Posted By: Feather

Widget - 09/25/17 12:57 AM

I have waited to post this as I have lost 5 gliders in the last 30 days. Three were geriatric rescues that joined the sanctuary. Two were over 12 years old.

One was a Tucker grandson and that one still hurts.

The last one was Widget. I got her the first year I had gliders, back in 2008. She was a joey when I got her, so she was over 9 1/2 years old when she passed.

She was fine last Sunday night when I fed, first one to the dish as always. I found her in the morning when I took their dishes out. The others in the cage had tried to clean up the evidence. It was hard to pick her up in that condition.

She was a good girl, easy to do nail trims on. She is now with Gizmo (the first) and Zoey (the second).

Glide Free Widget :rbridge:
Posted By: Terry

Re: Widget - 09/25/17 12:59 AM

hug2 I am so, so sorry for your loses.
Posted By: sugarfluff

Re: Widget - 09/25/17 03:19 AM

What a difficult month you've had, I'm so sorry for all your losses and the heartache you must feel, hug2

:hbreak: may your memories bring you smiles.

Glide free sweet Widget and friends :rbridge:
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Widget - 09/25/17 04:05 AM

Hey Feather,
hug2 my heart hurts for you. :hbreak:

You have given sanctuary to these gliders without prejudice to their age or condition. angel Bless you for your diligence and unconditional love. Thank you...

Glide free little ones! Your pain is gone, and you are free again! :rbridge:

Memories last our lifetime... You all will be missed...

Thank you Kim, for sharing!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Widget - 09/25/17 02:44 PM

So very sorry, Kim. Glider free little one :rbridge:
Posted By: kidqwik

Re: Widget - 09/27/17 12:28 AM

I'm so sorry.
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