Pouch infections

Posted By: Sherri

Pouch infections - 02/16/11 04:35 AM

In another thread it was asked if we could post pics of pouch infections as some have never seen them before and thought it would be helpful if they knew what they were looking at.

I recently have an 8 year old girl "Ivey" who has a pouch infection and thought I would share pics of hers. I should add that not all pouch infections look the same. But here is Ivey's pouch infection and this is after 6 days of being on meds and it being flushed and cleaned twice by my vet.

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Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 04:47 AM

Thank you for posting that pic, it's helpful. Can I ask...

What were her symptoms that let you know something was wrong?
Did she go after the site at all, overgrooming or attacking it?
How soon did you get her to a vet?
What has been her response to the medication? Is it working quickly?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to know for my own information...
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Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 04:50 AM

Wow Sherri. How scary and sad. Hope Ivey gets better soon!

Thanks for sharing the picture! I'd love to know the answers to Jess' questions as well.

Would you mind if I use that info and your provided picture on my site for educational purposes? Of course, I'd give you the credit for provided info and the picture. smile
Posted By: Sherri

Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 05:02 AM

I had noticed that she had lost a little weight and my first thought was of course that she is 8 years old and that maybe she was starting to show her age.

The next evening she was up and on the side of her cage when I saw her pouch. I immediately knew that it did not look normal. I called a friend of mine to ask her about it to find out more information on pouch infections and what to ask the vet when I took her in the next morning.

I noticed the little bit of weight loss on Tuesday, saw the pouch Wednesday night, we went to the vet Thursday morning.

In that couple of days she had become dehydrated and had to be subque'd at the vets office, the vet also cleaned her pouch and we started her on antibiotics.

Luckily Ivey nor her mate messed with the pouch and the vet was very pleased with how it looked. Pouch infections can have an odor as well as a discharge but we had caught Ivey's early enough that there wasnt an odor and there was very little discharge.

Ivey went back to the vet Monday morning to have it rechecked and cleaned again and my vet was happy with how well it looked and that neither Kudzu or Ivey still havent messed with it at all.

Ivey still has 4 days left of her medication that she is taking twice a day.

Ivey has been a trooper and has always been a very sweet little girl. She's not fond of taking her medication but she's doing great and almost back to herself again. I can definately tell that she's feeling better.

If anyone else has any pictures of pouch infections and their stories please feel free to post them here.
Posted By: Sherri

Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 05:03 AM

Feel free to use it Megs. The more info we get out there the more it will help others. smile
Posted By: angelic4296

Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 05:09 AM

Thanks for the quick answers Sherri, I always wondered what a pouch infection looked like. I'd heard it described many times, but had never actually seen one....I appreciate the information...
Posted By: glidrz5

Re: Pouch infections - 02/16/11 11:12 AM

Ivey's pouch looks very similar to what my Syddies pouch looked like, only her's would get puffy around the opening also. We gave antibiotics, ran multiple C & S, cleaned her pouch daily and nothing cleared it up. We finally realized it "flared" when she went into season so the final conclusion for her (after more than 9 months) was glider PMS. Based on this supposition, we treated preventatively starting on antibiotics a week or so before her cycle & it calmed things down. However she continued to have a dirty tummy and slight puffiness in her pouch for several more years during her cycle. Now that she is older, the flare ups have finally stopped.
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