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Yesterday at 05:18 PM
Fuzzy Aliens
by Michelle_D
Yesterday at 01:49 PM
Pocket Pets -- Looking for advocates
by Srlb
Yesterday at 08:40 AM
Question about male sugar glider "parts"?
by SkyNCloud
01/20/17 10:08 PM
Critter Love Salad Prep
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01/20/17 08:21 PM
Tent Time
by Hutch
01/20/17 07:21 PM
My First Heart Attack
by joanneM
01/20/17 11:11 AM
New adopted gliders aren't eating
by Srlb
01/20/17 08:45 AM

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01/05/17 11:32 AM From Oklahoma

I just wanted to let everyone one know where i was from. I live in oklahoma.

SO hi everyone.

I know i did this a little backwards. I asked a ton of questions then introduced myself.

But i have always been alittle backwards lol..

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01/02/17 10:50 PM New Suggie Mommy (who needs help!)

Hello all! My name is Jess! I am a new sugar bear mom! I have 2 young gliders, 1 male and 1 female, they are approx. 13 weeks OOP I believe. I have had them for a month (the male about a month and a half) and we got them from a reputable USDA exotic local breeder. When we got our female we noticed the end of her tail was bare like missing fur. We brought that up as an obvious concern and he told us it was just from stress and she would stop over grooming when we got her home and settled in. Well we got her home and we were able to put them in the same cage because they were raised together and are only a week apart and they are still young. We have never witnessed her hurting herself but just recently it has gotten worst and now the breeder wont answer our questions and concerns we have about her. She finally started to open up to us bonding wise and we are finally able to pick her up (she's a biter) and last night I checked her tail, it's gotten worst. I feel a kink in her tail so I believe she is SM because it got damaged in the cage the breeder had her in (he had a bunch of them in a cage and about half of them had damaged and severed tails) so I made an appointment with our exotic vet here in town and luckily we have a really good one I hear. We have never witnessed her tail bleeding or anything like that, we just noticed the damage is worst and the bone is exposed. I feel as if I want to blame the breeder for not addressing this and now ignoring us on the issue (we never signed anything when we bought her releasing them as at fault) does anyone know what a typical tail amputation costs? She seems overall healthy and happy other than keeping her tail curled and my male leaves her tail alone. She is on a BML diet and I only feed them the strict fruit and veggies each night. They are picky and don't get many treats other than yogurt but she eats and drinks very well and stool is normal and she loves to play. Just want to know what to expect when we go into her appointment for her poor tail frown So sad for my baby girl Cloud <3

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01/02/17 06:34 PM Soon to be new mom

I am adopting my first glider. I get him this weekend. I have asked loads of questions and read what ever i could find. Anyone have advice.

2 human babies
5 arfs
2 meows,
1 bubble
and soon to come Pips

734 Views · 26 Comments
12/27/16 07:53 PM Hello

Just wanted to say hello.

Two weeks ago we brought home two six month old brothers, Rascal and Widget.

At first I was a little worried about bonding with them being 6 months old already. However, I think Rascal and I are coming along nicely.

235 Views · 4 Comments
12/19/16 06:25 PM Just saying hi ;)

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to pop on and say hi wink
I just got my first glider home today and it went pretty smoothly. I wasn't intending on handling her or anything like that for the night, but when I opened her travel cage and carefully took out the sleeping pouch she went into my sweater pocket. So I ended up sitting with her an hour or so feeding her treats inside my pocket. And when she got into the cage and started exploring she kept coming over to the side where I was sitting to get some more treats. This seems like a really good start, so I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks/months of bonding :D hope it goes well when I get her cage mate home
Gosh sugar gliders are sweet little creatures!!

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12/18/16 09:55 AM New glider mom, hello!

Hey all!! How's it going? So next weekend I'll become a new glider mom, completely brand spanking new to the whole thing,and wanted to ask a few questions to those of you who had done this before. I've done a ton of research starting back in like '09 when I first saw these real life Pokémon, but books can only say so much.

My (potential) glider is a single female who's only a yr old and hasn't had a cage mate since her original owner got her. I'm not too sure why, or what led to her not having cage mates, but when she gets here we'll shop for her new friend.
(I'm thinking she'll have a mate first week of January when I'm not so broke lol.)
Her current owner says she barks a lot looking for others so I'm guessing introductions won't be so hard, and she loves human affection (I'm guessing since she's so lonely). That being said, gimme advice you wished someone had given YOU before you brought your babies

First night home and what to expect? I know all the techniques with having stuff that smells like me in the cage for her, but should I completely leave her alone or can i talk to her through the cage? I don't want to stress her.

When should I begin handling? Apparently she loves her bonding pouches and has no issues climbing right in, which makes me happy to hear but I'll know more when she's actually here.

Tent time: got us a huge instant tent big enough to walk around and such bc I hate tight spaces lol
What do you put in the tent to make it super fun for them? Anything or just yourselves and a chair? (I over think everything so forgive me if my questions are crazy)

Happy cagemates: I've read a ton of the articles on intros and quarantine so I'm not too worried about that going awry, but is quarantine for a whole 30 days absolutely mandatory? Of course both will go to the vet to get looked at but just wondering if the 30 days a solid rule lol
As for her cagemates, do you think seeing as she's still only just a year old, would a Joey be OK to bring home? Because they're so effing cute I want to die and would love to have a Joey. (I know and read that males shouldn't be around Joey's bc the Joey's to small to defend itself, but has anyone had a female and introduced a Joey and have it WORK?)
Also "scout" as she's called, comes with a pretty beautifully decked out cage, can both sugar gliders live in there after quarantine? I don't want to have to vbuy yet another cage because I'll have a total of three then.

TOYS: anyone have great websites they go to for the fun stuff? I so far use etsy for the cage stuff. But if anyone has cheaper options, hook a girl up. Or if you yourself has great stuff you sell, I'll be happy to take a look and support your store!

I'm good on food and have that taken care of, just had very specific questions that I couldn't find a concise answer to.

Share your info, share your TIPS! I wanna hear it all, I know about the links on this sight I've read them, but I love hearing stories and getting tips given directly to me lol for you think I could benefit from it, let me hear it&#128158;

But don't be negative or mean to me, we all start somewhere

**can't seem to add pictures of her or the cage HALP

886 Views · 26 Comments
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01/20/17 09:08 PM
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