The Noble Lord Feverstone

Posted By: Temulin

The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/07/18 07:39 AM

Last week, I had to say goodbye to my best suggie friend. frown Although I haven't been around on this forum much lately, I have really appreciated all the posts and insight. Fevy was my first and only suggie. I learned so much from GC over the years and it was always my go to resource. Plus I got to meet so many great suggies and their owners!

I am very broken hearted still, but my dearest Lord Feverstone was incredibly loved. He made it to his 11th birthday and got to celebrate with a rainbow cake. Unfortunately, he had been declining for several months and started having seizures the last month or two. The vet eventually found a brain mass. Long story short, I came home from work Monday night and found him curled up on the bottom of his cage in a really bad state. So I let his fur siblings say bye to him and took him to the ER where we decided to put him down. The vet staff and his normal vet were so incredibly caring and knowledgeable through it all so that really helped. I am part sad, part relieved that he isn't suffering anymore. The last month or two had been very hard and was mostly a routine of me giving him meds, going to vet all the time, cleaning him up when he'd pee on himself, carrying him around because he was starting to have a lot of trouble climbing and so on with a couple "good" days in between. frown

His absence definitely left a huge hole in my heart. I rescued him when he was two after he'd been passed around to two homes and one animal shelter where I was volunteering at the time. He was such a brat back then, but I fell in love with him immediately. His life was full of adventures and love with his human and animal friends. It definitely wasn't a secret that Fev was the favorite child. I have been giving his fluffy grey siblings extra love in his absence. It will definitely take us all some time to grieve. Glide free, little Fevy. <3

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Posted By: Feather

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/07/18 02:20 PM

I am very sorry for your loss. May you find comfort and peace in your many memories of him.

Glide Free Little Lord Feverstone :rbridge:
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/07/18 03:03 PM

Oh Temulin, I'm so sorry. Lord Feverstone was very special to me. He was the first interspecies bonded glider I had read about. His little stories are so cute and sweet.

Run and glide free little man, you will be sorely missed, but not forgotten.

Hugs and love to your other furbabies Hari(cat) and Ziggy (chinchilla).
Posted By: KarenE

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/07/18 04:11 PM

I am so very sorry for your loss of your Sweet Lord Feverstone. I know you will miss him terribly. Such a sweet memory of that Rainbow Cake plus so many many more memories.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/07/18 05:22 PM

The world is a lesser place without grumpy furballs of loving like Fevy. You're still in my thoughts and I'm here if you ever want to chat.
Posted By: Temulin

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 03:03 AM

Thank you all so much for your kind words! My remaining furbabies and I appreciate it. He was the sweetest little man and I am not sure I'll ever have another suggie quite like Fevs. Maybe one day I'll be ready to adopt another, but he was a very special little one. :<

Dawn, thank you! I laughed when I read your reason for editing note. I'm glad Fevy is with his original kitty friend now. His buddies sure miss him. They were really confused and kept looking for him. Had kind of a weird scare with Ziggy right after - I think he was a lot more bonded to Fev than I realized and/or he could sense how sick Fevy was and got very anxious for a couple days. He suddenly started acting aggressive which is veeeery unusual for a little guy who never bites. All is well and it's been about a week of Zig being back to normal, but it's amazing how much animals notice things. He still has his kitty friend to snuggle with. <3

Hutch, thanks! It's been a rough adjustment to the lack of Fevy around the house for all of us, but we're slowly coming aroumd. frown
Posted By: Terry

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 03:51 AM

Noble indeed, and indeed so missed. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Yes, animals grieve when there is loss of a loved one, just as we do. May you all find peace and comfort in each other and in the memories of Feve!
Posted By: Temulin

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 05:34 AM

Thanks, Terry. So true - they definitely know when one of their little fluff siblings dies. I've been giving them extra love (and treats) to make up for it.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 11:28 AM

Wait, Hari passed? Where did I miss that? So, now I feel really bad... I'm so sorry, but glad Fevy has a friend over the rainbow to be with.

It is fascinating how other animals can sense what is going on. I'm also glad ro hear Ziggy is doing better too.

I want you to know way back while researching for the "right" material for Lord Feverstone's castle, I found the story behind his name. Something about a wall. While making his castle, I thought, Fevy will have more than a wall, he will have a castle. And when Ziggy adopted it, my thoughts were, wow. Lord Fevy now has a sentry to keep it safe for him. Ziggy should have his knighthood. May I dub him Sir Ziggy? He's so sweet!
Posted By: Temulin

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 07:14 PM

Noooo! Hari is still here! Sorry, I just realized how confusing that was.

Before Hari, I had another cat that Fevy was super attached to, named Tifa. I used to post about their adventures a really long time ago, although I think I didn't post about them as much because I didn't want people to get the wrong impression about mixing species since I'd heard so many horror stories. They were my original two and Fevy had a really close bond with that cat. Tifa was amazingly nice to small pets. Hari has been a great successor kitty, but Fevy definitely had a different relationship with her. XD He loved Hari, but I remember the day I brought her home, Fevy crabbed at her and slapped her in the face. Made a 5-week-old baby kitten cry. They became great friends, but Fev sure knew how to keep Hari in her place. :lol: Hari's almost five now, but when I got her I was soooo worried that it wouldn't work out with Fevy, but they ended up being the sweetest little buddies and were so fun to watch.

OMG I love that! I declare that Sir Ziggy must be his official name now. What story was that? I got Fevy's name from the book That Hideous Strength actually. XD I'd be really curious to know if there are more name origins! Ziggy still adores his castle and will keep on guarding it in Fevy's absence.

Sidenote - the Star Wars bed and cuddle loaf have held up really well. I wash them once a week and they're still in the same shape. I had originally got Zig a bed from Petsmart that he destroyed almost immediately. These are so much better for the little guy.
Posted By: Temulin

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/08/18 07:15 PM

Just some pics of the two kitties in Fevy's life...

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Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/09/18 11:00 AM

Wow! Both pics are so cute, but the first one is my favorite.

And yes, it is something special when different species can get along. I've read enough stories where it went wrong, it still makes me wary. But when you know your pets really well, it makes a difference.

I'm glad Hari is still with us. I can't believe Fevy made him cry when he was a kitten! I think Tifa must have passed away before I was on GC.

I'm really glad Sir Ziggy's bed and snuggle has held up. You know where to find me if he needs anything else. smile

I tried to Google again what I had read, and I haven't found it yet. I think I have notes on it some where... I'll keep digging.
Posted By: Temulin

Re: The Noble Lord Feverstone - 03/09/18 07:59 PM

Thank you! <3 I will always remember those days with baby Fevy snuggling up to his giant kitty friend.

I know! I've seen some youtube videos of cats and chinchillas and it scares me how you can tell the cat is getting excited and bopping the poor chin. D: Hari knows she isn't allowed to hit her siblings. Though she likes to do that "flop and stretch" thing to Ziggy and very slowly bat his whiskers. XD The first time I saw this happening I started to tell her no and just started laughing. Zig just sits there and she slowly/sleepily bops his whiskers until she falls asleep. It's the weirdest "ritual" I've ever seen.

Will do! I foresee more orders for my little one in the future. :D I'm already thinking up some cute new things to add to his cage.
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