Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting?

Posted By: Sugar_Suggie

Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 04:35 AM

My sugar glider, Gizzy, recently started showing symptoms of illness. At first, she would climb up to the top of her cage and just hang upside-down and sleep, which was very bizarre since she had never done that before. I then started to notice how she wouldn't eat any of her veggies, fruits, or Sugar Glider food.

One morning, I woke up to find her sleeping on her backside on the floor of her cage. Luckily she was alive, but she was very lethargic the rest of the day, hardly moving at all. All the vets around our town aren't exotic vets. There was only one exotic vet many, many miles away, yet he had no idea what he was doing.

Today was the worst day for poor Gizzy. When she would move, she would slide her body across the cage floor. I decided to hold her in her pouch and hold her for comfort. I fed her pieces of apple, and she ate it. A minute later, her body started heaving and she began vomiting up foamy spit. I tried to get her to drink water, but she would vomit up the same foamy substance too, almost like a dog with rabies. She did this continuously for a long time.

I went out to the store to buy applesauce and baby food while my mom cared for Gizzy. I fed her the baby food from my finger, and she loved it. She would have mild seizures while licking the baby food; she would stare off into the distance and shake, then snap out of it and cheerfully lick the baby food. Once she was done eating it, she surprisingly didn't vomit.

How she's in her cage, making wheezing noises as if she can't breathe properly, and vomiting up the baby food. The color is usually white, but now has a yellowish hue to it. She keeps biting the tip of her tail as well.

I honestly have no idea what to do. Is there any home care remedies anyone would consider? Anything I should do? All the vets I call are not exotic or have no experience with Sugar Gliders what-so-ever.
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Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 06:35 AM

this is very serious she needs an emergency vet or you will lose her. she must have a bacteria of some sort and needs to go to a vet now if there are none glider knowledgeable they can consult with a vet who is and there are numbers of vets who do consults with vets on glider ventral look under vets and bring a number or a few of the numbers with you
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Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 01:59 PM

I seems very clear that your glider is seriously ill and needs to be seen by a vet IMMEDIATELY.

Even a vet with little experience with sugar gliders can treat dehydration and consult with other vets to determine which other treatments would be appropriate for her condition.

Here is a printable page of contact information for vets that are willing to consult with your local vet to discuss care of sugar gliders. Print it out and take it with you to the nearest emergency vet.

I pray your glider will be recovering soon and back to her usual self.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 03:42 PM

Any update on this little one?
Posted By: Sugar_Suggie

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 05:36 PM

The little one seems to be doing better. I'm going to take her to a vet today so they can consult about the matter.

I'm not sure if she's actually dehydrated, since after I've been feeding her baby food, she hasn't been vomiting hardly at all and has been peeing, which is a very good sign.

Is there anything else I can do for Gizzy besides holding her, comforting her, and feeding her baby food?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 08:09 PM

Keep her warm and keep pushing fluids and the food.

Getting her to the vet as fast as you can is the best thing for her right now.
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Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/09/15 09:20 PM

By the time we notice they are ill, is usually the time that they may be ready for that rainbow bridge.
They do this, b/c it is their nature. Out in the wild, they will be killed once they get sick.
I hope that you are getting the help that she needs, & that everything will go back to normal w/meds.
Posted By: Sugar_Suggie

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/12/15 05:39 AM

Two days ago, Monday morning, Gizzy passed away.

When we took her to the vet, they said they couldn't help Gizzy because she was already too ill and said to keep pushing fluids in her. So we took her back home and tried to make her eat the baby food. She started refusing to eat it, which worried me.

The next morning, my mother rushed in my room crying, saying Gizzy was almost dead. I rushed to check on Gizzy and she was hardly moving or breathing. I held her and petted her softly as she took her last breath. We didn't get a necropsy on her because we're short on money at the moment.

The other sugar glider we have, Sugar, seems to be handling it better than I thought. She's also healthy too. She seems to search for Gizzy at times, thinking she's still alive. It's very sad. I'm just glad Gizzy isn't in pain anymore. She will forever be loved and missed.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/12/15 03:30 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. You did all you could for your Sweet Gizzy hug2
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sugar Glider Continuously Vomiting? - 08/12/15 04:43 PM

I am very sorry for your loss. May you find comfort and peace in your memories of her.

Glide Free Little Gizzy :rbridge:
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