self mutilation emergency

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self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 09:55 PM

My glider has chewed the end of his tail off sometime today...and was working on chewing it off at the top, now there is a bald spot and he really looks bad. Does anyone know a topical antibiotic I can use on his tail that isn't toxic to him? I have animax & neosporin??? Animax has a mild fungicide and also a mild cortizone (?) I believe the vet said. My local vet doesn't work on exotics, so he isn't really sure, but didn't think that Neosporin would hurt him if he licked it.??? I don't know?
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:00 PM

put neosporin on... get a ecollar on asap so he doen't keep self mutilating him self and find a vet that will work with him if something is causing him pain on his tail he'll make it worse.
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:00 PM

You need to get him into a ecolar asap! here is a link if you do not have the material right now, wrap him up in a piece of fleece like a buritto.......and get him to a VET any vet will do right now to get him on antibiotics.... you can have your vet call sugarglidersuz for a phone consult or you can call her to get immediate advice...


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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:01 PM

Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:24 PM

Please get this little one into a vet ASAP...

Once they start it could only get worse...if you have any straws you could use this to cover the tail (with an e-collar they could still reach their tail worried )

Best thing to do right now is wrap him up and get him to a vet for the vet to prescribe something safe to apply and analyze him to see why he is in pain to begin with

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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:24 PM

You also want to wrap the tail in something like vetwrap-doesn't have to be tight, so he can't curl it into the collar to chew on. Antibiotics and a Vet ASAP are a must before infection sets in, and a pain med like Torb (metacam is of little use with these, so tell them you want the torb for him). The key now is to minimize damage and keep him away from it, and treat the damage and underlying cause. Unless there was an injury, this is frequently from infection. Feel the tail and see if any bumps or places that don't feel right. If there's a break, or any dead tissue, it may need to be amputated and closed just below the damage.

Please update after the vet-if you need help finding one, we have vet links here, or if we know where you are, someone may know of one close to you. Here's the links...just click on your state:
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:24 PM

Neosporin is OK? I was already working on the collar. He is trying to eat my fingers while I type this. For the last two days I've noticed he hasn't eaten much, but he looked fine last night. I got home from work today and he was out at 3 in the afternoon, which is not normal for him. haven't noticed any "different" noises from him lately, but he does seem to have mild "runs" very yellow for some reason.
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:28 PM

Mostly you won't hear anything unless you have a cloacal mutilator. It sounds like an infection is likely. Because of the color of the diarrhea, make sure the vet tests for parasites also. I would recommend a course of Flagyl just in case, which will also work on anaerobic bacteria, along with a broad spectrum like Baytril. MAKE SURE they give you enough for 3 WEEKS...less than that time doesn't have a good track record at doing the job in a glider. If you have someone who can hold him wrapped up while you make the collar that would be good-the less damage he does, the greater his chances of recovery.

When you get a chance-NOT NOW-I'd also like to know your diet. Unless you need immediate help, finish the collar and get him in it FIRST...then post. That is your first priority for the moment, and it may take a few tries to get it both so it will stay on and so it's not too tight. You don't want his nose to turn blue/dark purple (lack of oxygen)...if it does you'll have to take it off and try again. Expect him to fight it vigorously once on. His nose may turn a little darker red, that's okay, blue isn't. If he can crab...he can breathe. You may feel bad for his struggles, but it's his life at long as he can breathe, and can't get it off himself, DO NOT take that collar off!

Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:30 PM

You need to get him to not self prescribe any ointment as he could eat this and make matters worse!

The change in his eating habits is also not a good sign and they hide their illnesses the time you notice there is something wrong is only because they can no longer hide it worried

Please register to post an update on what the vet tells you as this post will be moved to the appropriate forum at some point worried

I pray that your little one gets the help he needs...keep us posted hug2

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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:32 PM

i thank you all very much!!
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:35 PM

Yes please update. worried Registering is free and easy, and this will be in the Health and Hygiene forum waiting for you.

I've been up since yesterday, and need a nap before work. BUT...I'll be back on by midnight with some more info for you.

If you have an emergency and need to talk to phone numbers are in my signature, and I'm always available for a phone consult on an SM, that's why they're there. Don't hesitate to call if you need to, I'll get up.
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:47 PM

If the Vet doesn't know what to do then there are Vets he can call. I don't have the numbers but someone will come along and give them to you.

I also agree that he could have a parasite or infection and stools and urine need to be checked. Any Vet can look under a microcope and tell if there is a problem.

Please register.
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/03/07 10:53 PM

There is a vet in texas who doesn't mind doing phone consults: Dr. Tristan (361) 994-1145.
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/04/07 06:21 AM

Any update? You'll need to make some cage modifications for eating and sleeping in the collar, and I can help with that. Please let us know what the vet said, or if you got an appointment. worried
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Re: self mutilation emergency - 04/04/07 07:53 AM

Please register and update frequently!!!! And as everyone said it really is free. Steph
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