes an obsession, once I take it off they calm down(with the help of meds, the meds with collar on did NOTHING once past the lethargy stage)my big problem however is I could not spend the entire next 16 hours with the joey due to work restrictions and really could have used something to deter him from going after the site even if just for a couple of hours with supervison. lucky enough my mom took him in his pouch and babysat while i was out a few hours and being the good mommy she is would have distracted him.
however if i had needed hubby to babysit I may not have been as comfy if ya know what i mean?
once we got past the 36 hour period(so far after the 36 hrs with the lazer pom off no restrictions were needed I hope this all makes sense?) I think if the jackets were designed and used at this point(while still a work in progress) with supervison only in mind it would help.

my other big problm with the ecoller is I cant hold them in a pouch with it on which makes it even more dificult to closely monitor, snuggle or comfort. when they dont have the coller on and are inside my shirt I cn tell immediatly if there being aggressive just by the feel of them against my chest and I know you know exactly what I mean
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