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Suggested research?
by Bella. 03/19/19 10:44 AM
Gliders of the Round Table 9
by KarenE. 03/19/19 10:25 AM
Older female SG passed away - male alone
by KarenE. 03/19/19 10:23 AM
Dominance Wound
by KarenE. 03/19/19 10:16 AM
Hi all ~
by KarenE. 03/19/19 10:14 AM
by Ladymagyver. 03/17/19 09:08 PM
Happy St. Patty's Day!
by Ladymagyver. 03/17/19 09:06 PM
Heya folks! I get my first gliders on the 29th =)
by Ladymagyver. 03/17/19 08:46 PM
Critterlove salad question
by alicat. 03/16/19 02:47 PM
Hissing little girl
by alicat. 03/16/19 12:06 PM

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16 hours ago Suggested research?
Hi! I have been researching suggies for a while and I have run out of places to look! I want to research as much as possible! I have watched YouTube channels such as, “cataleah”, “awesome sugar glider mommy”, “Lauren”, “Elissa brianne”, and others. I have read too many articles than I can count. Does anyone know any other youtubers or articles for me to check out? I want to be as prepared as possible for my babies❤️ Thank you so much in advance!
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Yesterday at 03:12 PM Hi all ~

I'm new to this site, and I'll soon be a glider owner as well. I've been wanting a pair for at least 2 years, but like the geek that I am, I had to do my research and let things "sink in" before I start shopping for a breeder/gliders. Like a lot of other people have probably said, there's TONS of info online -- but determining what's false and what's accurate is very challenging... So even though I've done my research, I'm not sure if any of what I've learned is legit. (Ugh)
I think I've got the bases covered, but if I'm missing anything or if you have any inputs as to expectations etc, please let me know!

I plan on getting 2 females to start with, and if things go well -- I'd get another pair -- maybe 1 of which will be male if I'm feeling brave. wink I've heard the males tend to mark stuff and therefore "smell" more even when neutered, so I was holding off on getting males for now.

I've also got 3 other (neutered) pets in my home -- a 4yr old dog and two 13yr old cats. I plan on adding their scent (and the rest of the household's) onto the bonding pouches and fleece stuff so that the gliders can be familiar with us all before I start doing the physical (supervised) introductions.

I've either lined up or have already bought these things and am not sure if there's anything else I'm missing (besides the furries):
[*]congo cage
[*]cage-cleaning supplies - what's a glider-safe cleaning agent? Although bleach will kill germs, I don't want to kill the furries in the process.
[*]fleece cage set - should I get 2 sets, so I can have a set in use while washing the other...?
[*]bonding pouch -- is 2 enough? I figured I could wash one while using the other. Or do I need more for a pair of gliders?
[*]nightlight -- I'm trying to find a red LED one, just in case they need it.
[*]other enrichment/foraging toys
[*]liners for the cage tray -- what do you all recommend to use?
[*]food -- there's so much controversy with the different diets out there so I'm not sure what to do. Worst case, I figured I could wait and see what the breeder was currently feeding them and go from there. Or should I handle this another way?
[*]e-collar/e-jacket -- which one would be better? Or is this only necessary if you've got a male to be neutered?
[*]emergency kit -- what should be included in the kit (other than the e-jacket/collar)?
[*]veterinarian-- I have one on my list that's experienced but they're about an hour away, so I'm still waiting to hear back from my regular vet (15min away) to see if they have any glider experience.
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Yesterday at 12:23 AM Heya folks! I get my first gliders on the 29th =)
Hey there, my names Chase. I recently purchased two gliders from TPG and am receiving them on the 29th of this month. Needless to say we are all excited. I've been doing a lot of research the last few months and finally decided to join a forum now that they're getting here and I still have a few unanswered questions. I'm already an exotic pet owner, however it's a reptile. I promised my son a chameleon a couple years back and last year he held me to my word. We ended up with a Jackson's Chameleon and I found out really fast, that I didn't do near enough research and didn't even know what I was getting myself into at that point. I rose to the occasion and did my research on him albeit a little late, and have given him an amazing home and have had him illness free. He requires several different supplements at different times through the month and an insectivore diet. I know that sugar gliders are exotics and have very complex diet requirements as well and am prepare with all that. The black face beauties that I got (neutered male and female, siblings 5 months old) have been fed TPG diet which I will stick to unless problems arise.
I do have bonding questions however.
1. I was told to leave them in their cage and not handle them for 5 days. Input on this?
2. After those five days, can I just put then in a bonding pouch and carry them with me for a few days to get to know me? How should I go about this?
3. Should I have a separate pouch for each glider, or get one bonding pouch that they can both fit inside?

I have a ton more questions, but don't want to overwhelm on my first "hey how ya doin" thread. I'm eager to learn from all of you experienced owners. Thanks in advance for any input.
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03/13/19 07:38 AM Pets similar to sugar gliders?
I recently moved to California and used to have gliders back home. I miss them tremendously, but of course loved them enough to find a loving home for them before moving here. They were by far and away the best pets I've ever had!!
I'm wondering if there's any small-ish pets out there that compare at least somewhat to sugar gliders? If you have any inputs please post here as I would love to get inspiration for legal yet as similar as possible pets to gliders.
I have experience with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamster of various kinds, turtles, bunnies, gerbils, chipmunks and of course sugar gliders.

My gliders were all super tame and bonded to me and my little Alba used to always wake up before the others, stick her head out and deliberately wait for me to come and pick her up so she could sleep all curled up in my hands until the others would wake up. Man, those little fluffies just gets to your heart.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day
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02/28/19 02:10 PM New Sugar Glider Mama
Hello all!
My name is Cheri and I am a new glider owner, about 4 weeks in. I have 2 little ladies, Lucy Balle and Grace. My husband and I fell in love with them so much, we have 2 more coming this weekend once we get the larger cage set up. Lucy is a White Face Blonde, Grace appears to be Black Beauty with a white tip on her tail. The 2 new ones to be are Luke and Mercy. Luke is a Black Beauty Mosaic neutered male and Mercy is a Cremeino female. We are truly blessed to add these sweet creatures to our family.

I do have a question. Lucy and Grace are beginning to bond very well. I started to change them over to the TPG diet and neither care for it. The 2 new ones coming from The Pet Glider, which is local to us, and I know that they feed TPG. Do you think that the new ones will influence the original gliders to eat TPG?

Also, some of my best times with Lucy and Grace have been bathroom play time and first thing in the am when I am getting ready for work. I put my hand in the cage and they greet me expecting their little morning treat of a yoggie drop. They hop up on my hand and commence to sometimes licking between my fingers and "nibbling", in which I calmly tell them no biting. For the veterans here, what do you suppose the nibbles and sometimes harder nibbles mean? Should I allow them to do this?
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02/13/19 11:10 PM Hi!
I’m new, I had no idea these forums existed! What an excellent wealth of information! My daughter and I are looking to adopt our first pair of sugar gliders. We are so excited we can hardly stand it. I have found while doing all our research there is SO much conflicting information out there saying ‘everyone else is wrong - do this instead!’ It’s good to find a place with experienced Glider parents with no personal agendas for us to learn from. Thanks for having me here!
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Older female SG passed away - male alone
by cindylouwho. 03/18/19 10:39 PM
Suggested research?
by Bella. 03/18/19 09:55 PM
Hi all ~
by Anonymama. 03/18/19 11:12 AM
Happy St. Patty's Day!
by Feather. 03/17/19 08:33 PM
by Feather. 03/17/19 08:32 PM
Critterlove salad question
by alicat. 03/16/19 12:34 PM
Hissing little girl
by alicat. 03/15/19 11:20 PM
What to do when a glider is wet
by Sugakooky. 03/14/19 10:58 AM
Pets similar to sugar gliders?
by Anonymous. 03/13/19 03:38 AM
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