Interesting issue with neuter

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Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 02:51 PM

I just had some of my boys neutered on the 3rd of November. Two of my boys just didn't seem to be healing as quickly as the others. Tho there was no change in their behavior, sleeping patterns, or eating patterns and no signs of sm I just felt something wasn't right. So off to the vet we went. Well mommy was right and something wasn't quite right. In fact my Pip Squeak had an issue going on this glider experienced vet had never seen before. I've also spoken to some gliders friends here on GC who had never heard of this happening to any other gliders. So I thought I'd tell and show everyone what happened to Pip.

My gut instinct told me to keep an extra eye on Pip, Why?, don't know just gut feeling. A few days after the neuters Pip's pom still hadn't reinflated, all the others boy's poms had. This made me start worrying bad but there was no signs of anything wrong other than that. The next morning I noticed something hanging off of his pom. It was dry and almost a half inch long. In a panic I rush an hour and a half away to the vet in Quincy, IL who had done the neuters to find out what it was. We get there and are rushed right in. The vet turned Pip over and there it was. Before Chris-glidrz5 could even get a photo of it on Pip Dr. Sue gave a slight tug and it came off. It turned out to be a piece of fat that had come out of the neutered pom.

Dr. Sue said she had never seen this happen in all of the pom on neuters she had done.

This is what Pip looked like under that piece of fat. Thank goodness he was healing up just fine under that. I'm blessed that this issue didn't turn into a huge problem but it could have as Pip could have smed trying to get this off of himself.

I'm posting this so that other glider owners can see that going with your gut when it comes to your glider's health is always best. This could have turned out so much worse and I almost felt silly rushing him in as he was healing just fine. But in this case Pip and I were able to help a glider knowledgeable vet learn more about gliders and what can happen after a neuter and during the healing process. So in the long run I feel I did the right thing by putting my glider first and taking the day to get him back for a check up.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 03:01 PM

I've always believed that gut instinct should be followed. I have saved some of my gliders severe injury, worsening illness or death, just by following my gut instinct.

Great job, Elena!!! You're such a great, great suggie mom!
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 03:12 PM

you said the pom should reinflate? what does that mean? ive had both my guys done with a pom on neuter, and it looks like an empty hanging pom. i was told this was normal. is it NOT then?
im so glad he is okay! i would have freaked out too! glad it wasnt anything serious!
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 03:14 PM

Very nice job, Elena...excellent! And what if you HADN'T taken him in? Sure, maybe he was healing nicely underneath...but you didn't know that and it very well could have turned out very differently. I applaud you for being safe rather than sorry... clap
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 04:11 PM


Is the pom supposed to reinflate? My twin 2 was neutered there a week before and he is healed up nice, but his pom is not inflated, it doesn't look like it did before the surgery.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 04:18 PM

I was actually thinking the same thing after reading this again. Bandit's pom never's just a flat little piece of skin that you can barely see anymore.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 04:25 PM

thats how my boys are! i had never heard of them reinflating. but maybe i missed that or something!
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 04:49 PM

What Elena means is return to a more "normal" shape, even if flat. These boys, all of them that were neutered that day, their poms were very "long" and "stretched" looking post neuter. Mine have gone to that more "normal" flat empty sack look and did so pretty much right away (within 2 days). Pip's was taking too long to look post neuter normal. Reinflated isn't exactly the "right" word to describe it I guess. Rerounded might be a better word.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 04:51 PM

Ahhhhhh, got it. thumb Thanks, Teresa!
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 05:14 PM

Sorry guys I couldn't think of another way to describe how he should have looked. But basicly the other boys looked like ballons that had no air in them ya know? Pip's was completely flat and stretched like. Then that morning it just completely dried up. I about had a heart attack! As far as I knew it was his pom and it didn't look good at all. I'm glad I took him in and can't even tell you how happy I was that he was indeed fine under that fat. This could have been a very bad situation so I did the right thing and took him in. I advise anyone who thinks that their glider just isn't quite normal to take them for a check up. My story turned out great but so many others don't because owners don't follow their gut instincts for whatever reasons and it turns out that their glider really did have a problem.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 05:46 PM

Thank you for sharing this with us Elena, and hug2 to you for going with your gut.
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Re: Interesting issue with neuter - 11/14/10 08:04 PM

Thanks for clarifying things.
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