Sick Glider MOM

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Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:07 PM

Hi, My Sugar Glider MOM was really sick last, SHe was week, not eating, coughing, she had droopy eyes, and wouldn't even lift her head up. I had to take her to the emergency, they gave her a shot of multi-vitamins calcium and anti inflamatory lquid (in case she had a cuncusion) imedietly after they gave her the shot she started to regurgitate sone kind of yellow gunk and she felt immedietly better, I broght her home, and put her in a puch with the babies, the doughter had no problem letting her back in the cage, but Im not quite sure about the dad .. I have several questions abut the insident

1. I have 5 sugar gliders (all related), Its the mom, the dad, their 10 month old baby girl, and the new addition twin joeys. is it safe that they are all together in the same cage? Because I am afraid that both the dady and the 10month old might be preventing her from eating, because she has lost significant weight

2. could the rest of the gorup have rejected her because she was sick an dwill they take her back in once she is well?

3. last time I saw her was areoun 11am and she was still awake. this is very rare because she is usually sleeping by then, could this be from the stress of last night?

4. would last night stress affect the babies?

5. Do sugar glider tend to inbreed? If so, Is it better if I get a new male. Would it be dangerous for the now male or for the old members?

Im sorry I am bombarding you with question, but last night was a very traumatic experience for me to see my poor baby so helpless, I would love to hear as much input on the situation as posible.

Thank you for your time

Glider Family
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:13 PM

You need to either get your daddy glider neutered or take the 10 month old out of there. They do inbreed in captivity, and it's very possible that she's already pregnant. You can't just put another male in the cage with them, as the old male will fight with him, and inbreeding will still probably happen. The new male would probably kill the twins also.

They may be unsure of the mom because she was sick and has all new smells on her. Maybe she shouldn't even be in there if she isn't eating, whether its the other gliders preventing her or not. If you leave her in there, you'll have to hand feed her to make sure she is getting everything she need.

You really should keep her with you as much as you can, since she isn't out of the woods yet. You need to make sure that she isn't getting picked on and that she doesn't fall ill again. It can happen really fast, and unless you have her with you, you may not catch it in time.

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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:16 PM

Kudos to you on taking her to the e-vet right away!

You may want to consider a follow up visit with a glider knowledgable vet. Where are you located? We'll try to help find you one.

Hope everything goes ok for her...
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:19 PM

I am no expert by any means here, but if it were me I would keep her seperate from the others for a few days to be sure she eats and is getting better. You could put her in a cage right next to the others so she is able to see and hear them and may not feel so alone. You need to monitor her food and water intake to be sure she is getting enough. They can all live together unless you are breeding them as the males will not care who they breed and you will have inbreeding. I would suggest getting the males neutered so they can all live as one big happy family or you will have to remove all joey's from the parents. Please keep us posted on the Mom's recovery we will be thinking of her in hopes she recovers rapidly.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:19 PM

Hi, My Sugar Glider MOM was really sick last, SHe was week, not eating, coughing, she had droopy eyes, and wouldn't even lift her head up.

Two obvious possibilities are parasites, or HLP (calcium deficiency). Knowing the exact diet would help. It's entirely possible, since the nursing joeys take ALL of their calories and calcium from Mom's body, she hasn't enough resources for them. You may need to pull and hand feed them (we can provide help), or supplement to help her feed them, in order to try and save them all. Mom's declining is not good.

4. would last night stress affect the babies?

It can. With mom sick she could very well reject, or they could be cannibalized. Sugarglidersuz is one of the best I know with hand raising joeys, if it becomes necessary. Her number is: 440-953-0904

. Do sugar glider tend to inbreed? If so, Is it better if I get a new male. Would it be dangerous for the now male or for the old members?

Yes, gliders will inbreed, and more than one male in a colony is not a good idea, as very frequently they fight to the death over the girls. A second cage with another pair would be a much better idea . Fathers will also breed to daughters and mothers to sons if left in the same cage, so unless dad and/or any boys are neutered- children must be removed to a second cage before they mature sexually.

For now, your girl desperately needs a vet, and from the description, you don't have much time. It needs to happen as close to immediately as you can. Here is what you want the vet to do:

Sub-q fluids (D5W) with glucose and calcium
Fecal float AND direct smear - the urine and fecals are to look for bacterial infection or parasites.
Check for calcium deficiency.

In addition to a proper diet, nursing moms also need increased protein and calcium-such as pinky mice, extra bugs, extra yogurt, every day. Is she a first time mom?

Edit-I see the part now about the 10 month old joey.

Here are the vet links-find your state, and look for a vet close to you-there is no way out of taking her at this point.

(this is the one for the U.S....we also have one for Canada (not a lot, but there are some) if it's needed.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:23 PM

I just got reminded of other details about last night. I was keeping watch on her all list night and I noticed that the sleeping pouch got really wet, when I took a peek, she had urinates in the pouch and all over the babies, it seemed to me like she couldnt control her bouwls. Also when I found her last night, she was all alone in the cage, and she has a new bald spot on her face and my boyfriend says that he sees scraches on her.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:28 PM

I would separate her and the joeys from the rest now, and again, find a vet ASAP and get her in or you very well could lose her. Her symptoms are all consistent with infection, and gliders do not show symptoms until they are unable to hide them.

Edited to add: if it's a parasite, you will need to treat every glider in the cage, except the new joeys, or it will just keep going around. Keep us updated.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:46 PM

Xfilefan has given you excelent advice! I am sending you prayers and support. I know this must be awful hard on you and things are somewhat confusing.
I would suggest to have your other gliders checked over as well. Especially is your little girl has something that's contageous.
Please keep us posted on her, and just know that we are all here offering you support. heart
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 06:58 PM

Jen (xfilefan) has covered everything. Definatly take this baby to the vet! Seperate with joeys from the rest of the colony and you may have to supplement the joeys.
The inbreeding advise is right on as well. Make sure the juvenile boys are neutered though as they would also breed with their sister or cage them seperately from her.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 07:49 PM

Thank you all for all your support and your replies, they have been extremly helpful I took an appointment last night to have all my gliders checked.. I will keep you posted on what he says
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 07:57 PM

I agree with Jen (Xfilefan) - the mother and twins need to be separated. Also, the 10 month old girl needs to be separated OR the father needs to be neutered to prevent inbreeding. How old are the twin joeys? If they are under 2 weeks old, then you will need to joey-sit them while the mother has out of pouch time since the father won't be with her to help with keeping the joeys warm. You may also need to supplement feed the joeys since the mother is sick, otherwise, they may not get enough milk. Please do call me if you have questions about how to feed them... You can read more information about how to do so by going to my page about Hand Raising A Joey.
Please make sure you get the mother to a glider-knowledgable vet for follow-up care. Although the emergency vet did do a few things for her, it wasn't extensive enough given her symptoms. A glider knowledgable vet will know what else to test for (as suggested by Xfilefan) to ensure the proper treatment regimen for the mother's survival.
Please keep us posted.
BTW, this thread is going to be moved to Health & Hygiene shortly, too...
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 08:09 PM

Hey Sugarglider suz.. fortunetly I have alredy been in your site and its been extremly helpful. thank you so much for offering your time. you say that the dad will not help keep them warm but in my observation of them, he does go into their puch whenever the mom is no in there with the. Is that normal? or is he hurting them? or can he be keeping them warm? I have so many more questions to ask you.. I will send you an e-mail to your site when I get home frome school.

thanks again for your time

Glider family
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/19/07 08:12 PM

The reason I said the dad won't be there to keep them warm is because he needs to be separated from the mom & joeys for now due to the mother's illness...
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/20/07 02:24 AM

Im glad to say that the mom is feeling much much better, she is eating and jumping around on the cage looking for a way in, the dad goes to her on teh cage so I broght them out and she rubbed herself all over him, I guess to rubb his sent on herself. she is still pooping all over me and my boyfriend i dont know why that is.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/20/07 03:19 AM

The pooping won't stop. Gliders just pee and poop everywhere. You have to get past that if you want to own gliders.

Is her nose still white? I'm glad she has more energy - but please remember, that doesn't necessarily mean she is better. She really could be faking it. I think that when people hear "Gliders mask their illness" they don't really comprehend the extent of the masking.

It means: Gliders can act energetic and perfectly healthy and bounce around their cages and then be dead a few hours later. I've read about that happening time after time. PLEASE don't assume that she is acting healthy because she is "over it." Find a way to get her to a vet. It might be a 2 hour drive, but the alternative isn't pretty.
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/20/07 12:02 PM

I agree with Val - she could just be masking her illness at this point. I know that you've already taken her to an emergency vet, but I still believe that you need to take her to a glider-experienced vet for follow-up. It really concerns me that there really wasn't a diagnosis or testing done and that no meds were sent home with her (at least not that you've mentioned). Thanks for the updates - I'm just really worried about her worried
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/20/07 03:46 PM

Here is one thread I'd like you to read-it is one of dozens. It is also very, very similar to yours-but I don't, nor do any of us, want yours to end the same way:

There is also a follow up post by the same owner in Real Stories.

We can't stress enough that how they 'act' can be misleading right up to the point you are holding a dying or dead glider in your hands, saying-"but I was just playing with him last night"... or "She was acting like normal earlier this morning"...

I beg you to get her into a knowledgeable vet, or one who is willing to consult with one of ours on the phone. Here is a number for one of mine that is in the office today (the other is out on Wednesdays):

Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic
Douglas W Folland, DVM 86 North 70 West Centerville, UT 84014 (801) 298-2014
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/21/07 05:47 PM


Turns out that the emergency vet where I took the MOM is the ONLY sugar glider vet in the area(acording to a site that I was given), I could not believe my luck so I took all of them yesterday to get a checkup and the doctor told me that she had something called "milk fever" wich means that the babies where draining her calcium reserves

the day of the emergency he did send her home with a set of shots that had calcium and a series of vitamins

YEsterday he checked her stool and it came out clean and he checked the rest of the family and he concluded that the where in perfect condition and that the mom looked much much better ( pink nose and hands, full of energy and strength) he still gave me more shots in case she became ill again. so far she is doing well, and Im still monitoring her closely

thank you for all your suppor

Glider Family
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/21/07 05:49 PM

I'm so glad you got them all in! Keep a close eye on her like you said you would. Hoping everything continues to improve
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Re: Sick Glider MOM - 06/21/07 05:58 PM

Great news! I'm so glad to hear they are healthy & I hope Mom continues to improve. laugh
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