Neuter Story Not So Good

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Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 07:26 AM

So I got my 2 year old male neutered this morning. My vet decided to do it with a lazer and said that she has yet to have on SM. So I get to the vet's, we neuter him and it goes great. I brought him out of anesthesia and he came out great. It took him like 45 seconds and he literally sprang up and grabbed his belly and started cleaning the iodine. I distracted him and he didn't touch the spot for at least 30 minutes before I left. I asked my vet if I should put on his e collar and she told me that he shouldn't need it because she had yet to see one SM after a lazer neuter. So I packed him up and we headed home. I got home and TADA! the little butt had completely opened it...AWESOME! I called my vet and she said to use super glue to close it up for now and to bring him in to work with me (I do relief work at a vet er and work with that vet). Let me tell you all, gluing a gliders incision while they are fully awake and not having it is not fun. Well I did it. It took me a bit but it happened. I ended up using Gorilla Glue. She told me that she would remove it and reclose it tonight. He did great all day and didn't touch it. I got to work and we knocked him out and the vet told me that I did such an awesome job that she was going to leave it alone. I had a grin from ear to ear.
I do also want to add in here how cool of a night at work it was...I was supposed to get off at midnight but we got a call that a falconer was bringing his year old female red-tailed hawk. So I waited for it. It was the prettiest animal I have ever been close to. (Red-tails are my favorite animal). She let me do all the procedures for it coaching me the entire way. I feel like a little girl I am so excited:)
Anyways sorry for ranting...just had to tell about my night.

***I also want to add in here that I would not use or do anything medically for my gliders without the advice and guidance of my vet. I have known, boss and friend, for many years so she knows my level of skill and accuracy.
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Re: Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 07:39 AM

did your vet not give u a pain med for him
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Re: Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 01:13 PM

I think you are very lucky! Most neuter SM stories I read are coming out of the anaesthesia, when the glider is still disoriented. I know some owners and rescues that put the collar on straight after surgery, just in case, and then remove it after the glider is fully awake again.

This just shows that even the most confident vet can count on our little furrbutts throwing a wrench in their plansat some time!

I would be very careful with the glue and continue to watch the site as he heals. I know Gorilla is a brand and makes several different types of glue now, not just the original stuff.
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Re: Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 02:56 PM

Pain meds and antibiotics were and still are on board. I was very very lucky. Checked him this morning and he hasnt touched it: )
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Re: Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 06:32 PM

Many gliders will groom themselves until the remove the glue or stitches holding a neuter site together and then do no more. I have seen this a dozen times or more. They get the uncomfortable part over with and then you are left with a small opening that will scab over and heal. I have never had a glider mess with it after that point. I do not consider this SMing. It is their natural instinct to remove the glue or stitches. If they stop there, they are not mutilating themselves.

I HAVE had two gliders SM after a neuter and it looks VERY different than described above. SMing does not stop and they tear themselves up quite badly. In one case, he removed the entire pom after a pom on neuter, in the other he tore into his abdominal cavity. A glider SMing is usually eratic in his behavior, is very determined and will not be very methodic about going after himself - he will just go at it with a vengence. This is different than grooming.
It is difficult to tell the difference if you have not seen both.

Cory, I'm glad your little one is OK!!
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Re: Neuter Story Not So Good - 04/17/11 09:56 PM

I want to add to members reading this: Please do not try the gorilla glue on a wound on your own. Only under the guidance of a vet and make sure the correct glue type is used. As a semi experienced carpenter that has used various forms of gorilla glue, the wrong one would have DEVASTATING results if used this way.
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