Diary of a first neuter...

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Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 04:22 PM

So, I had my only male glider neutered yesterday and it was definately an experience! I wanted to post my experience here so that others getting a glider neutered for the first time will see what I went through as a first timer, and can learn from my experience. Apparently what I went through was totally normal, but since I didn't KNOW that, I panicked!!! Here is what went down...


11/16/09 7:52 am

I just dropped Merlin off at Dr. Knight's office and I am flipping out! I feel soooo guilty and I wanna go back and get my baby cry


11/16/09 3:06 pm

Just spoke to the vet's receptionist. Merlin is fully awake and doing fine and I can pick him up at 5 o'clock. Apparently the techs are arguing over who gets to carry him around. So that tells me he is being well supervised! WHEW!!! I can breathe now.


11/16/09 8:13 pm

Merlin is home, in the hospital cage snoozing away after about 20 yoggies, a hundred mealies, a MILLION kisses and about a gallon of water! Boy was that boy hungry and thirsty! Dr. Lara said he went after his belly a few times but she told him to stop it, so he gave her a dirty look and yelled at her. However, he did NOT yell at me! In fact he came FLYING out of that travel carrier straight onto my arm where he proceeded to mark me till I stank! LOL


11/16/09 10:40 pm

I spoke too soon. Apparently surgical glue is the enemy and MUST GO! He has managed to get a tiny piece of the glue off and there is the teeniest tiny hole. But it looks pink and healthy so I am not rushing off to the vet just yet. I have 2 e-collars - a TGI snap on and a homemade shotglass one - but he somehow manages to get them off no matter what I do. Right now he is passed out, and I feel like I am about to. But there won't be any sleep for me tonight. I'll be on SM vigil until the vet opens in the morning and I can get him glued back shut and some torb in him. Dr. Lara refused to give me any to take home. And she will be getting a piece of my mind about it tomorrow! Though I don't think he is bothering the site itself, just picking at the glue. *sigh*


11/17/09 9:37 am

I am so flippin TIRED! After my last post I sat and watched TV with my hand on his pouch so I could feel him moving around. He slept for the longest time, then I let him go into the hospital cage to play and eat. When he climbed into the pouch to sleep about 4 this morning I held him a bit longer, then I figured since he hadn't bothered his belly during all that time he wasn't going to. The hole was dried up and shrunk up, but he hadn't even licked it. So I put his pouch in the hospital cage and went to bed for a few hours. I got up about 45 minutes ago and it was still dry and closed so I hung his pouch in the big cage. I'll keep an eye on him for the rest of the day, but even Dr. Lara seems to think the worst is over. She said I could bring him in if it would make ME feel better, but she didn't think Merlin needed to be seen. LOL I think I overreacted a bit, but all seems to be well now.


What I saw on Merlin's belly was the very edge of the incision where he had managed to pull off the surgical glue. He had NOT chewed up the skin, and he was NOT into the belly! That is very important for me to point out. But here at home, with Bourbon on the phone, and Merlin continuing to curl in a ball and lick at it. I had no idea how bad it would get. If you have never had surgery before where they used surgical glue... that stuff ITCHES! I am not saying to ANYONE to not go to the vet in this instance. But I, with my nurses training, could see the tissue was not being destroyed. And I knew there were stitches underneath that incision. But it did NOT stop me form panicking!

As anyone else here will tell you: When in doubt... GO TO THE VET!!!!!

A LOT of people have had this same experience, and if you don't know that this is normal behavior, and what to DO about it, then things can get pretty hairy. I don't think Merlin needed the e-collar on so much as he needed me to wear him out spending 2 hours trying to keep the collar on him. And the million treats to keep him distracted so he wouldn't be worried about the surgical glue on his belly. Bourbon really helped me out last night. Even though I have been on this board for over a year, and I consider myself well researched and experienced at this point in time, there are still some things you can't anticipate. Like the level of PANIC that sets in when you have a post-surgery glider curled up in a ball workin at that incision site!

Anyone else who has had a glider neutere... Post your neuter stories: what happened, what you did, what another slaves told you that helped out. Normal, mid-range (like mine!) and the gory ones. Our stories can help others be more prepared for what is to come, and that will be for the good of all our little boys!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 04:30 PM

hug2 I'm so glad to hear that he's looking better today! I can totally relate to the constant fear and worry. It's enough to drive us 'crazy'! They are worth the worry, but it sure takes a toll on us.

Thank you for sharing your story! I hope others will post too!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 05:03 PM

Get some rest today Robin. You need it girl!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 05:18 PM

I'm glad everything turned out ok! Why did your vet refuse to give him pain medicine???
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 05:31 PM

What a great idea! This board is the best source of information! Glad to hear he's doing okay, thanks for sharing your story
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 06:26 PM

I am glad he is doing well Robin! hug2 I will have to jot down my day when I take Primo in and post it too.. great idea! smile
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 06:44 PM

I'm glad Merlin is doing ok. I'm sure the girls will be happy to have him "home" again too.

For me, when I have gliders neutered, there is no glue or stitches used at all.

A small insission is made in the scrotal sac and the blood vessel is lazered (not cut) so no internal stitches are needed. No glue or stitches are used on the sac and other than some grooming to clean up the area, I've not had any problems with any of the boys.

The only time I've had concerns was the few times where pom OFF neuters were done. Those required ecollars for the first 24 hours even with pain meds.

That reminds me, I have to call the vet and schedule the next 2. Then I'm done until January!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 06:59 PM

I thought I was done with neuters until Alden told me Kanani was supposed to be neutered today by her vet. My heart instantly skipped a beat, then jumped into my throat, followed by falling to the pit of my stomach with a thud, as I realized, he's my baby and as a responsible pet owner, it's my responsibility to be there when he's neutered, to wake up in my hands, just like the rest of my babies. Sooooooo, I have one more neuter to do now THEN I'm done! LOL! And yeah, I'll keep a diary too and add pictures for those who want to see them.
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 09:08 PM

Glad to hear all went well Robin.

Tristan uses glue as well. BUT he also puts it on several different spots on the glider, legs to keep them busy there and not think about the surgical site. Although they ALL cleaned the area, I have never had any issues thank God and all healed well and fast.

Nothing wrong with being a concerned mommy!! However, after my first neuter getting done (Pepper) Tristan told me instead of bothering them so much to just put them back in their cage and let them get some sleep. He told me to think how I would feel if I just had surgery and someone kept peeking in on me and waking me up!! LOL!! Yea Yea...but it is US that we normally need to make sure is ok after the deed is done isnt it!! LOL!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 10:02 PM

Originally Posted By: Srlb

Yea Yea...but it is US that we normally need to make sure is ok after the deed is done isnt it!! LOL!

Oh yeah!!! You hit the nail on the head!
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/17/09 10:43 PM

So glad everything is working out for Merlin, and he is doing well. It's bad enough we spend so much money to have this done, but then we have to spend our emotions worrying over them as well. We are so fearful something will go wrong, aren't we.

Sure would love to see a picture of this little guy when he's up for it.
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/18/09 12:17 AM

My camera seems to have taken a turn for the worse and I fear it may not survive this illness... BUT! I just happen to have some pics from a recent photo shoot Karen laugh

Even though he is just 16 weeks old, he is already at a whopping 78 grams! That's up from 52 grams when I got him just 4 1/2 weeks ago.
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/18/09 12:35 AM

I am soooooooo glad Merlin is doing good! clap

Nine years of experience before my first neuter Robin roflmao, $279.00, and I STILL was a basket case. I feel your frustration hug2. Today marks the one week point and I am SO glad :fall: .

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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/18/09 02:24 AM

He is a handsome one for sure. No wonder you were sweating bullets.

I'm sure he will be just fine. Wow, KarIn, that sure seems like a hefty price for a neuter shock
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Re: Diary of a first neuter... - 11/18/09 04:52 AM

That was with a $40.00 discount for being a regular customer too roflmao .

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