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Self muting in my boy
by Ladymagyver
0 seconds ago
Hiya (Once more, long time!)
by Ladymagyver
12 minutes 28 seconds ago
Should I get another glider? Please Help.
by Ladymagyver
Today at 12:51 AM
Ate a Crayon
by Feather
Yesterday at 06:47 PM
Diet for Kidney Stone Predisposition
by GliderLuvr
Yesterday at 05:18 PM
Pet Pro Happy Glider Rainbow Pack
by kidqwik
Yesterday at 11:12 AM
Gliders of the Round Table 4
by Stef333
Yesterday at 08:02 AM
Kicking Rocks...
by Ladymagyver
Yesterday at 04:32 AM
New Cage, Picture Heavy
by Terry
06/25/17 08:11 PM
Cage Mates (on loan)?
by Hutch
06/24/17 02:59 PM

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Today at 03:35 AM Hiya (Once more, long time!)

Hello all! I doubt anyone will remember me as it has been years to where I had forgotten even my old log in name! I do believe this was the site I received so much help from.

I LOVE this website and how many lovely people are willing to help others at a moments notice. <3

I again want to thank that when I had first started my rescue and hadn't a clue what a glider WAS a pair was dropped on my porch and I figured they were some type of flying squirrel until thorough research right off and much help from many here as they were malnourished, in a tiny parakeet cage and just... very badly off not to mention the female had joeys in her pouch.

Later I've absorbed an unbelievable amount of knowledge on these amazing lovely creatures and feel maybe I too can make a contribution. I'd love to be able to help anyone anytime day or night if it's something I can offer help with, paying forward the kindness I myself was shown so many years ago. I was around 17 then, now will be 28 in July.

In Eastern NC (Especially being close to the horrid group that sells gliders in Myrtle Beach malls) often take in gliders on terrible diets who are quite sick and timid. Back in NC I can no longer have room (Also legality of RVS species) I can no longer rehab Raccoons, in an apartment it's almost a no brainer my fav rescues of large abused birds (When you win their trust and work with them to see them LOVE in time a potential adopter is just incredible from a plucked chicken fed birdseed to a great diet and fluff all over) BUT I can help the little fuzzies I adore so much.

I do so wish I could save every one I get offered but taking on too many they would be in no better shape and not get attention and space to be re-homed eventually.

I wish so much to be a breeder (Have been dumped with many who had joeys) but with the amount needing adoption and help in my area currently (Every few months it's like an epidemic) I personally cannot choose to breed intentionally over rescues, however HAVE been thinking of a Leu Het pair of my own as a furever home adopted as joeys, sisters maybe. But that would be planning for a commitment I'd know I could handle and never leave them wanting for anything, spoiled rotten.

If anyone remembers me, THANK YOU AGAIN for the "These flying squirrels" on the porch that without your help would have been so lost with so much misinfo on the internet and EVEN PET STORES. Sadly. So I'm amazed at the dedication and love you all show and should you ever need help I can offer, contact me anytime and I can't wait to get to know you all!

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06/25/17 11:51 PM Should I get another glider? Please Help.

I had 2 adult sugar gliders, but one recently passed away :'( I was debating on getting another glider considering they are colony animals. My dilemma is that my sugar gliders (both female) were already separated for little over a year in separate cages, but still next to each other.
The reason they were separated is that the female that passed away got injured (twice) and needed surgery for one of her injuries. We are unsure if whether or not her sister did cause the injury due to food aggression, or some other reason, and afterward over-groomed the injury in attempt to "heal" it?
I am unsure of whether or not to save another glider. Will I even be able to put them together due to her possible food aggression and since she has already had a cage to herself for a year, not like another glider in her "territory"? It also wouldn't be fair to another glider if they couldn't be together and had to be in their own cage.
I do feel like though she is missing a companion in the cage next to her. She is also not getting on my arm as fast as she used to for playtime. I am scared that she is falling into depression, or just becoming 'detached' and slower. I also make sure to play with her for at least an hour every night. I am just unsure if it is wise for me to get another.
I make sure to feed her the HPW diet. Sometime with boiled chicken, mealworms, or sliced almonds. I don't want her to quit eating, although she is getting pickier and dosen't touch her fruits and veggies as much.
I am going to ask my vet what she thinks, but I just wanted to hear other opinions as well.

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06/21/17 10:29 PM Is my schedule appropriate for a sug bby

I've been researching gliders for a while now, and would really love to have one. I want to list my work schedule just so I get some opinions in order to see if my capabilities are appropriate according to those who have more experience.

Monday's, Thursday's, and Friday's I work 1pm-9pm. I would be able to spend time with the babe before my shift for at least a few hours, and after the shift around 9:15Pm until whenever I sleep.

Tuesday and wednesday I work 9AM-5PM, so i would spend time with the babe after work for HOURS!

Weekends I have off and could spend whatever amount of time necessary.

Do you think my schedule is appropriate enough to take on this responsibility? Please let me know ASAP!!

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06/01/17 08:37 AM New Glider Mom

Good morning all,
I'm a newbie to gliders. Like many, I first saw gliders at a craft show or something similar many years ago. Finally bought two from Craigslist a week ago. I was told they are both just over a year old. Male (neutered) and female. I believe they were both purchased from one of the many show. They seem to be fairly well adjusted and the people were feeding a reasonable diet. They were a christmas gift for the daughter but my impression was that they moved too fast for her plus the nipping and scratching were off putting.
For the last week I have have mostly just left them alone. I have carried them in a pouch a couple of times and spent time just watching and talking to them. I have started them on the Critter Love diet. I had no idea something that small could eat that much. I have named them Primrose and Jinks (not jinx as in bad luck).
On to my questions. I have had dogs for years and always used Nature's Miracle to clean after them so that was my go to for the glider cage. After reading some other posts, I'm questioning that. Opinions? Another question is how many treats are OK? I'm thinking I'll start doing bathroom time this weekend. Does that sound appropriate?

Thank you for your time,

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05/26/17 01:00 PM May Photo of the Month Winner


Feather/Kim & Tucker


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05/16/17 06:26 AM Please help me

I'm not new but, I didn't know where to go for help. I have way to many questions to ask in one place. I lost another glider this weekend. I have only 2 left and I'm completely out of money and scared for Mom.

I will try to simplify what's happened from the beginning. I was given a pocket pet glider from my sister (Xena). I came here and learned a little more than I knew when I agreed to take her. She needed a friend and a bigger home, I got her both, the friend was an unneutered male(Rex). I got him neutered and introduced them and it worked beautifully until he died. I searched for another companion glider for Xena, and found Belle. A year younger than Xena was young enough, she wasn't a baby but, was living with her mom and dad and needed a new home. Yay, sterilizing gliders in my county is really expensive and 2 girls that are used to company have a good chance of working.. So she was pregnant and I was advised not to put them together in case Xena killed the babies before they were even born. New cage and a whole new glider set up. Belle had 2 babies (Ren & Weiss). Ren died very young. Belle took it really hard. So I had Xena in one cage and Belle & Weiss in another, I was going to try to put all 3 together but, Weiss would not accept Xena. Soon Weiss got huge and I was afraid to keep trying. Belle and Xena are both tiny girls. Xena has been "alone" most of her life. She is my daughters companion and her classes pet glider.(high school vet assistant program)

Weiss died this weekend. I want to put Xena and Belle together. I moved her to Xenas old pocket pet little cage right next to Xenas cage. I can not afford new anything. Is there a way to get the territory smells out of the bedding or the cage? They have lived in the same room for a long time. Do they already have each others scents? How long should I keep them near each other before I attempt an introduction. It's been 3 days. Belle has/had a big cage but, it smells like her and Weiss. I don't know what to do. Help

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Diet for Kidney Stone Predisposition
by GliderLuvr
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