odd Bone

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odd Bone - 01/06/07 05:09 AM

I was playing with my sugar glider tonight when i noticed a odd bone on her back its right above her front legs it does not seem to be bothering her but its weird its really just sitting there you can feel it and its almost like she broke something off somewhere.... but eh question is WHERE?!?! she acts normal and everything but it just freaks me out
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 05:45 AM

confused Oh my, that sounds horrid, poor baby. If you think there is any chance that she has broken a bone please take her to your vet as soon as you can for x-rays and treatment.

Is there any possibility that you could be feeling her shoulder blades? Can you tell a difference from the time before you felt her back? Please come back and post with an update.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 05:52 AM

Well its like on the middle of her back and its feels loose and ive never seen it there before!
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 05:54 AM

I might take her to the vet in the morning
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 05:55 AM

It really does sound like you need to get her to a vet as soon as you can. Gliders will hide any signs of pain or distress until they are critical, just because she appears to be acting normal does not mean she is ok.

If she has a broken bone in there it will need attention to help relieve her from pain and any further damage.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 06:00 AM

The thing is tho it does not bother her on bit she doesnt act a bit different i dont know what to think but i will be looking into taking her to the vet as soon as i get up in the morning :((( i am going to take her to the lady i got her from first thing cause she owns a pet store and she knows alot about sugar gliders, she has bred them and such

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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 06:04 AM

ahhhh this isnt good im not going to be sleeping tonight its scary how one day shes doing wonderful and the next day she has a oblong bone on her back its not really a bone its more like a plate its big
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 06:05 AM

Is it possible she was ever microchipped? A friend has a dog that you can feel the chip on her back between the shoulder blades, and it does seem kind of loose when you feel it.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 09:39 AM

Wow, that sounds really strange. I'm sorry she is having a problem. Please let us know what the vet says after he sees her. And while you are going to be up all night anyway, please take just a couple of minutes and register so we know who you are and you can also post on all of the forums on the board.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 11:02 AM

Weird.... Maybe a rib sticking up..I would get your baby to a vet. ASAP. Do not wait.. Please.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 03:38 PM

I'm going to move this over to Health & Hygiene now. Please register with us so that you can take full advantage of GC membership. Then please post an update and let us know what this odd bone turned out to be after you've brought her to the vet's office.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/06/07 06:51 PM

Yes, please register so we can get an update on this. Posts can't stay in the Emergency forum long to keep it uncluttered, but until you register, you can only post in Emerg., Help I'm New and Board Help.

I hope it was just her shoulder blades feeling strange to you, but it sounds like it was a change. worried
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Re: odd Bone - 01/07/07 04:10 AM

no she does have something there.... and i went to the vet today :(((( this is where it gets bad :((( the only vet in town that would do anything too them is no longer there and i checked the phone books and stuff and they must have went out of business or something cause they are gone :(( i just hope she is fine cause i went to the other vets and they wouldnt even look at her i am really bummed but i guess atleast she can walk and she seems to be doing great no signs of self mutilating or anything such as that she eats well and loves the wheel still...
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Re: odd Bone - 01/07/07 05:30 AM

Where are you located? Have you tried the vet directory on here to try to find another glider friendly vet? It sounds like she should be seen, just in case, because as stated, they can really hide illnesses very well. Maybe if you tell us where your located another member can recomend a vet in your area. Hope things go well and she is ok, Im keeping her in my thoughts!
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Re: odd Bone - 01/07/07 06:03 AM

You know, the post above asking if she could have been microchipped is a good thought. You could just take her down to the animal shelter where they have a chip reader (or many vets offices have them for that matter) and see if they pick up a chip when they scan her. That's assuming you haven't had her for her whole life.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/07/07 06:05 AM

Oh, almost forgot! Welcome to GC! wave I'm glad you registered so we can continue to follow this story. I'm really curious now.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/07/07 07:55 AM

How big is the bone? Are you sure it isn't a shoulder blade? They are flat bones with a ridge running down the middle. They sit on top of the rib cage and can be moved easily. If you felt something oblong, it could be the edge of the shoulder blade, or the ridge.

A microchip would be neat, but those are usually square shaped.
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Re: odd Bone - 01/16/07 02:50 AM

Is there any update? Did you ever figure out what is was?
Just wondering and hoping she is okay!
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