Lycan got lost but we found him at least

Posted By: Anonymous

Lycan got lost but we found him at least - 08/24/08 09:09 AM

i had debate yester from 8 am - 9 pm when i get home my parents tell me the Lycan has escaped from his cage and they couldn't find him since morning. so i kept looking and looking for him for about 2 hours and then just when i was about to give up, my mom spotted hiM! so my brothers and my dad and my mom were all blokcing his exit ways while i was trying to catch him. finally caught him and put him back..

just when i think its all over my brother bursts into the room, you're glider's out again! so i ran down and found him hopping around our dinning table. took a few bites but thannkfully not bleeding. i watched them and realized that they could squeeze through their cage! so i decided to transfer them back to their old cage.

thank god we still found them. i would just died if i didn't frown
Posted By: TracieB

Re: Lycan got lost but we found him at least - 08/27/08 04:35 AM

That's great that you found him, but what a scare he gave you!
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