Please Read!! HPW diets and Ensure - Don't do it!

Posted By: Srlb

Please Read!! HPW diets and Ensure - Don't do it! - 04/20/13 12:27 AM

It has been brought to my attention that there are some folks out there feeding the HPW diets and mixing ensure to them. Please do NOT do this. I cannot stress enough that it may possibly lead to health issues.

In one case there is a breeder using the HPW Breeders Formula and mixing in TWO cans of ensure per batch!!

Please, if you hear of anyone doing this, please tell them to discontinue doing so. If they have any questions about the HPW Diets please have them contact me at:
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: Please Read!! - 04/20/13 12:32 AM

What are the health issues that this would cause?
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Please Read!! - 04/20/13 12:36 AM

What are the health issues that this would cause?

I didnt say it WOULD cause, I said it could possibly cause issues....due to excessive amount of vitamins for one.

I just want to put out there that *I* do not recommend doing this if someone is feeding the Original HPW, HPW Plus, HPW Complete or HPW Breeders Formula.
Posted By: josefine

Re: Please Read!! - 04/20/13 01:34 AM

After 'speaking'to Peggy about this,the food that I had made, w/the ensure in it,I had tossed out.
I hadn't realized how much more vitamins would be in the mixture along w/the HPW's that it could harm them.
All I was thinking of was to try & feed them something that they would eat,since they eat very little,
just enough to maintain their weight,nothing more.
2 TBLS for 4 gliders of each,the HPW & the meal.(it should be 1 TBLS of fruit & 1 of veggies,for each glider,not 1/2 TBLS).
I knew that they would have probably liked it, b/c along time ago,when I had a sick glider,I used some to help beef him up.
I do know tho,that ensure should NEVER be used if your suggie is dehydrated,as it will 'kinda' turn into a 'rock' in their tummy.
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