Oxalic Acid

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Oxalic Acid - 06/01/07 01:36 PM

What role does Oxalic acid play in glider nutrition? What ratios of it are we shooting for in a balanced feeding plan?
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Too much oxalic acid can be bad. I believe there are studies on how to reduce it in food. It is found in different vegetation, but a item that we feed our suggies is berries.
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I generally avoid foods high in that. It binds with several vital nutrients, such as calcium, and can cause nutrient deficiencies over time. Also, when binding, it percipitates and forms crystals, which is bad news for the kidneys. Things to avoid based on high oxylates include rhubarb, star fruit, spinich, several nuts, chard, parsley, beets, etc.
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Ah, thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to know. Now to find the ratio tables.....

Two more questions...sorry...Is Oxalic Acid exclusive to vegetables or is it found in other foods as well? And,
are Calcium, Phosphorous and Oxalic Acid, then, the main nutrients that we need to look out for in glider nutrition? Of course, keeping in mind that other nutrients such as protein are inportant as well?

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I tried to give a varied list, oxylates are in both fruits and veggies, and, though not as high as others, many nuts.
I generally don't consider foods with oxalic acid in my nutrient content, as I generally avoid them. Calcium and phosphorus tend to be the most pushed ratio in glider diet, but there are several others. I know there is a selenium:something else ratio, but you also want to just watch out for excesses of several other things, such as iron and Vit C. Depending on your diet, researching these varies. Like, with the BML diet, none of the ratios are an issue--it's already figured in for you.
P's diet or the Suncoast take a bit more research, as you'd want to avoid things that swing too far one way or the other nutrition-wise. Me, I avoid high iron, vitamin C, oxylates, and I tend to strive for a better Ca:P. However, I don't know a ton about vitamins and minerals, especially in a glider's diet, to really get into it on my own (main reason I stick to a proven diet!)
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OH, just found this:
oxalic acid content of specific vegetables
under the diet links here.

It didn't say anything about fruits, so I googled.
This one includes some fruits and veggies: (scroll down a bit and there is a table)

Can't find much on non-veggies, but there are at least a few things out there with higher content.
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Re: Oxalic Acid - 06/01/07 07:50 PM

Oh, bless your heart! I had trouble finding a fruit listing. thanks thanks
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