Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon)

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Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/16/07 11:36 PM

This is from Betsy, she asked me to post it.

This a difficult time for Bourbon. She lost a piece of herself last week.

Bourbon and I were neighbors back when we were young (like a 1000 years ago). We had such fun.

Years later, I called her in Tennessee to tell her about my incredible find. I had discovered Sugar Gliders. Not only had I discovered them, I owned 3 when I called her (Godae, Petey and Elosie). I went on and on about how incredible they were. Her response was something along the lines of "So, you have glorified rats?" Deciding I was way too excited, she came to investigate these little creatues that had captured my heart.

Bourbon, who has always lectured 'research, research, research' dashed right out, found a local breeder and viola - Baybe came into her life. They were inseparable from that moment on.

Baybe was not a typical glider. Maybe 1 in 500 gliders will have a heart the size of Baybe's. She understood Bourbon. Understood what was needed from her. She taught Bourbon, who in turned shared her knowledge with glider owners all over the world. Baybe was a teacher. She taught us all about glider care, attitudes, abilities.

She was a lover. She loved Bourbon with all she had. She was gracious and kind to other gliders who were ill or depressed. A trait that is almost unheard of in female gliders.

Those of us who knew Baybe personally understood how incredible she was. Some were jealous of the bond she and Bourbon shared. And it was right to be jealous. They were atuned to each other so intensely that one was incomplete without the other.

So connected that, even in death, Baybe will not leave Bourbon. She will be the tiny ruffle in Bourbon's hair, the warmth against her heart, the sudden weight on her shoulder. Their souls entwined for all time.

Bourbon has lost Baybe's physical presence. Unable to stroke the soft gray fur or wrap that long tail around her neck. No more nose kisses or purring in her ear.

Baybe isn't waiting for Bourbon on the other side. She's still riding shotgun, high on your shoulder Bourbon, watching over you.

I love you and hurt for your loss.

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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 12:02 AM

That is absolutely beautiful... it honestly made me choke up. cry

At a loss of words right now!!! Wow!!! I need a hug right now... need_hug

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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 12:11 AM

Simply beautiful. Just how Bourbon and Baybe's relationship is.
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 12:14 AM

What a beautiful tribute to Baybe and Bourbon. I'm not only jealous of the bond between Baybe and Bourbon, but also of all those that got to see it for themselves. heart
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 12:20 AM

Very nice tribute. Bourbon, I'm so sorry your heart is hurting. frown
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 01:16 AM

Awwwwwwwww What a wonderful tribute. I am so so sorry to hear of your loss Bourbon. But what a great and wonderful relationship you were blessed with.
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 01:30 AM

What an amazing and heartfelt story!! I am at a loss for words!!
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 01:44 AM

Beautiful story Kim. Thank you for sharing that with us all. I'm so sorry for what Bourbon must be going through right now. I don't know her personally nor had I met Baybe but they obviously had an amazing bond. mlove
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 02:51 AM

What a beautiful heart felt tribute to Baybe and Bourbon.
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Re: Tribute to Baybe (and Bourbon) - 01/17/07 03:43 AM

This tribute is my favorite yet because it came from Betsy. I miss her around here, and miss her at the SGGAs. This means so much because she really knows Bourbon and really knew Baybe. What a great tribute. Thanks, Kim!
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