Hissing during poo

Posted By: snowmanda

Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 04:35 AM

My male has been making a short hissing-like sound everytime he has to poo. I have noticed this during tent time. I can hear him "sst sst" usually 2-3 times in a row. When I look at him each time he has his tail up and is having a poo. His poo is normal for him in color and texture. I feed the BML back-to-basics diet. He's not constipated because he has no trouble with the poo, just makes the sound. After he is done, he plays again like normal. Should I be concerned here?
Posted By: BeckiT

Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 05:07 AM

Amanda, I'd recommend a vet visit. it could be that he's constipated, but he could also have a UTI or the starts of one.
Posted By: snowmanda

Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 05:10 AM

Thanks confirmed what I thought the advice towards this would be. I will call the vet in the morning. He seems fine for now. I didn't know if I was just being a paranoid Mommie smile
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Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 05:37 AM

You are being a good, observant Mommie. Hopefully, if it a UTI, you have caught it early and it will be easily and quickly cured.

Keep us posted after the vet visit.
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Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 05:40 AM

My glider was doing the same thing, so I brought her to the vet and she checked out fine. I had just got her, and I don't think she was drinking enough and therefore slightly dehydrated, so I just added a little water to her BML ever night and she was fine.
Posted By: snowmanda

Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 04:35 PM

I called my vet this am. [Granted, he is not an exotic vet...he did assure me that he had experience with sugar gliders.] I told him about Soven hissing during his poos. I told him I wanted his urine checked for a UTI. He said "IF he is doing it when he is defecating, I doubt I could be a UTI." That sent up a red flag for me. I am a much more educated glider parent now than I was in the beginning. Gliders have a cloaca, where both urine and feces come it certainly COULD be a UTI. He told me he would research it an call me back.

In the meantime....I made an appointment with the closest vet who has Sugar glider experience...2hrs away. We will see her tomorrow morning. I am taking Soven and Maven. I will have their wellness exams re-done.

I feel so stupid for thinking that a normal vet could see my little exotic furbutts. I love my vet he is great with my dogs....but that is all he will treat for me.

What do I need to make sure they do tomorrow...I don't want any stone left unturned?

Sorry for the long post....venting here
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Hissing during poo - 02/14/07 04:44 PM

Mine do that sounds sometimes too but not everytime. I've had them for about 4 years now and they have always done it a little. Good to know it could be a uti for furture. I'll try adding water to the BML see if that helps them out. Good info. k
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