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HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 05:40 PM

I had recently talked with a lady that had 2 gliders that I was going to get from her and her hubby. She just called and said that they found one of them had passed away this morning. The other is still alive. I'm a little baffled, and confused, and unsure. They were NOT very glider knowledgeable at all! They are in a cage made of wood, and galvanized wire, uncoated. They have ONLY been fed fruit and veggies, with an occasional mealworm here and there. 1 or 2 at a time per glider. The vet they took them to was a normal vet. Not an exotic vet or glider knowledgable vet. She said that she had no idea what happened, that the glider didnt seem sick at all, and acted fine. I then explained that gliders will hide that they are sick, and not show it until it's too late. They had NO idea what kind of care was needed for these guys, and the woman feels awful! I spent about an hour talking to her on the phone, and trying to explain to her everything that I know. Their last vet visit was about 6 months ago. But like I said, it wasnt a vet for gliders. I will definately be taking the other one, but I wantd to know if anything I have learned may give any of you an idea of what may have happened? I've not had a sick glider, so I havnt had to deal with any illness before. Is any of this an indicator of what may have caused one to die, and not the other?
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 05:48 PM

I think you just answered all your own questions crazy . These glider's have numerous hazards all around in the condition's they are being raised, so it could be any number of things. My suggestion, get the proper environment and diet for them, and get them checked at an exotic vet ASAP.

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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 05:49 PM

Maybe the diet and the inappropriate cage materials were too much for them to handle? I am a very new suggie mom but have read about not using the galv. wire and bare wood because it breeds disease and UTI's. The diet did not seem the best for them as well.

The other little one will need a lot of care, I'm sure...I'm glad you are taking the other little one and good luck!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 05:54 PM

I know I answered my questions, and that it was ALL wrong for them - I just dont understand why it would take 2 yrs to affect them! They've had them for 2 yrs, with the same diet and everything, and this is what the previous owner tod them to do. So its been a total of three yrs living that way. I also dont understand why one would die, and not the other.
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 06:01 PM

Sounds like heavy metal (zinc) poisoning to me. I've been told (PPP - not a reliable source granted, but at least they know not to use galvanized wire) that zinc poisoning takes about 2-3 years. The zinc will acuumulate in their body until it becomes toxic.

Unfortunately, if this was the cause, the second glider probably has a pretty hefty dose already. I'd say get rid of the galvanized wire ASAP and get him/her to a vet.

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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 06:23 PM

Well, I'll be picking her up tonight, and I plan to pull ALL the wire off the cage, and replace it with mesh until I can build another rept. I'm hoping that and a good diet will get her back on track. Is it possible for the vet to do something for them if they have zinc poisoning?
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 07:39 PM

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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 11:22 PM

I'm not sure what can be done about the heavy metal poisoning - also be aware that one might have been more of a chewer, so ingested more of it than the other, and different gliders will handle toxins and problems differently as well. So it could be that the remaining glider may never show symptoms (one can hope). Do remember to follow quarantining procedures with this new little one and have the vet do a fecal float/smear to check for any parasites that might be present.
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/13/07 11:39 PM

You've asked a VERY GOOD question...and I'm not sure that any vets here in the States would have an answer.

I rescued a pair about 3 years ago that were exposed to wood staining....the female passed away and the male survived. I think she chewed on the stained branch worse than he did, that MIGHT be why I lost her (among a hundred other problems). Might it be possible that giving her a good diet & taking her AWAY from the toxins will eventually leach them out of the system??? Dunno.
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 01:48 AM

Well, we just got her, and she's not good. She looks like she may have over groomed behind her eyes a little, she walks like shes VERY weak, and tipsy, she stays upside down in her pouch, her poo is ORANGE, and I do mean orange... They fed sweet potatosp every night, so that may be why... I handed her a And I have no clue what she is. They said she was a grey, but she is NOT grey! Her stripes are a red color, and her fur is very light... Could this be a butter cream or lion?
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 02:02 AM

I've heard that a bad or non approved diet can change the fur color...maybe thats all it is and when she has a good diet with you, her fur will change back to normal?????
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 03:48 AM

Sam, that boy could have died from anything. She needs to be checked for everything they can think of. I would give it a month or so before you try to figure out her coloring, her fur is stained from diet, and it is dyed, like when we color our hair. She needs a balanced diet, and love.
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 04:27 AM

The sweet potatoes are probably changing her fur color...too much orange in her diet!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 04:34 AM

It's deffinantly the cause of the orange poop! Being feed that every day it will be.

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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 05:00 AM

Samantha, sorry, I was typing one handed earlier (had a snuggle bug cuddling my thumb laugh )
Anywho, yes, the sweet potato's will do that to her fur and her poopies. With the change to a good diet, her fur will return to it's normal color in about 4 months. But you will start being able to see it in about a month. You will probably start noticing a change with in a week.
As far as her cage mate dying, there is no way, at all, to know what he died of. I have gliders that came from the worst circumstances as far as housing, diet, care and are fine. Other gliders, with everything going for them, just...died. It could be environmental, it could be disease. There is no way to know on him.
It will be very important for her to get to a vet ASAP for a full work up. Do NOT put her anywhere near your gliders for a solid month after her vet visit, and she is clear. Things can start to percolate that they may not catch. Also, do her stuff last, that way you are not going from her to your other gliders, and possibly spreading something. One other thing, stress can cause them to become ill, and she has had plenty with losing her cage mate, then the move to your house. Watch for runny poops, smelly poops, and any other ill glider symptoms. Even after the vet visit. I, personally, give yogurt, the kind with the live cultures in it, the first night a glider is here. Then fairly frequently over the next couple of weeks, just to help their tummys stay settled. That seems to be the first thing to bother them. It has always helped. Just a thought.
Make sure she is not dehydrated, and provide plenty of fluids for her. And as much as I'd like to say skip the sweet potatoes, give her just a little, with your regular diet, the first couple of nights, it is what she is used to, you know, just to help make her comfortable.
Please let us know how she does smile We really like the follow ups!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 12:44 PM

In addition to the possibility of heavy metal poisoning is the very real possibility (especially with the symptoms you have described) that she has HLP. Please go to my page about Hind Leg Paralysis for information about the causes (in this case likely from poor nutrition), diagnosis and treatment. I would ask the vet about a prophylactic treatment of Neocalglucon (oral calcium supplement) even if diagnostic tests can not be run. It wouldn't hurt her and it could save her life. My very first two gliders were about 3 years old when I got them. They were on a very poor diet and about 18 months after I got them they both succumbed to HLP. I wish I had known about HLP back then, I may have been able to save them, but sadly, I didn't have the knowledge shakehead Sometimes the effects of poor nutrition take a long time to augment and become noticeable...
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 01:08 PM

Well, its about 7am, and she's still alive! Thank Goodness! She ate almost all her food last night, and was definately drinking, as there were "crumbs" in her water. I went in to check on her, and she was peeking up over the pouch at me, and making this noice that she makes.... Almost sounds like sniffing, or little whispers or something. No crabbing, just big sweet eyes saying thank you for a new clean cage, and dinner. I fed her PP, yogurt, mealies, canatloup, and chicken baby food. I want her to get the protein she has been lacking, but also wanted her to have variety. ALL the yogurt, baby fod, mealies, and fruit is gone. The only thing left is a little PP. So she ate very well! And there were a few things mis placed in her cage, so I assume she was playing or at least exploring.... Im just thankful that she made it through the night. That was the first step!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 01:30 PM

laugh Sam that is good news I knew you could make her comfortable and she would come though it. Congrat. Hope you are going to take her in to the vet. Sounds like you have become a great glider mommy. ttyl
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/14/07 01:40 PM

Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear she had a good night with such a good appetite! Next step is the vet's smile Please keep us posted on the vet visit with diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, etc...
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 04:32 PM

She did well last night as well! smile I brought her out with us last night, and she enjoyed hand fed mealies from her new daddy! So sweet! Then she eventually fell asleep with me in her pouch...I'll post pics soon.
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 04:43 PM

oh that is soooo good to hear! Its wonderful news to know that she is ok!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 05:04 PM

Here are a few pics from last night....

Attached picture 000_0001.JPG
Attached picture 000_0006.JPG
Attached picture 000_0009.JPG
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 05:07 PM

Awww, what a sweet looking baby! Samantha, it looks like you rescued her just in time. In that last picture, it looks like there is a hollow spot below her ribs, like she was starving. Thank goodness you have her!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 05:24 PM

Yeah, I dont think she was fed very well. She eats like a mad woman! But she's SOOO friendly! She has spots behind her eyes, too, where it looks as though she had been overgroming, but I couldnt get her to look at me long enough to get a good face shot. Does it look her normal color, or that she's stained? She looks like a lion to me... But Im not sure....
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 05:32 PM

She doesn't look like a grey right now. But I've had glider owners with experience get in gliders as a rehome, swear they had cinnamons, and then after a while the staining grows out, and they really have greys. It is going to be very hard to determine her true color until she is healthier. She could be a colored glider. As she gets more love from you guys, the overgrooming spot should go away. Her's a lucky little girl!
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Re: HELP HELP! SICK GLIDER! HELP! - 12/15/07 05:40 PM

Well, thats kinda what I thought too, but the lady that had her made no reference to any other color she had ever been. SO it kind of makes me wonder...When I asked what she looked like on the phone before I got her, she said she looked the same as always, and didnt seem sick. She described her as being grey, with a black stripe. But she is NOT grey and her stripe is NOT black! its hard to see in the pics, but seeing her up close, her strpie is red. Like a red hair that a person would have. dark red.... I dont know how to explain it. I will try to get a good close up of her though.
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