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07/22/17 01:04 AM Travel

New mom and grandma here! We just welcomed home our babies a week ago! All is going well and just had play time tonight in the spare bedroom with the whole family (3 of us ) It was the best ever! My question is, we will be leaving in 2 weeks for a 3 week trip in the motorhome, our two little ones will be going with us with our two little dogs. Is there anything extra I need to be thinking of to make our trip a success? I packed a big portable kennel for the dogs to put them up so we can have free time with the suggies. I Can pack frozen food in the freezer and their normal cage (until our bigger one gets here ) but any other travel advice would be great!

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07/21/17 05:49 PM Hi everyone!!!

Hi everyone!! My boyfriend Zach and I recently became proud parents of a little standard gray boy Roux and a lovely little lady Aspen, who's a white faced blonde. Everyone on this forum seems so knowledgeable and nice!! I'd really appreciate any advice or info anyone would like to share. We've only had them for about 5 weeks and I feel like one of those crazy first time mom's that over researches everything, buys too much, and and... well I'm TERRIFIED my babies won't bind with me.. amongst a million other things like omg have did zach leave the toilet seat up etc

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07/20/17 09:00 PM Not new, But it's great to be back

I'm not new, But it's great to be back. I have had my gliders two years now. I have prtmo, Prayer, And a bb, Fayth and their daughter a bbmo, Suri ( Aka: Bug ) And two new baby twin boys whom will be leaving me August 28, To go home with their new mommy Avery Kirby.

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07/09/17 08:52 PM Considering getting a glider, any advice?

So I am considering getting a glider, it will be a fair bit of time before I am serious about getting one as I am caring for a family member, and don't want to stress him with a new pet.

At the end of the year though I am planning on getting my own place and am wanting a pet. In the past I've had all manner of animals from cats, dogs to rabbits, ferrets, rats, and hamsters. Most of the places I am looking do not allow cats/dogs but seem fine with small animals so I was at first considering a rat or hamster. Though so many small animals seem to have such short life spans, I cant stand to lose my pets so soon.

A friend suggested sugar gliders to me because they are small and long lived, plus they're nocturnal like so many of my family members say I am (my bed time tends to be 6am)

Anyways I am rambling (sorry) so the main things I want to ask are.
1) Can older homeless gliders still bond with someone new.
2) What sort of health issues should I expect.
3) What sort of exercise/play activity do they need
4) How much out of cage time is best? (most people seem to just have the gliders hanging on them)
5) Any suggestions on what sort of diet is best for them? (Lot of controversy in that area)
6) How loud is the bark, and how bad is the bite? (I've been badly bitten by big animals but bites from small animals tend to worry me most because I've never been bitten by my ferrets, rats or hamsters before. So I am unsure what to expect.)
7) If I do get a glider, where would be the best place in the Clearwater/Tampa Florida area be? I see a lot of people on craigslist, but I've never been a fan of Quick Buck Breeders.

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07/07/17 09:21 PM New Sugar Glider Parents

My long-term girlfriend and I just picked up our female sugar glider a few hours ago. She will mainly belong to my significant other so she will be doing the majority of the bonding. So far so good, but just thought I'd share some of my experience so far to get a gauge on if we're doing things right based on the community census.

We purchased the joey from a local, reputable breeder that is associated with a veterinarian. She seems to be very healthy and full of life. We have both done tons of research (books, legitimate websites and videos, previous/current owners) and are continually doing so, but actually having the creature is somewhat terrifying (I imagine it's similar to parents reading baby books the actually having the monster)

First of all, the breeder has some interesting methods that differ from most of what I've read. The lady seems genuinely knowledgeable, has a great reputation, and seems very passionate about what she does. However, in most of my research I've found that it's best to leave the glider pretty much alone in the cage to acclimate to its new environment for a few days. The breeder, on the other hand, insists we don't even set up the cage yet, and instead keep the joey in her pouch for two days and feed her by hand. She claims this will help jumpstart the bonding process.

My issue is that when we have attempted to feed her, she is very reluctant to do so. The one time we have tried she was crabbing like a demon and only took one swallow of the formula. We figured she was getting too stressed so we stopped, planning to try again in an hour or so. I have read that light eating the first few days is normal, but I can't help but to be concerned about this seemingly radical method.

Our sweet little joey has also been crabbing randomly while in the pouch (which has been on my girlfriends neck constantly) Sometimes it seems like it may be due to a sound or movement she doesn't like, but other times completely random. Again, I've read that excessive crabbing is normal initially, but I am what you call a "worrier"

Any input would be greatly appreciated, even if it's simply "stop worrying" or "you're totally screwing up." Otherwise, I look forward to helping my girlfriend with this experience and am glad I have found a competent community to voice my questions and concerns. Thank you for your time.

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07/06/17 05:22 AM New mommy need help!!!

Hello to all of you!!! So I have decided to purchase a sugar glider and will be getting it today at 1 Pm, I have done my research on them and have decided that I will feed him gliders complete and will provide Exotic Nutrition's Instant-HPW, and then after he's done eating that I'd give it a slice of a fruit with rep-cal sprinkled on top, he will also have yogurt drops as a treat for training , but I'm afraid that I wont be giving it enough calcium or vitamins or proteins, so if anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Also since I had to order the HPW and the gliders control and yogurt drop, I will for the first few days feed him vita smart with a bit more fruits and of course the calcium sprinkled on top, but I needed to know I'd feeding him that for the first few days is good, and I also read somewhere that changing up what he's eating could be very stressful for the glider so I was wondering if feed him the vita smart for a few days and then changing it would cause any stress to him or make him feel bad in any ways
Any help Is gladly appreciated!!!

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