Black Ants?

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Black Ants? - 05/27/07 10:13 PM

I'm thankful that they aren't red, but what is a safe way to get rid of them? I see a few crawling around on Axel and Kai's cage, and they're so annoying.

Also, left untreated, can they hurt my suggies?

Thanks. heart
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/27/07 11:17 PM

Recently, someone posted that a simple way to get rid of ants is to put a regular Bounty fabric softener sheet under each leg of the glider's cage, but it has to be the Bounty brand. I just recently tried this in my home because the tiny little black ants were starting to come in now that the weather has gotten nice... So far, it's working! thumb
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/27/07 11:36 PM

Oh, whoops. I should have checked for that.
tounge Stupid me.

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Re: Black Ants? - 05/27/07 11:56 PM

Gracifer, i wish I was as lucky as you are..LOL.. We DO have red ants.. no idea where they are coming from, but there are marching lines of them in our kitchen, walking the whole border. They came out of no where yesterday.
Pest control wont be open till tuesday, and said not to spray any Raid or other surface spray, as this will make it worse.
I am constantly cleaning and vaccuuming, i dont know why they are taking over my house frown
Good luck to you!
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 02:28 AM

Oh jeez, that's bad. frown Sorry to hear that!

Thanks. <3
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 02:32 AM

I used the ALL brand dryer sheets and they have worked as well. Haven't had any ants since I put them under the wheels of the cage.
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 03:28 AM

There is a product out there called Terro and it works great! You can get it almost anywhere... Walmart is where i get mine. The baits are the kind i use, cause my animals can't get to it. Basically what they do is eat it, and carry it back to the nest, and that kills the entire nest. It takes a day or two to really work, but its GREAT!
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 09:29 PM

Ugh! They don't have bounty, so I bought this other one. It's called essentials, I think.

frown I hope it works. I put one sheet under every corner of the cage.

They're every where!
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 10:26 PM

It's Arm & Hammer brand.
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/28/07 10:31 PM

Wow, I never heard of using dryer sheets to get rid of black ants before. Oddly I never see them by my suggies cages, but I do have them in my kitchen. I bought ant traps, but they done appear to be working. I think I'll go put a dryer sheet in the cabinet where I think they are coming from.
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/29/07 07:02 PM

It's not working. frown
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/29/07 08:45 PM

Something I recently heard about was to sprinkle cornstarch (or was it cornmeal?) in the areas where you normally see the ants. They take it back to the colony and all the ants eat it and they can't digest it causing the colony to die.

Obviously it would take a little while, but it would be much safer than spraying something like Raid on your kitchen counters where it could come in contact with food or your pets could come in contact with poison.

Sorry, I can't remember if it was cornstarch or cornmeal and I can't find that email, I guess I deleted it. I wish I hadn't b/c it had lots of good tips like that.

Anyway, hope it helps.
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/29/07 09:04 PM

you can also use cyanne pepper it will kill the ants and the eggs that they have in there nests
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Re: Black Ants? - 05/29/07 09:58 PM

I have to agree with the Terro. I use that stuff around here and boy does it work great. I use the liquid stuff. Just apply a couple drops on a piece of cardboard and it is like you have ants coming out of woodwork to come eat it, next thing you know, you have no more ants!!
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