sick or just shy?

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sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:04 AM

My male sugar glider Frito is never out playing like his brother Cheeto. Frito just sits in the bag or the cage and seems to always be nervous. If I move my hand suddenly he jumps and gets scared. Cheeto is perfectly fine and playing around all the time while Frito makes sure he is always in the cage. Maybe he just likes being in the cage...maybe he's sick? He doesn't look sick he just isn't very hyper. When he is out, he always rushes back to the cage and stays in there.

Someone give me some he sick or is he just shy?
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:11 AM

How old is he and how long have you had him? Does he act sluggish at all when he does come out? Is he eating okay?
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:16 AM

I got him in December and he was about 8-10 weeks, i think. His brother is a big bully. Every time Frito has a meal worm Cheeto takes it. Cheeto also bites Frito a lot for no reason. I'm thinking he is not eating very well bc he never gets a chance unless i hand feed him. He isn't necessarily sluggish, he just seems very nervous. Im thinking its bc he gets picked on and bit by his brother. He doesn't like being out of his cage. He HAS to be in it or he'll find a way to get to it.
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:18 AM

A vet check never hurts just in case! wink
If the boys are both intact you may want to consider neutering Cheeto or both.
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:22 AM

Do all vets treat sugar gliders? Are sugar gliders good at the vets? :/
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:31 AM

No, not all vets will treat sugar gliders. I will post you a link to our Vet Data Base, and you can look to see if there is one located in your area. Also, you could check the state roll call forum and see if there are any members who might live near you that could give you a suggestion.
Just like any animal, sugar gliders are not always good at the vets....they have a tendency to get overly anxious or scared. So when you do take yours in, be sure you have something that you can keep them confined in (a travel cage works well)
Vet Data Base

My two gliders sound just like yours! Choco, he is my outgoing, adventuerous, playful, and just all around good natured, where as Sam, he will run and hide at the slightest noise. He was a very scared glider when I first got him, since then he has come along way with not being so timid and afraid. It takes alot of time and patience to constantly offer them reassurance and comfort when they are scared.
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:44 AM

Frito is very skiddish. I was just playing with them and he seemed to come out and be comfortable playing for a little while. If I moved around too much he would run back to his cage. I think he is just like Sam. It's funny that he has that name though because my name is Sam too, well Samantha. lol wink
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:51 AM

Well Sam, my Sam sends your little Frito some glider kisses..... wink and says to chill.............momma just wants to have fun and's ok...... laugh
What works the best for my Sam is when he takes off running to hide, I will get on my hands and knees and play "hide n seek" with him. It's really funny to watch his curiosity. I also will put a mealie on a white piece of fleece so that he can see it crawling and he will very slowly come over to catch it. After about 10 minutes of playing "his game" he starts to come around, and then I can't get him off me.... laugh Start slow.....if he doesn't want to inneract, find something that will keep his interest.
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Re: sick or just shy? - 06/26/07 04:58 AM

Well thank you Sam. Frito sends kisses back. I will definitly try some games to get him interested and active. smile
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