I few questions about SM gliders...

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I few questions about SM gliders... - 06/19/06 04:54 AM

I don't think mine is or anything, I just want to clear up some things just in case. I read the posts and sites and stuff, this is just a couple of questions I had. The sound, is it continuious? Or just one sharp noise? I listened to the sound file on the site, but its not to clear. It sounded continuious. Do all of them chew on that area? Or diffrent parts of there bodys? I hope it never happens to mine. But I want to be prepared if it does.
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Re: I few questions about SM gliders... - 06/19/06 05:02 AM

The sound is continuous when actively chewing (IN the gliders that make the noise)-which comes in short periods broken up by no sound. It sounds most like a crab/hiss with undertones of pain/desperation.

NOTE: DO NOT rely on this sound to tell you if your glider is SMing. Not all of them make it. Some will SM with NO warning at all-until you see something bloody or missing.

SM (Self Mutilation) affects both males and females and includes fingers/toes, hands/feet, tails, abdomen, and cloaca.
The abdomen and cloaca are the two areas most likely to be fatal if not stopped, and a glider can kill itself in under an hour-so it's the owner's job to be vigilant and conscientious.

The sound can also precede active chewing by a day or two-the only warning you're likey to get, if any, so know your glider's normal noises/behavior, so you can see when something isn't right.

Also, when the sound first may check only to have them look up at you like "What??"-if the noise is unusual, watch closely. Time is of the essence with the SMs.
Hope this helps.
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Re: I few questions about SM gliders... - 06/19/06 05:16 AM

There are different catagories of self mutilators.

some do it from stress, some from uti's or other urinary and or intestional problems, some do it from pain, due to injury or surgerys.

The cloacal sm is the one type that is almost always associated with the sound, strangley the other types are not. this is what Jen was saying about not relying on the sound.

as for the sound, it is one that is difficult to describe, but when you hear it, you will know it, it will wake you from a dead sleep and the hairs on your neck may rise.. you will KNOW something is wrong.

one of the key things to watch for if you suspect the sound is watching the position they are in at the time, while they are making the sound they are usually curled into a ball.

keep in mind as I stated this is usually the cloacal SM that is associated with the sound.

I have in my home a glider that would chew on her feet when she is super stressed,, and others out there that chew on the cloacal after a neuter, and others that have found other hidden injuries where they chew on the part that is injured.

as Jen stated all types of SM's can and may mutilate till death.

One of the areas that we really try to stress is the awareness and education, knowing what to watch for and what to do in case you need it. With that the chances of survival is much greater, getting the proper deterents, medical help and care is imparative to a glider who self mutilates.
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Re: I few questions about SM gliders... - 06/21/06 03:44 AM

You've got the experts providing the best possible advice. I just want to toss in a reminder to have two things ready: (1) an e-collar and (2) a glider-knowledgeable vet.

You can check out the sticky at the top of this forum for e-collar instructions: Will your Glider Self Mutilate/ Bourbon& Ecollar. Also check out the Vets Database if you don't already have a vet lined up.
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