HLP Signs & Symptoms

Posted By: CharmedSuggies

HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/18/08 02:00 PM

I understand HLP. I just need help with any signs or symptoms to watch out for if at all possible. Also, if there is any other info about HLP other than the signs and symptoms, please let me know. Any and every info on HLP that can be given wiill be great! thanks

Some questions I forgot:
1. Can HLP be spotted before it's too late?

2. Is HLP treatable at all, meaning any stage of it?

3. If treatable, will the glider have any problems or effects from it?

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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/18/08 02:41 PM

From my understanding, it's the paralasys of the hind leg(s) and the only symptoms are if your sug starts to drag one of their hind legs or can't grip as well with it. So, I'd look out for shaking of the hind leg once in a while, not being able to climb as well, sliding down on the bars when they used to not do that, change in their grip on things,etc.

My mister had HLP in the past and he's got a VERY strong grip so if I don't feel all of those nails poking into me, I'll know when somethings wrong. roflmao

S'all I know though. Hopefully someone who knows more on it will be along shortly.
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/18/08 02:43 PM

I'll think you'll find all the answers you need in my article about Hind Leg Paralysis. Let me know if you have more questions after reading it and looking at Pika's x-rays.
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/18/08 02:45 PM

OH, thankyou so much Suz!! I will definitely let you know if I have any questions.
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/18/08 02:59 PM

Oooo! Thanks Suz!!!! For some reason, I forgot to check your site for it. frown I gotta bookmark that page. dance
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/19/08 11:48 AM

I can add that if a severe case of HLP strikes in the formative stages of a glider's development, particularly during a period of rapid growth, like it did to my Riker, it can cause deformity of bone/skeleton from simple handling and the glider's own motion. Riker's back legs are somewhat twisted, and we found out between Xray and attempted blood draw that his ribcage is also deformed-making a vena cava blood draw about impossible on him because the vein isn't where it should be due to the bone issues. He doesn't glide or jump...he will 'drop' a short distance...and he has a very strange gait due to his hind legs. Other than that, his grip is strong and he made an otherwise full recovery with full use of everything within it's formative limits. It was touch and go with him and we nearly lost him more than once but HLP is survivable. His presented with violent shaking of his entire body as the muscles couldn't get the signals they required due to lack of calcium at about 9 weeks OOP.
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/19/08 01:40 PM

Wow, thankyou Jen for that information. I'm so sorry that sweet boy had to go through all of that, bless his little heart. Thank goodness he has such a loving determined mom.
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/19/08 06:13 PM

also keep in mind, that if the symptoms are immediate onset (like over night) other things needs to be checked,

broken bones, separated spine, bruising of hips or spine, anal glans, and most commonly bacterial infections. when a glider has a bacterial infection,. the blood results will show low calcium and low nutrients, which many vets will attribute to the dietary hlp.

please keep in mind, that hlp due to calcium deficiencies are far less common with the more accepted diets, (more reson to stay with the diets as directed) however in cases like holly, her gall bladder was bad, which also made it so her body wasn't absorbing calcium properly.

please if there is any suspicion of HLP, please have a full gamet of tests run, to include xrays, bacterial c&s as well as the blood work
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Re: HLP Signs & Symptoms - 12/19/08 06:17 PM

Thankyou Bourbon so much! I will be saving both additions to my hardcopy info for quick reference.
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