Laser Nueter

Posted By: Caldwell

Laser Nueter - 10/03/09 09:05 PM

Has anyone ever had nueters done with laser?
cons on doing it this way.
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/03/09 09:09 PM

I've had it semi done. My vet uses a knife to cut the scrotum but uses a lazer to cut the blood vessels to the testicles. With the lazer, there isn't a need for even internal stitches as the lazer caterizes the blood vessels.

Pros to lazer surgery is there is MUCH less blood loss and less trauma and tends to heal quicker. is usually more expensive.

Given a choice, I would have lazer all the way. Dr. Bradley does lazer but she charges over $300 for the neuter (last time I checked).
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/04/09 02:25 AM

Marcel had laser neutering. Absolutely the best way to go! Unfortunately to expensive usually.
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/04/09 02:47 AM

ALL of my boys have been neutered by laser, no stitches, no glue, no pain, no blood. ALL of them have awoken very nicely, no crabbing, no attacking themselves or anyone else. ALL of them had their families waiting for them in the warmer at the hospital, came home, got up for dinner and promptly started playing and running in their Stealth wheels.

Peppy was sleepy though and was dozing on a perch so I put a blanket in the bottom of the cage. Grace knew something was up because she took him food and I held the water bottle for him. lol

Poss woke up from the operation and leaped off of the table, took off running full speed with Dr. Williams and Mary hot on his trail, he ran out to the waiting room where I was and I scooped him up. Dr. Williams didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she was out of breath and amazed at him. I tried to explain to Poss that he just had surgery and needed to take it easy.

We got home with his family in the carrier, I opened the carrier and out jumped Poss! He REALLY wanted to back to his house. He was up waiting on dinner as always then ran in the wheel half of the night.

Other than that, no problems smile I always bring pain meds home with me and give it to them for the first 24 hours just in case though.

My other boys slept until time to eat dinner then went back to normal.

The cost here is $203.00, that's the only downside if you are neutering many!
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/04/09 03:18 AM

Thanks for the input.I have never had glider neutered before and am taking in 4 Monday.
This vet has done one neuter on a glider and is very confident in doing more.
He seems like a good vet and has talked to me on several occasions.
We were talking today and he asked about doing lazer on one of the boys to see if it is better than the standard way.
I worked a few years back as a kennel tech for a vet in the area and have assisted that vet in a few surgeries.
The vet has decided to let me assist him in the surgery room to work on the boys.:)
I guess he could hear the stress in my voice.
I think we are finally gonna have a great vet in this area that is willing to work with glider owners.
I gave him 2 vets to cal and he has talked to both of them without a problem.
Posted By: Jackie_Chans_Mom

Re: Laser Nueter - 10/04/09 11:57 AM

If given a choice, I always choose a laser neuter.

If your vet would like, he can consult with either of these vets - I know personally that both regularly take calls from other vets and are willing to help.

Dr. Walsh - 918-258-0040

Dr. Tristan 316-994-1145
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/04/09 01:37 PM

Val I gave him 2 vets one was Dr Tristan and the other was Dr Hale.He has contacted both of them
He called Dr Hale the other day at my request and come to find out he said he went to school with him.
They were discusing the laser and that is why he asked to do one of my boys with laser.
I have never met Dr.Williams but I feel he is the vet we have been looking for smile
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Re: Laser Nueter - 10/05/09 05:15 PM

just got home with the 4 boys.He decided after the first he would just do them all laser.All boys are doing great so far.I will watch them like a hawk for the next few days.

Quote: is usually more expensive

He is cheaper on his laser than some pay for the regular neuter.He did all 4 of mine and said the next time the laser would be $75.00 per glider.I was right there with him the whole time.He did my little comet first and waited for about an hour brfore doing the others.
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