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02/23/17 09:07 PM New member- no suggie

Hi. I'm doing research about sugar gliders. I find this forum helpful and has lots of good info.

I have a ten yr old Boston terrier and a Maximilian parrot and two goldfish tanks.

I'm looking into adding a pair of gliders to my crew.

Do you all think females are less territorial and less stinky or not really?

Thanks for reading this smile

54 Views · 2 Comments
02/15/17 03:45 AM A little Concerned

I have had my suggie almost two weeks now and I have made his cage very comfortable for him to be in and now it's like he doesn't want to come out. He doesn't go into his bonding pouch anymore but we play in his cage together before and after I come home. I had to take his sleeper pouch out the cage to bind with him. He always seems so busy in his cage. I have been working on hand movements with him and he is not so jumpy only really when he wakes up and the biting has Stopped. When we have bonding time sometimes he is a little crabby for a bout 3-5seconds and then it stops but I just find it quite strange he doesn't want to come out his cage.

I am also looking for a good website to order multivitamins, calcium, treats, and toys for my him. Any recommendations?

223 Views · 3 Comments
02/11/17 03:32 AM New mommy

I just recently adopted a male suggie that's 2 months out the pouch. He seemed to be taking to at first but then he escaped his cage a few times and now all he seems like he wants to do is escape and roam around. He seems frighten by me but he does sometimes let me pet him and crawls on my hand. I have only had him a week and he is not nuetured. He also showed some strange behavior when my boyfriend came over and he started to mark territory. He likes to try n bite me sometimes and sometimes it's soft other times it's a little hard but he hasn't broke the skin. He eats just fine and is very active around the times that he likes to play. He is not so crabby as to the first day I got him. I'm still a little lost as too how to go about bonding with him because he no longer likes to get in his pouch but when he is in there he balls up and just sleeps until he is hungry.

442 Views · 15 Comments
02/07/17 08:35 AM New Glider Mommy!

Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer, I am currently living in Indiana and I am a new Glider mommy.
:yes: I got Sake on January 7th, he was 9 weeks old! I am enjoying every moment with him! I'm still bonding with him and learning all his adorable noises, habits, likes/dislikes!
I just wanted to introduce my self and say hi to everyone!

204 Views · 4 Comments
02/01/17 10:24 AM Bathroom Habits/Potty training


I am looking into owning two female sugar gliders. I did a lot of research online and read that they can be potty trained. After reading some of the forums It says that they actually can NOT be trained. I watched a video of someone wiping their gliders behind to stimulate them going to the bathroom right as they took them out of their cage. They said that since they go to the bathroom right as they come out, they don't go to the bathroom when there are playing with them. Does anyone have any comments about this, or any suggestions at all? I really want to get them and I don't mind if they have a couple of accidents on me, I just don't want them to pee or poop all over my room, on my bed, carpet, (etc.)

340 Views · 5 Comments
01/31/17 09:15 PM Noise at Night

Hello everyone.

I am looking into owning 2 female gliders. I am a college student so I still live at home with my parents. I did all my research, but my only concern is how noisy they are/can be at night. I would keep them in my bedroom. Their noises wouldn't really bother me, but I wouldn't want them disturbing my parents or younger sister who are next door and down the hall. I read several posts online and some say they are really loud and others say they are quiet. I was just wondering how your gliders are at night?

Thank you for your help!

246 Views · 2 Comments
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