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We are offically up to six.
by mechnut450
21 minutes 12 seconds ago
And the Winner is.........
by GliderNursery
Today at 06:56 PM
by GliderNursery
Today at 05:11 PM
Hermaphrodite Sugar Glider
by TiaNSuggies
Today at 04:50 PM
Plush pouches by Kris
by Kris_N_Zoe
Today at 04:35 PM
Pouch size for breeding trio
by GliderNursery
Today at 04:18 PM
Which supplies do You recommend?
by GliderNursery
Today at 01:44 PM
Hi, new first time adopter :)
by GliderNursery
Today at 01:34 PM
Everything Zoey!!!
by Kris_N_Zoe
Today at 11:53 AM
Has it really been...
by Kris_N_Zoe
Today at 11:49 AM
No tongue
by Feather
Today at 11:39 AM
Had to help Odo cross the bridge today.
by Feather
Today at 11:37 AM
New Glider-Lots of Questions
by Kris_N_Zoe
Today at 11:00 AM
Florida - Part 3
by Sanctity
Yesterday at 11:09 PM
Pumpkin seed
by Scrats_momma
Yesterday at 09:16 PM
joey nails
by 6ftGlider
Yesterday at 08:53 PM
Dishes too deep?
by Terry
Yesterday at 06:30 PM
Its NOT always a mating wound .... PROOF inside!!
by Cora
Yesterday at 05:50 PM
aquiring another rescue
by mechnut450
Yesterday at 05:44 PM
October 21 Birthdays!
by yiyo
Yesterday at 03:01 PM

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On behalf of the Owners, Administrators, and Moderators, welcome to the GliderCENTRAL Home Page. We have been serving the glider community for about nine years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to help Sugar Gliders and their owners with illness questions or general glider care. We are a PG rated board and do not approve of flaming or bashing. This board will not be involved in name calling, gossip or drama. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our Moderators, Administrators or the Owner.

We would like to thank everyone for making GliderCENTRAL what it is and we are glad to have you all.
Have fun, and we will strive to give all the help we can for you.

10/11/14 07:40 PM And the Winner is.........

:party2: party

Ela11 dance

Ela11 was first to post the closest guess without going over the actual number. She was the 5th member to post with a guess of 126 toy parts. clap

The answer is 128! Yep, there really are 128 pieces in total to make that toy. I had fun making it, and I hope your gliders enjoy it Ela11. :lshower:

1436 Views · 23 Comments
09/30/14 11:41 AM Stick A Feather In Her Cap

And call her a


Give a big ole welcome to Kimberly/Feather to the GliderCENTRAL Staff


There's good news and bad news to bringing Kimberly on board.

The good news: she blew through our training course in record time with no trouble whatsoever :yes:

The bad news: We don't dare go away on vacation because we may come back to no jobs shock

Oh yeah, about that Red Button we always tell you not to push, well go ahead and PUSH HERE , because I have a feeling Kimberly can fix about anything you all break :rofl2:

480 Views · 12 Comments
09/25/14 11:36 PM Let's liven things up around here!

Let's liven things up a bit around here! party

What do ya say? Want to have a little fun? :yes:

Maybe even win a prize? dance

Let's have a little "Guessing Game"!

Sorry, but we've got to have a few rules. Wait, wait wait! Don't :hit: me just yet. They are pretty simple. grin

1. Open to all members, excluding staff.

2. Members must guess the number of parts used to compile the toy pictured (the clear 3-M hook on wall holding the toy is not a part of the toy).

3. Type your guess (number) as your response. The first person with the number closest, but not over the total, is the winner. The thread will be locked on October 10th at 9:00 pm EST. The winner will be announced on Sunday, October 12th.

4. The toy in the contest will be shipped to the winner. The winning member will be notified and must provide their mailing address to GliderNursery within 5 business days of the announcement to receive their prize.

Let the guessing begin!

4798 Views · 142 Comments
09/11/14 09:58 AM Ellen Ross

Yesterday we received a call from Bruce that our Beloved Miss Ellen crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in her sleep.

Many of you never had the pleasure of knowing her personally or even here on GliderCENTRAL, but because of her this message board and all it stands for is what it is today.

Ellen and Bruce stepped in as Owners in 1998, with Ellen being the 'Mother Hen' of GliderCENTRAL, a name the staff affectionately gave her.

Ellen not only attended but worked the SGGA's, coming up with many ideas to raise money for the glider community. She helped raise funds for the First Diet Study and helped with too many things to remember.

She was also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great friend.

We will miss you Miss Ellen.

3218 Views · 48 Comments
02/06/13 01:50 PM Rule 5 Change

Most people are not aware it is illegal to hold a raffle or raffle type fundraiser on the internet as they are considered a form of gambling.

For more information you can read here

Rule 5 has been changed as follows:


5. Fund raisers including but not limited to auctions, raffles, sales of services or goods intended for non-profit use must be approved by the board Administration before being posted on GliderCENTRAL. Solicitation for free or price-reduced gliders, donations, or goods is not permitted without prior approval of Administration.


5. Fundraisers including but not limited to auctions, sales of services or goods intended for non-profit use must be approved by the Board Administration before being posted on GliderCENTRAL. Solicitation for free or price-reduced gliders, donations, or goods is not permitted without prior approval of Administration.

Raffles are considered a form of gambling. As gambling laws vary State to State, we will not approve the posting of any raffle or raffle type fundraisers.

Later on we will activate the system to have all members agree to the rules again since they have changed as shown above.

Thank you.

1688 Views · 0 Comments
08/14/12 09:17 PM Rule 7 Change

It has become necessary for us to change Rule 7 to reflect in particular what is allowed in signatures as it applies to links.

We have seen a shift to members adding lines in their signature that amount to advertising, and adding extra website links related to their business, so we must now limit what is allowed for vendors to website or company name as a link only.

As Facebook links can be placed in individual profiles, they will no longer be allowed in signatures. Because Photobucket links have been used for advertising as well, we will no longer be allowing the posting of photobucket/picture links in signatures.

Posting links to Non-business Sugar Glider Organizations like SGH, S.U.G.A.R, TGI, etc. will still be allowed.

In a few days the rules will change and everyone will need to agree as we do each time there is a rule change. GC staff will begin editing signatures for our members on August 20th, to give everyone a little time to edit themselves.

Revised Rule 7:

7. Avatars, Images, Videos, Links, and Smilies. All Avatars, Images, Videos, Links, and Smilies must comply with Rule 4.
Avatars: must be in good taste and not violent or sexual in nature.

The signature limit is set to 300 characters max.
Only board icons are allowed in your signature.
Please limit your gremlins/smilies to 6 in your signature.

Website or Company name as a link ONLY. NO product types/specialty mentions in signature. NO Facebook or Photobucket links are allowed in signatures (they can be placed in profiles).

Images: Are allowed, sparingly, when it adds to the post's understanding.
Gremlins/Smilies: Only board smilies are allowed.

Videos: Videos can now be posted here even if they are not glider related. Non glider related videos must be posted in Community Hall and all videos must be embedded, not posted as links. All videos must be in good taste and not violent or sexual in nature. We will not allow any millbreeder or brokers videos to be linked or embedded.

Links: to news sites as well as other sites such as blogs are permitted as long as the page being linked to complies with Rule 4. Links to personals (dating sites) and other sites that do not comply with Rule 4 will not be allowed.

**** We cannot possibly cover every website individually so any website which leads to non PG-rated material will be removed ****

2920 Views · 13 Comments
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Plush pouches by Kris
by Kris_N_Zoe
Today at 04:35 PM
Pouch size for breeding trio
by 6ftGlider
Today at 01:33 PM
No tongue
by budweiserqt
Today at 08:45 AM
Which supplies do You recommend?
by Dill
Today at 03:37 AM
Hermaphrodite Sugar Glider
by TiaNSuggies
Yesterday at 11:08 PM
Hi, new first time adopter :)
by Sanctity
Yesterday at 10:45 PM
Pumpkin seed
by Scrats_momma
Yesterday at 09:03 PM
New Glider-Lots of Questions
by Dill
Yesterday at 07:14 PM
joey nails
by 6ftGlider
Yesterday at 12:13 PM
October 21 Birthdays!
by Feather
Yesterday at 03:14 AM
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