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My sugar glider Joey needs help
by Hutch. 01/22/21 12:38 AM

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01/24/21 06:03 AM Aggressive Glider

A little back story here. Our daughter was given one female glider in a very small cage by a teacher whom couldn't have it where she was moving. Our daughter had the female glider for a little over a year. Then she told me that her hamster died because she went 2 weeks without feeding it (she does not live with us as this would not have happened here).

So I ended up taking her sugar glider and making it me own. I had the female for about a year. I got a male sugar glider companion for her. The male is insanely aggressive though. He will bite and not let go. This in turn makes him get handled less as it hurts like hell, my blood gets everywhere and I am really worried I will hurt him trying to get him to let go. His attitude has also had an impact on the female which was bonded and super friendly. So I have separated them and put them in a different cages as I dont want his bad attitude affecting the female more than it has but I really hate separating them too as it isnt a great solution for either glider. I put him in a bonding pouch for at least 3 hours a day, the first hour he spends just crabbing out in there.

My question is, when gliders are this aggressive, does it tend to pass? Is there anything I can do to improve the situation that does not involve my hand being anywhere near him? Am I better off rehoming him to somebody more equipped and experienced to handle him? I am at a total loss of what to do. Blowing makes him bite harder and does not make him back off. If he is blown on he lunges at you. Normally I would suspect abuse from former owner but I got him as a baby and I know the people I got him from well, they are not abusive.

I appreciate any advice I can get here.
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01/14/21 08:42 PM Hi it's been along time, I like to to come back
Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I been on here. I am looking to adopt or rescue some gliders again into my life. Now that my family is more grown kids are way older and myself is grown more as well. I am ready to find some lovely sugar babies. Just remember I am dyslexic so might not always spell right.😊 how has life been for the glider world?
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12/25/20 08:41 PM hi everyone
hello .. i'm new here
thanks for accept me
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12/20/20 07:15 PM Glider Showing Signs of Passing - Options for Cage Mate
Hello, I currently have 2 sugar gliders, Charlie (9, fixed male) & Delta (11, female). I got them ~3 years ago from TPG and they were previously a breeding pair who were then retired from reproducing after about half of their lifespans. Unfortunately, Delta has been showing signs that her time is coming; she’s been making abnormal noises that seem to be discomfort. The vet says it’s possible her kidneys are failing, and because she is slightly dehydrated, blood work would be risky to tell exactly what is going on. Being that Delta is 11 and showing these signs, it’s possible she might not make a year, leaving Charlie all alone at 9 years old. I would really like some input on what the best option is for Charlie once she passes scene as I do not want to take on new gliders at this time.

I've pondered this decision ever since I got the gliders because there are so many different situations, and there doesn't seem to be a “perfect” option. I've thought of a few options and would like some input or other ideas of what I might do when the time comes. Everything is super situational so I am trying to have a plan for any scenario:

1. One option is to have found a home found for him so that he is able to be bonded asap. However, with the uncertainty of how he will react after losing his mate, especially since he is older as well, I would need to decipher how he is acting/feeling during that time to see if he is up for bonding, or if the stress of a new environment and new sugar gliders would send him over the edge.

2. Make him comfortable until he passes. Considering he’d be losing his mate of his whole life, it’s possible the grieving would send him over the edge. I’d just want to make him comfortable until his time comes

3. Put him down. I don't want to put him down immediately, but if it comes to it, and his quality of life is depleting fast (option 2), I’ll likely put him down to avoid any unnecessary suffering ie. starving himself, dehydration, depression, self-mutilation...

4. Technically finding a home for both of them now before Charlie is alone is an option as well. However, with Delta's condition I don't think sending her to a new, stressful place along with her specific care & medication would be the best scenario.

I don’t exactly know what the "right" option is. Please let me know if you guys have any other ideas, or can help me decide/discuss whether a home transfer would be too stressful for him or not. Thank you!
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12/04/20 04:15 PM Hello
Alma here. have had sugar gliders for 3 weeks now. nervous I will fail. glad I found this place. great information available here. I have four girls, Congo cage, a few toys and a tube bed?.. Still learning what they need and will use. I make the BML diet and do fresh and frozen fruits and veggies plus Glider complete. and usually either applesauce or yogurt aprox. 1 tsp. nightly. I am retired so have time to spend with them. hoping they get friendlier at some point.. I make a lot of necessities like the tube bed and my bonding pouch to save money. so far seem to work well for me.
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12/01/20 02:07 PM Hello!
Hey everyone, I'm so glad I found this forum! It seems like theres hardly any in depth information about sugar gliders on the internet. I've done a ton of research on gliders and I'm always reading more so they can have the best cage life as possible.

I was just given 4 sugar gliders (all females) about 3wks ago: Flower, Roo, Willow and Cheyenne. I am told they are all around 2-3 years old. Flower seems to be the leader of the colony as she is the biggest and is always out to eat first and the first one back in the pouch(then she'll come back out later on during the night). She has the most outgoing personality out of the 4 in my opinion; rarely- if ever crabs at me, and isn't shy

But here's the thing: when she goes back into the pouch one of them (usually Roo) will go near/inside the pouch and see whats shes up to in there and Flower makes an alarming sound, kind of like a zzt-zzt sound or like a hissing/sneezing sound.. they all seem to get along great any other time besides when Flower goes back into the pouch when she's done eating. Any ideas what this sound means?
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