Milo's Neuter

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Milo's Neuter - 10/11/08 09:22 AM

Hi everybody.

I am not a happy chappy right now.

The vet has used Staples (yes that's right - STAPLES!!!) for Milo's incision, instead of stitches or glue. he says he feels it is a much better and stronger method, but he only told me this AFTER he had done it.
The staples have to be in for two weeks.

Considering he has all these staples in him, Milo seems to be doing okay. (cant say the same for me)
Am really stressed about him and have barely slept.

Will keep you updated.
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/11/08 11:02 AM

That is bizarre. Staples? In a sugar glider? I have never heard of such a thing and understand your concern. I sincerely hope the vet is right though and everything turns out fine.

When Lister was fixed the stitches were internal and a dot of blue was put over the incision site so he wouldn't be capable of picking.

But staples? How strange.
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/11/08 11:49 AM

Timmy had them in (for a few minutes) after he went after his stitches (he then ripped a staple out and they did stitches again, only this time one at at time). I would suggest getting a collar on him. As they heal, they will pull and if he pulls them out, he will be in trouble, as it will tear the skin. I can't believe the vet did that, but he has and now you have to keep him from going after them. He will heal with them.
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/11/08 02:27 PM

I don't know how to deal with this. The vet assured me had done sugars plenty times before and then I go fetch him and this is what I find? frown
Milo does not seem too bothered by the staples (YET) frown but when he does groom down there he seems to be concentrating on the thread between his pom and his body (hope this makes sense)
Also when I picked him up, his pom was hanging quite far away from his body, and stayed that was for the whole of yesterday. Today its seems to be closer to his body, but still not entirely what it used to be? Does this sound normal?
And also it is not just one staple, havent had him keep still enough to count, but there are AT LEAST four of them, probably more.
I just cant believe this has happened. That vet was the only vet within a 2hour distance from me that seemed to be confident about sugar gliders.
I have been mostly hysterical since I brought Milo home, but he seems quite oblivious to anything.
My biggest stress at the moment is not the actual staples, but the thread of skin between his pom and his tummy. What will happen if he does chew through this? It seems so delicate that one bite could separate his body from his pom??
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/11/08 05:59 PM

Ok, first thing you need to do is breathe. I know that sounds silly but you need to remain calm so that you don't stress out your glider.

I've never heard of staples being used with a glider neuter and I'll ask some I know about that.

Second. Their poms can hang quite low from their bodies to where it looks like it is hanging by just a thread. This IS normal. This happens generally when they are either quite warm or very relaxed. Nothing to worry about.

I'm wondering why he still has a pom AND staples if he was neutered.

Can you post some pictures of his incision site for us? That would be a big help so we can see just what you are talking about.
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/13/08 05:53 AM

Hi everyone

Just an update.

The incision site is looking >surprisingly< good. His pom has come up a little bit closer to his body, and he has not bothered with the staples at all.

One question though - his pom seems to have shrunk ALOT? is this normal.

Honestly - I really think the vet stuffed up and didnt know 100% what he was doing because otherwise why is there such a large incision? There are 5 staples and that does not seem right at all.

But thank the Lord Milo seems just fine. Sleepier than usual, and crabbier than usual. But not bothered much by the going ons down under.

I just hope things stay this optimistic.

Hold thumbs for my little man!
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/13/08 11:38 AM

Just a question, would it be okay to do first intros between Mia and Milo while he has these staples in? Like just in the bath tub?
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/13/08 12:59 PM

I would wait til the staples are out and he is fully healed so that Mia doesn't try to remove his staples or groom his incision. Do you have him in an ecollar? He may not be bothering the staples now but if/when they do bother him, he can do horrible damage to himself in just a few seconds, unless he has an ecollar on.

Just keep breathing! We are here for you and it sounds like he is doing just fine! Keep us posted. Pictures would be a great help to us too.
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/13/08 01:02 PM

Will take pictures after work today, and post tommorow! Thanks!
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Re: Milo's Neuter - 10/13/08 04:14 PM

Im glad everything is going good! I have never heard of staples either, but I guess it could be ok. Beast is getting neutered on Friday, and the vet said she is going to put the stitches under the skin and then just a little bit of glue on top. But I am VERY glad that your suggie is doing good, and I hope the introductions go well (when the time comes)!
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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 05:39 AM

Oh my word last night I managed to get photo's of Milo's incision and I realised that I hadn't realised just how bad it is.

Milo's Incision

The little piece of fluff hanging above the staples is what is left of his pom!!!
And you can't tell from this picture, but there are SEVEN staples!!

I am [censored] out, what must I do!!?!?!?!?!??

help shakehead help
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 05:48 AM

HOLY COW! What kind of surgery did Milo have that he needed 7 staples??
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 05:52 AM

He has been neutered!!!!!! THAT IS IT!!! NO life threatening surgery, nothing complicated - just a simple neuter!!

HELP ME!!!!!!!!
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 05:55 AM

I don't know much about the vet system in South Africa...or the time difference? Is there another vet you can take him to? Is it daytime there or nighttime? Do you have an ecollar?
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 05:59 AM

He is the only vet within 2 hours distance the actually knew what a sugarglider was!
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:19 AM

Do you have an e-collar? I'd try to get him in one as soon as possible so he doesn't have access to the incision site.
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:23 AM

I have tried to get one on him and I just couldn't get it right???
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:28 AM

I'm not much good at that from here, do you have someone there that can help you secure the ecollar? If not, can you perhaps take him to ANY vet that can help you with the collar or look at his incision site?

Is Milo actually going after the site, or is he leaving it alone?
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:30 AM

Hang in there...I'm trying to find help...
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:48 AM

Thank you! Milo doesnt seem at all bothered by it, its just me that is in a panic. I just spoke to another vet and told him what he has done, and he said that he would've done pretty much the same thing. Maybe this is just how South African vets do things, and I'm just panicking cos I'm comparing it to American vets?
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 06:57 AM

yeah...that may just be how vets in South Africa do things...I'm certainly not going to speak out against something that I have no knowledge of...comparing to american vets, that was awfully invasive but I'm not a vet, only a glider owner who has had a glider neutered in a different way. The good news is Milo doesn't seem bothered by it. Keep an eye on him, and make sure he's not messing with the site much. Is he eating/drinking/moving around ok?

I sent PM's to a couple mods that have much more experience, and also posted on another board I belong to hoping someone will come along with more ideas. I'm sorry I'm not much help.
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:02 AM

You are great help!! it just helps having someone to talk to! He is still eating and drinking like a little piggie, and playing the same as always! Other than his incision site, he is exactly as he was before he was neutered.

But do you know if with the Pom on operation there, if the pom shrinks afterwards?
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:04 AM

awww...I'm glad I'm here then, thanks!!

The pom WILL shrink afterwards, basically because there's nothing flowing through there.

I'm curious, did the vet say how long the staples will be in?
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:06 AM

For two weeks, and then I can bring him back to get them removed. Why?

I hate that I have to have them in for so long, because I wanted to start doing intros between him and my little girl frown But I am definately not gonna risk him popping a staple.
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:11 AM

I was just curious that's all...neuters are done quite differently here, so it's interesting to hear how they are done somewhere else. Does that make sense? Is Milo on any kind of medication following the procedure?

Good for you not wanting to risk Milo popping any staples before they are due to come out...I'm with you, I'd wait to do the intro's ttil the staples come out.
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:14 AM

No medication at all, he was given a 24 hour painkiller on the day and that is it. I see what you are saying about seeing how other countries do it. South Africa is still a third world country so I think maybe I over-expected after comparing to your neuters. I think I am just going to have to take it day by day, hour by hour until the staples are out!
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:17 AM

Hi Sweetie, I'm sorry that things are a bit upsetting for you right now. The best thing you can do for your little fella is try and stay calm. I know it's hard, but the more stressed you become he will pick up on it and will start to stress himself.
If your unable to get the e collar on, if you can try and make a roll or fleece thick enough to where he can not reach his incision. You will need to try and tape it together enough to where he can't remove it. Do not get tape on his fur.
Did the vet give you pain medication and antibiotics for him. My concern right now is a chance of possible infection.
If you haven't received anything, I would try and get him in to see the vet to make sure everything is going as he/she has planned. it's better to be safe this early than to wait a couple more days to where something could happen.
I wished there were more that I can do, other than send you tons of moral support, hugs, and prayers.
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:24 AM

Thank you so much. I will really try calm down, but its not that easy. frown

I will definately try wrap it up, thats a good idea!

Thank you everybody!!!!
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:25 AM

ahhhhhhhh...Linda, you're the GREATEST!! Thank you for stepping in...I knew someone with more experience would come along...
Posted By: kitsune

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:40 AM

OMG, I'm so sorry Natalia, that vet is crazy! I don't mean to make you more upset, I'm sure your little guy will be ok, but if it were me I'd be down there beating his head in!! All it takes is a small incision to the pom, extraction of the testicles, and that's it. I've seen it done. Very simple, and pretty quick. NOT STAPLES. omg, STAPLES!! I'd have hurt him before I left his office!!

I'm sure that the vet wouldn't have done something that would be harmful in the long run, but he definitely overdid it! What's your glider going to do? Grow wolverine claws and rip himself open??

We'll all help you through this, hun, hang in there...
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 07:54 AM


I just phoned the vet and he has put my mind at ease. He told me that originally he did have stitches and he put the collar on Milo, but Milo pulled off the collar and ripped open the stitches, and that is why he used staples. He told me that Milo shouldnt go at the staples (which he hasnt) and that the staples arent in deep at all so I must not worry.

I feel much better!
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 08:03 AM

oh natalia...that IS such good news!! SO glad you called your vet...I'm sure no one could put you at ease more than your vet.

I'm curious (sorry to have so many questions, but you are the only person I know in SA with gliders, so this is a HUGE chance for me to learn) are your gliders there bigger than those we have here? like do you know how much Milo weighs?
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 08:06 AM

I have never weighed Milo, kind of havent figured out how to do that yet...?
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 08:18 AM

most people use a gram for weighing food. Do you have any other pictures of Milo? like maybe one where you are holding him or something?
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 08:26 AM

All his photos (and Mia's) are here:


But this photo might help, he is next to my cell phone (samsung e740) so you can compare there?

Milo & Cell Phone

Does this help?

And about the weighing thingy - I can get the scale but how do I make him keep still long enough to weigh? blush
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 09:15 AM

most people weigh the sleeping or bonding pouch to get an idea of how much the pouch weighs, then weigh the glider in the pouch while he is sleeping...
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 09:17 AM

hmmmmmmm...from the pics, they seem to be the same size as ours...interesting!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 09:18 AM

Clever clever!! Will definately do that!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 09:20 AM

Are they bigger / smaller in any other countries?
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 10:05 AM

In Australia they tend to be bigger...Peri's aren't THAT much bigger than ours, but they have MUCH fuller tails. There are some Squirrel Gliders in the US...VERY few, actually my Mentor Peggy (SRLB) has a pair and so does Priscilla Price...they are a little bigger, & more brown in color with much more round faces. Then there are SOME in Australia that are HUGE by our some pictures I've seen they appear to be the size of a small cat!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 10:08 AM

WOW!!! that is so weird hey? Like I'm sure a South African German Shepherd would be same as yours, so you wouldnt expect gliders to be different!
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 10:10 AM

true...I guess because there are sub-species within the species...Peri's a member here, her screen name is Winkle; I bet if you drop her a PM she can give you some good links for checking out the different gliders!
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/14/08 02:04 PM

If it helps, I weigh my gliders in a cup or bowl - I find it hard to get an exact weight on my pouch as it's much larger than my scale. I just get a plastic cup, put a treat in there, and weigh them in that. They usually hold still long enough if you put a treat in.
Posted By: Cora

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 02:02 AM

anyone know how Milo is today????
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Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 05:20 AM

Another quick update.
Milo is still doing absolutely fine, and I'm calming down a little bit too. He is grooming but no more than usual.
Only thing now is to get him to like me again frown I cant even look at him without him crabbing at me frown
Have been waking up every hour on the hour to check the wound and it is all good now!
5 days down, 11 to go!!
Posted By: Gossamer

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 10:18 AM

Hope he continues to do well. The incision, though big and weird, didn't look red or infected or anything. If he is not bothering it, then calm down. Sounds like you are crabbing more than he is. grin
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 11:10 AM

This is true!! Haha! and he is probably so crabby because he is tired of mom peeking at his privates every hour!!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 11:28 AM

Initially from what you said I thought your vet was CRAZY. That's one heck of an incision for a neuter. Sounds like Milo's been a bad, bad boy though! I hate that he needed staples but they're likely the only thing he isn't going to rip out. It does sound like he's going to be OK right now though and the incision looks fine. Keep us updated.

Just an offside: the squirrel gliders I've known have all been ENORMOUS. The big ones are the size of small house cats and their tails are really poofy (like a squirrel's, duh.) I wouldn't think about owning one because I don't have room for an appropriately sized cage. They're really fun to spend time with though.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!! - 10/15/08 11:34 AM

I have never seen a squirrel glider, and I doubt we have them in this country frown

They sound incredible though smile
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UPDATE - Milo's Neuter - 10/21/08 08:42 AM

Just to update everybody, Milo is doing just fine!

His pom is really looking like a dried up umbilical cord, but other than that, his staples are looking fine, and he is >touch wood< still not fiddling with it.

Only five more days, then we are home free!
His staples get removed on Saturday morning first thing, so depending on how that goes, I am going to do first intros on Saturday afternoon :):):)

Can't wait!
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: UPDATE - Milo's Neuter - 10/21/08 09:42 AM

I'm so glad to hear that Milo is healing well and everything is going well for him. That's such a HUGE relief to you, I"m sure hug2
Posted By: LSardou

Re: UPDATE - Milo's Neuter - 10/21/08 01:57 PM

clap That's wonderful news! I bet the next 5 days will feel like a year of waiting! hug2
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: UPDATE - Milo's Neuter - 10/21/08 07:00 PM

Great news!
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Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 06:51 AM

I am not 100% sure, but it looks like Milo's Pom has fallen off?!?!?

Is this normal / possible!!!
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 09:18 AM

Do you have a poc? Perhaps because his surgery was so invasive, it cause it to fall off. How does the incision site look otherwise? How is he acting?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 09:58 AM

I dont have a picture right now frown it looks the same as what it did on the last picture I posted, except now there is just no pom!! frown
He is fine, eating and playing as usual.
Should I be worried?
Posted By: cinnamonstix

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 10:10 AM

Here is a pic of my guy that was neutered with a pom off neuter last night. He is being a champ about it and I do not think he has been effected by it much, please don't mind the penis in the pic, he is 12 weeks old and very infatuated with his male parts, or somewhat lack there of now. The actual pom spot you can see the pom has been fully removed and every thing may be slightly more pink due to the surgery approx 31 hours ago but all looks well and the black you see is the stitch/suture used to close the incision site left due to the pom removal.

Description: Nemo Neuter Site Pom Off 31 Hours Post Surgical.
Attached picture PA210026.JPG
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Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 10:28 AM

Thanks! That makes me feel a lot less better though confused

Here is a pic of what things look like except now there is no pom at all (the little piece of fluff was his pom, now there is nothing, just the staples and incision site frown

Milo's Incision
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 10:47 AM

I don't think it's
normal for the pom to dry up and fall off with a pom-on neuter. However, I know that it does happen occasionally and it is nothing to be concerned about. It won't hurt the healing process at all and he'll be just fine hug2 hug2 hug2 You sure have been through quite an ordeal with Milo's neuter frown
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 11:17 AM

I know - it has been the longest 13 days I have ever experienced! frown I'm sure Milo feels the same way. Once he gets this in the past, he deserves a big blob of avocado as a treat!!
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 11:22 AM

That's for sure! In fact, I'd give it to him now roflmao PLUS some fresh mango (if they're in season right now) wink I remember that when I lived in Mali (NW Africa) the mango was incredibly delicious!!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 11:32 AM

WOW You lived in Mali? Thats so awesome!
Nope mango not in season right now, but it will be soon - cant wait!! I think me and Milo will get a treat!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 11:51 AM

I agree with Suz. The healing still looks good. I wouldn't worry about his pom being gone. Of course you can ask the vet about it when he takes the staples out. That's at 14 days, right? Is it tomorrow?!

I LOVE the mangos in that part of the world! I lived in the Philippines. In fact, all my gliders come from the first pair (actually 3) I bought in Manilla!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 11:57 AM

Not tomorrow frown the appointment is only on Saturday. The vet is a good hours drive from me, so I can only get there on weekends. frown
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 12:29 PM

I know the wait must be killing you! Hang in there!heart
Looking forward to an update and pictures. I think we'll all be ecstatic when this is over....and just think how happy HE will be to have those staples out! hug2
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pom on Neuter = off??? - 10/22/08 12:37 PM

It is killing me!!! I just want this to be over so him and Mia can be boyfriend and girlfriend! smile
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