Teeth are misaligned?

Posted By: kitsune

Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 03:15 AM

My Twink's teeth are misaligned and the right bottom tooth is shorter than the left, I'm pretty sure it wasn't broken. He's only about 4 months old. I always noticed that his bottom lip sat a little funny, but I didn't look at his teeth until now.

Twink's Teeth

Anyone ever heard of this? I'm pretty sure it's gotta be some kind of birth defect, because nothing looks damaged and he's still so young. He eats fine.

Edit: I also just realized, he's always gnawed on things a lot, this could be the cause. Now I'm worried it might be uncomfortable for him. But what could I possibly have done to help him? Chrissie says they look too long, too...I tend to agree.
Posted By: LSardou

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 03:37 AM

Chewing shouldn't cause their teeth to wear down, so it is a possible birth defect. I did notice two pimple type bumps on his lower jaw/lip on the right side. Is there something going on there?
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 03:39 AM

Here is how his bottom lip has always been:

It kind of looks swollen or irritated, but I've checked it many times and it's always been fine, I think the teeth set the lip off center.
Posted By: hipbchik

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 03:55 AM

I noticed those bumps too, on his lower left side, the lower right as you are facing the pic...
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 04:00 AM

Oh, those bumps are where his lip splits, like all gliders, and the white is the shine from the camera flash. If you look at the 2nd pic, you can see how they sit.
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 04:59 AM

To me, it looks like his jaw is set to the side because your thumb is there. Is there any way you can get a picture of his face without holding him on the sides of his mouth?

Gliders lower teeth can separate slightly and move (for lack of a better word) and look like that if held in that position. I'm not saying there may not be a problem, but since the jaw/teeth seem to be shifted away from your thumb in each picture, it is difficult to really tell. dunno

As kitsune said, the bumps on his lower lip are normal, although in the pic, it does look like his lower lip on the left is out a bit more (but again, it may be the way he's being held?)
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 06:01 AM

I can't without a little help, waiting for my husband to get home. I looked at them again, one is shorter than the other, and is bigger around, and the bottom teeth definitely sit to his right side. They visibly extend past the top teeth like he's got an underbite.
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Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 06:13 AM

I really hope that it will be nothing to worry about.
I love all your gliders (and I shouldn't take sides) but you know Twink is my favorite! He is such a sweetie and a precious boy!!!
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 05:28 PM

Does he eat ok? After your second description, I can see that the bottom teeth overlap the top. That is interesting. I would say that because his bottom teeth seem to protrude some, that is maybe why his bottom lip looks like it sticks out more? Does he seem to be in any discomfort?

I'm sorry, I wasn't implying that I didn't believe what you were saying, it is always just difficult to tell in pictures. I agree that in both pictures it looks like something is different. dunno
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 08:07 PM

The only indicator of possible discomfort is his gnawing habit, I got another pic this morning (poor guy doesn't look too comfortable in the pic, he was squirmy this morning). His lip looks red in the pic, it's usually that way, I think the skin is actually thicker, maybe as a result of his skewed bottom teeth. It's never hot or swollen.
Posted By: sugarlope

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/08/08 11:53 PM

Can you tell if it is his jaw that is misaligned or just his teeth that seem to be (are his back teeth lined up or are they skewed as well)? I really don't know what to tell you. I would say that if he is still eating ok and doesn't seem to be in pain (any drooling?) then I wouldn't worry about it too much, but would probably watch it and document if there are any changes. dunno
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/09/08 09:32 AM

No drooling...he's got some good chunk to him and he doesn't avoid hard things. His jaw seemed normal, but I can check again and post if it's not...(it's too late right now, they're all awake and he bites a lot at night) his teeth just look like they grew wrong. Like a kid that needs braces. He is the sweetest, most cuddly, loving little guy so I know that the biting and gnawing have to be related to his teeth.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/09/08 10:41 AM

You said he has he always been a gnawer. Did he just start gnawing more than usual or has it been the same amount of gnawing? Has he been to the vet to have his jaw checked? Have you had him since he was OOP? Has he maybe been injured then healed without medical help (EX: fell, knocked the jaw out of alignment and it never went back into place and 'healed' crookedly)? Maybe he doesn't like to be held and have his face messed with because it hurts.

I would take him to a glider experienced vet to have him checked while under anesthesia so he can be checked more thoroughly than what you are able to check. You say he seems to be chunky. How much does he weigh? Some gliders are chewers. I have some that I have to be careful what toys I give them. They have to be hard plastic and they get lots of euc sticks because they love to chew everything til it falls apart. Maybe he's just a chewer? A vet check of his mouth could give you more answers. I'm a firm advocate when it comes to having a vet visit when you suspect anything MIGHT be wrong. Better safe than sorry. Good luck and let us know how he does. he is a cute little guy! You can see attitude in his eyes! LOL!
Posted By: kitsune

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/11/08 01:02 AM

He started gnawing at about 4 weeks oop, we haven't gotten him to the vet yet but we're working it out. I am positive it's not an injury, I've gotten rescues with broken teeth and the shorter tooth is not broken. It wouldn't explain his underbite, either. The teeth are actually different shapes.

He *loves* to be held, he will cry for me from the cage. The last pic was taken in the morning before my husband left for work and he's always active in the morning. I don't have a weight on him but he's got a good body weight, and his daddy is a pretty big glider.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teeth are misaligned? - 10/11/08 01:27 AM

Animals are ingenious creatures. I wonder if he does gnaw because of some sort of discomfort, even if he isn't in any pain frown The teeth may just be really annoying to him.
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