Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read)

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Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 01:19 PM

So last night again I came home from work and she was so cold by herself barely moving or breathing.. i tried everything to get her warm including putting a wash cloth in the microwave! i finally got her a little warm and she wasnt really crying it was more or a hissing.. so I came to this website and called Jen, she referred me to Sue. I called Sue in a panic and Sue calmed me down by talking to me, she told me Lillie was dehydrated and was in critical condition and to get water into her asap. I tried and tried and then Lillie started drinking just a little were she was moving a little but, I had to make a trip to wal-mart to get some pedilyte (however you spell it) so I of course took her with me. I was running around walmart looking for what i needed and go figure its 1100pm and EVERYONE in the WORLD decided to go to walmart! there were only 3 lines open so i jumped in the shortest one, keeping an eye on Lillie. Mean while, my boyfriend is waiting at his house for me to bring her over and help me stay up all night to take care of her in shifts (even though he had to be to work at 730am). She was getting worse and worse by the second. She started to cry and was climbing out of the fleece i had in my bra and she spread out all four legs and was flat as a pancake like as if she was gliding, seisureing. I called my boyfriend and told him it doesn't look like Lillie-Girls going to make it and I hung up and tears started rolling down my face. The two girls in front of me saw her in my hand as i was wrapping her back up and me crying and heard what i said to my boyfriend and so when they opened the line next to us they told me to hurry up and go. I got what i needed to feed Lillie and sprinted to my car. As soon and i got in my car i called Sue back and tried feeding Lillie. Lillie was still having siesures (mispelled i know sorry). She wouldnt eat. I was crying histerically (mispelled) to Sue, I was so scared and she looked so miserable. I kept telling her its ok if you want to go and saying her name over and over. Finally, she stopped breathing and Sue said shes passing just hold her close and keep doing what your doing its going to be ok. Lillie knows you love her and is trying to stay with you. After all was said and done, lillie took her last breath. I heald her for a few more minutes and then I wrapped her up in the fleece cloth and put her in the pouch i brought with me. Sue calmed me down so I could drive and I got off the phone with her and called my boyfriend. Well, while I'm talking to him telling him she didnt make it as im trying not to cry again Lillie started crying!!! I told him let me call Sue , LET ME CALL SUE!!! and i took her out the pouch and called Sue.. Sue was in shock that Lillie started breathing again. I again was crying and i just couldn't grasp the concept of what was going on so i was rubbing her head and chest and saying her name and telling her again its ok. Please dont suffer.. this went on for about another 20 minutes, of Lillie siesuring and me crying. When she seemed to stop i got off the phone with Sue and wrapped Lillie up in my bra. I drove to my boyfriends house about 40 minutes from where i was. She let out about 8 little cries on the way and i just talked to her saying its going to be ok and I love you. I finally got to my boyfriends and went inside and he was waiting for us and ready to help. We tried so hard to feed her and we were talking to her and she went into cardiac arrest by this time. So I knew there was no hope and he kept saying shes going to be fine but, i knew other wise. I tried putting a little peidalyte on her tongue but it didn't help.. she took her last fighting breath at 1234 this morning.. I called Sue and let her know and thanked her. My boyfriend and I waited 5 minutes after in case she did cry again but there was nothing but silence. So we took her outside wrapped up in the fleece blanket and buried her next to her little brother...

Lillie 3/4/08 - 4/6/08
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 01:25 PM

I am so very sorry. She gave all she had. Poor baby. I can't even imagine the pain you are feeling right now. Know my prayers are with both of you. God bless and Godspeed little Lillie. You were only here a very short time, but you were loved very, very much. Again, I am so sorry.
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 01:27 PM

I'm so sorry your little fighter didn't make it. At least she knew she was loved as she passed. hug2
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 02:30 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss, she was a fighter to the end and knew she was loved. hug2 hug2
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 07:20 PM

cry I'm so sorry for your loss hug2
Posted By: Feather

Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read) - 04/06/08 10:39 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. She was a little trouper.
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/06/08 10:52 PM

hug2 I am so sorry for your loss of Lillie. Godspeed sweet little one.... gangel Many prayers and love bening sent to you for all that you have done for her.
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/07/08 12:10 AM

oh hun im so sorry. you did so good, you and your boyfriend both.
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/07/08 01:12 AM

Hugs sweetie! Hugs!!!!!
Posted By: BeckiT

Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/08/08 08:48 PM

cry I'm so sorry hug2
Posted By: Xglider

Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/08/08 08:53 PM

so sorry for your loss ...
Posted By: sugarglidersuz

Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/08/08 10:54 PM

Again, I'm so very sorry that Lillie didn't make it cry It certainly wasn't for lack of will - you are right, she was the BIGGEST fighter ever heart As we talked and cried together on the phone the other night, I was amazed at how she kept fighting to hang on. Please do know that you did absolutely everything you could for her and she passed over to be with her brother knowing how deeply you loved her. Please know that you can call me again if you just need someone to talk to hug2 hug2 hug2

gangel God speed, Little Lillie mlove
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Re: Little Lillie the BIGGEST fighter (please read - 04/09/08 05:24 AM

I'm so sorry. hug2
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