Penis problems

Posted By: Gizmogirl

Penis problems - 07/25/10 11:28 AM

Little Muchu is 12 weeks oop now, he started to hiss while urinating on 20/07/2010. I took him to the local vet which prescribed Baytril for 5 days. His penis won't retract and I have been giving him rehydrate and putting on KY jelly every two hours or so. There is no necrotic tissue so far, glad about that. On day 4 of the Baytril, I took him to another local vet who did urinalysis and fecal's and found absolutely nothing. His penis is really not more red than usual and the part protruding is about 1cm.

We took the 3 hour drive to my exotic vet yesterday, and the vet gave Muchu antibiotics and Metacam. They could not find any sign of infection and initially thought itís a penis prolapse, but said he is too young for this to be going on. They think itís a possible blockage in the urine tract and want to see what the antibiotics will do.

His penis will sometimes retract after applying KY jelly, he is taking his meds like a good boy. He doesnít seem to be in pain of have any discomfort, he is not messing with it at all. I really make sure to lubricate frequently. He is having diarrhea right now, I think itís from the medication, so I am keeping him hydrated as well.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what else this could be since the Baytril did nothing and the urine and stools are clean.
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Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 02:59 PM

Sounds like you are doing the right things. You may want to contact jackiechansmom (Val). I would tell you to call Mary from the contact page but I see you are in Africa. She is the glider penis professional here. She pops in to the sweet spot from time to time.
Posted By: Cora

Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 03:01 PM

Oh and for the diarrhea you can give an uncooked oat or 2 or a little sharp shredded chedder cheese................either will fix that in a jiffy, the cheese works best though.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 03:18 PM

Thank you Cora, hug2 I am registered at the sweet spot, think I'll post there in a bit. I did give him an uncooked oat flake this morning and his stools are better this afternoon. I just took a video of him urinating and will post it in a bit.
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Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 03:21 PM

Cheese, huh? Interesting - I had no idea. I'm in the process of putting together a complete booklet of glider info for myself, sort of like a manual. All the recipes, medical info, vet names and numbers, fixes, like the one we're talking about here and any other little tidbits that we might not normally think about on a day to day basis. So far, the "manual" is getting big! I think it'll be a great resource when I have to leave the monkeys with Ash or someone else and as a quick reference guide for me, as well!
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 04:01 PM

Here is the video of Muchu going potty:
Posted By: Jackie_Chans_Mom

Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 04:18 PM

Be sure when you are on the Sweet Spot that you read Tobasco's story in the penis section's Sharing Stories forum. I think you might find it comforting!
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/25/10 04:48 PM

Thank you Val. Will do! hug2
Posted By: Xfilefan

Re: Penis problems - 07/26/10 02:01 AM

Baytril is a good med, but not always the right one. If it's not resolving the problem in about 5 days...try another. I'd go with Clindamycin, and keep applying the KY and watch for any discoloration or signs of SM (have a collar ready just in case). You can call me if needed as well if things start getting worse: 435 640 9438
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/26/10 10:12 AM

Thank you Jen, he is on another antibiotic right now for 10 days. I have an e-collar ready and I am applying KY to keep it from becoming necrotic. My vet will give me a call later today.

During last night it was still protruding frown , but this morning he retracted by himself. smile Then again later it was protruding again. frown It seems as if it is getting better though, I don't need to put on KY as often.

I am praying this is the beginning of the end of his penis problem. wink
Posted By: hpyhwn2003

Re: Penis problems - 07/26/10 12:27 PM

Oh poor Muchu. I'll be praying.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/26/10 01:17 PM

Thank you Elena, Muchu man is still the same. The vet just called to hear how Muchu is doing and said to continue with what we are doing at the moment.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 07/28/10 08:34 AM

Just an update:

Mushu is doing OK I guess. We are on day 9 with Muchu man.

At 3am and 6am his penis was fully retracted all by himself which is a good thing. We still apply KY Jelly anyway. He has diahrea from the medicine unfortunately and still hisses when he urinates. He is still getting the antibiotics with some protexin.

Keep him in your thoughts please?
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Re: Penis problems - 08/03/10 09:00 AM

On Thursday I spoke to the vet and told her that Muchu is still having the same problems. frown She advised that I stopped the medication and keep on lubricating and hydrating. Friday the diahrea stopped. Saturday he started with diarhea again.

I took him to the vet again yesterday and they found no redness, swelling, infection/bacteria going on. They want me to continue for another week to see if it will go away. He is sexually maturing right now and they think this is the cause.

One speculation is that there could be nerve damage to the penis and this the reason for him not retracting his penis. But then again they can't understand why it is protruding during the day and at night it fully retracts. We check him throughout the night and he is not messing with it and it does not protrude during night time. When he urinates, he is able to retract it himself.

The vet gave me the thumbs up for his penis not being necrotic already since he has been having this problem for two weeks now.

We decided that if it does not resolve within the time they gave it to, we would seriously consider getting him neutered.

The vet did not suggest neutering, so I am wondering if anyone has experienced this and think neutering will resolve the issue? dunno
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/03/10 05:32 PM

Has anyone experienced this?
Posted By: TTrusty

Re: Penis problems - 08/03/10 07:54 PM

My MoMo had a penis issue. You can read about it here. Since his penis is going out on its own then its probally not the same problem. But they can check and make sure he dont have excess tissue growing. They will just have to put him to sleep and pull it out to make sure it looks ok. The problem started with my guy when he was 10 weeks.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Penis problems - 08/03/10 08:22 PM

Roo has had two partial penis amputations. His penis came out, stuck in his fur, got dry and even tho I coated it with KY jelly, it ended up turning necrotic and needing 1/2" amputated. Six weeks later, he went through the same thing, same results. I had a biopsy done and it showed he had a hemangioma tumor. I don't know if that caused his problem or not. After the second partial penis amputation (other side) he hasn't had any problems since.

When I had Wynn neutered, during the surgery, the vet and I discovered he had a necrotic tip on one fork. He had a partial penis amputation as well. Afterward, his penis did not want to go back in. I was advised to put Prep H on it. After several hours, it did go back in.

I want to point out, that in order to use the Prep H, you MUST have an ecollar on the glider to keep him from ingesting it.
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Re: Penis problems - 08/03/10 08:43 PM

Thank you Ttrusty and Connie, I will discuss this with the vet.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 09:23 AM

We came to a decision that Muchu will have to be neutered and possibly have a partial penis amputation. There is no necrotic tissue, so the vet will decide on the partial amputation. He is scheduled for next Wednesday. He stopped hissing while urinating, retracts fully once he urinated, but during the day he can't seem to keep his penis retracted.
Posted By: snowbabygliders

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 12:44 PM

covenia is an injectable antibiotic that works wonders for gliders and wont upset tummy as much as an oral med IMO. you may suggest this med. this has worked for me for mating wounds and a severely infected pouch. the medication stays in the system for atleast 2 weeks. no oral meds stressing the glider out hug2

just editing:

are they sure the daily penis out isn't normal? reason i ask is i have a few boys i always catch with it out. does it retract when you bring him out of his pouch or is it constant?
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 12:48 PM

Nope it's constant, it's been going on for almost 3 weeks now, started with what seemed to be a UTI.
Posted By: snowbabygliders

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 12:54 PM

ok just checking;) i would go with vet recommendations. not so fun i know hug2 i'll keep you both in thoughts for a good surgery with excellent results.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 01:06 PM

Thank you, I never look forward to anaesthetics, but I believe that all will go well.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 03:48 PM

If the penis is not necrotic, I'm not sure why amputation would be needed.

Has the vet checked for crystals in the urine? (it could be causing an irritation to the penis)

Different antibiotics may be needed. If there is a bacterial issues, it may be of a type that is resistant to some antibiotics. With some uti's, again depending on the type of bacteria present, oral antibiotics may be needed for 3-4 weeks.

The fact that he CAN retract at all suggests that it "works" fine. Maybe during the day he is just more relaxed?

It is really hard to know just what is going on without the type of bacteria being identified. Neutering may or may not help. It will only help if it is a hormonal problem.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/06/10 04:12 PM

The vet also told us that the neutering will only help if this is hormonal. She will have a look if there is any nerve damage, but then again he won't be able to retract by himself. She said if she finds anything to justify a partial amputation it will be done. He has only been on 2 different antibiotics and it gave him diarhea, he lost about 5 grams. He eats well, and plays. They did check for crystals and found nothing. They tested for bacteria/parasites twice and found nothing. Urine was also checked. He has been to 4 vets now and no one can figure out what is going on. My vet(away on a conference) did not see him yet, it was her assistant, good guy, I trust him. My vet wants to see him on Wednesday, and see for herself what is going on, as she says it's difficult to understand what is the problem as he can retract by himself.
Posted By: Bozeman

Re: Penis problems - 08/10/10 11:01 AM

Just an update, things are still the same, Muchu will be going to the vet tomorrow, and hopefully we can get some answers. Keep our little guy in your thoughts please.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/11/10 08:18 PM

We are home safe and everything went well with the neuter. It was not necessary for a partial amputation and the vet assured us that the tissue is healthy. Poor Muchu hates the collar, but we made up for that by getting him some presents and organic goodies.

Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: Penis problems - 08/12/10 12:49 PM

Awwwwwwww, look at little Muchu man hiding in his new toys. Spoiled little Lion!!!!! hug2
Posted By: Bozeman

Re: Penis problems - 08/12/10 12:59 PM

Did you see we got him a lion also?
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: Penis problems - 08/12/10 01:16 PM

Ohhhh, he DOES have a lion! I love frogs so I kept looking at that....LOL. Spoiled little man...
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/13/10 12:15 PM

Muchu is doing well, and since the neuter his penis was out only once. clap However, I am concerned that from last night there is a different smell to his urine. He is active and eating well, still hissing occasionally although the vet did not find anything wrong during the examination. I am thinking of taking in a urine sample again to be tested. Anyone has any suggestions?
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/14/10 10:30 AM

I know that generally gliders require a lengthy course of antibiotics to cleat UTI, but his urine has been tested again and again, the PH is normal, can't find any sign of UTI or anything else going on. Has anyone experienced this?

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out what is going on with Muchu?
Posted By: Bozeman

Re: Penis problems - 08/16/10 03:17 PM

Taking Muchu in for a urine test now. His urine smells different and his penis is out again, only the tip is out.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Penis problems - 08/16/10 03:21 PM

Did you feed him anything different last night? Is he drinking enough fluids (slight dehydration may not be a problem but can make the urine smell stronger).
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Penis problems - 08/16/10 04:48 PM

Just came back from the vet, the PH levels are normal, no protein or blood or any indication of infection was found. The local vet suggested that the urine normally has a different smell to it post neutering. I have not experienced this with the other boys. She said to give it some more time. We will get the results of the fecal's tomorrow.
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