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Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 05:18 PM

I saw that a few people here have had problems with lymphoma and I just read that they did a study and 3 out of 14 gliders got it.
So I'd like to know what causes it?
And if there are any ways to avoid this horrible disease
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 05:32 PM

wow..........i would like to see that study..............there was not that much info out there 2 years ago when my rocky died of it. Its cancer of the lymph nodes.
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 05:35 PM

Same here! Cora, didnt you say something a about a certain diet in that other thread we were talking about? dunno
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 05:43 PM

Lymphoma would be largely related to the immune system (that's largely what the lymph nodes are associated with, although the lymphatic system is kind of associated with the circulatory system too) least in humans as far as I know it is not really diet related at all...but I would also be curious if they had found some sort of diet-related link?

Or was it just a diet recommended for gliders with lymphoma to help them keep weight on?
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 05:46 PM

Micah - she mentioned Darcy's diet. Is that the one you mean? It was formulated for a glider with cancer.
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 07:35 PM

Link to above article

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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 07:53 PM

I have learned very recently that many WILD gliders have died from this and liver disease according to studies in Australia.

Since this is something that happens in the wild where the gliders are getting native foods and nutrients..and the vets over there have no idea as to why they are die from neoplasia, it would be impossible for us know about our own captive sugar gliders.

I am waiting on a necropsy report from the University as to any clues as to why our Peanut passed from liver disease.

So far all we know is she had a fatty liver from prior bad diet and infection along with life saving antibiotics back in January. Age MIGHT also play a role. In her case, we have no clue as to age and this cannot be found out even after death in a glider.

I asked my vet why was there no signs until the end?

It's always been heard that gliders do not show signs of illness in most cases until it is too late....

I got an answer that has always been right in front of me.

Dr. Williams stated that there are many thousands, millions of people worldwide that look and act perfectly healthy on the OUTSIDE right at this moment...that will either die or find out they have a cancer that a doctor will give them about "6 weeks to live".

So it's not just gliders, it's humans and other animals too. We are just so in love with our gliders, we are looking for answers to questions that simply cannot be found or are not known at this time. We are trying to do everything to keep our precious gliders safe and healthy...when we can't even do this with our own human bodies yet.

A very wise woman once told me something a long time ago, some gliders are bomb proof and some are too fragile. No different than humans. Of course, we shouldn't push the odds by feeding them the wrong diet nor ourselves.
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 10:41 PM

Originally Posted By: 7glider7
Or was it just a diet recommended for gliders with lymphoma to help them keep weight on?

Correct, Darcy's diet is used to help keep their weight up.
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Re: Lymphoma? - 07/30/08 10:47 PM

I cant make heads or tails of that above link...........I am not very computer savvy!
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