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Coming Back After a Ten-Year Hiatus.
by KarenE
12/07/16 10:27 AM
Too cute not to share...
by Feather
12/07/16 10:11 AM

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12/06/16 10:01 PM Coming Back After a Ten-Year Hiatus.

I suppose introductions are in order, so here I go. I'll start off by saying that it feels -very- strange to be coming back after all these years, and yet- here I am.

Sugar Gliders first captured my heart when I was sixteen, I had done quite a bit of research before I got my first girl and before I knew it I had a trio, Two females (one with some 'issues') and a beautiful little boy. I had this group for several years, participated in a couple SGGA events and loved each of them fiercely, but lost my boy to an unknown, sudden illness, and my littlest girl to a seizure (we had long suspected that there might have been something 'wrong' which caused her parents to attack her when she was a joey.) My oldest female, Gintei, I left with my mother, with whom she was also closely bonded, when I moved out to AZ.

My Mother decided after several months she could no longer keep her, and returned her to our friend and breeder- I've no idea what happened to her after that, but I pray she lived a long and happy life.

In AZ, I found myself two years later with yet another trio, a baby boy and two girls who were given to me by a customer at the Pet Store where I worked. Then- as it does, life happened. My fiancee lost his job, I had been put on disability and we were given the option to move back home to MO. I found someone on the Sugar Glider Railroad to help me, as the location we were moving to would not allow pets.

That was ten years ago now, and here I am considerably older, but now with a stable home life and the ability to once again have these precious little ones come into my life. The journey to this point has been long, my husband and I have had many discussions on wether or not we would bring Gliders into our lives again, and finally we made the decision to do so.

With the holidays coming around, I started to prepare to once again do as much research as possible and brush up on my Glider facts, reminding myself of the commitment and work that I was going to be putting into my new furry baby. We began 'window shopping' for cages and accessories, discussing options and what we wanted. My husband wanted a girl- Only a girl, and I had long ago fallen in love with the color mutations.

What we didn't expect was that our window shopping last Thursday would end quite abruptly when we walked into a pet store, and walked out with a beautiful mosaic -boy-. ;P

So now, here I am again, more than ready to rejoin the community and be the best glider parent I can be. ^_^

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11/27/16 03:45 PM New here, sort of...

Hi, I'm Stacy, and I actually registered here almost two years ago, long before I got any gliders.

I got my first trio in early September, my fourth a few weeks later, and the second trio a few weeks after that.

My first three (the Kaos Krew) are named for Firefly characters: Mal, Inara, and Zoe. Number four came to us with the name Maverick and my kids insisted we keep that name. And the last three (Dragons) are named after dragons in Anne McCaffrey's Pern book series, so those are Mnementh, Canth, and Ruth. If you haven't read the books, to help with confusion, all three are male!

137 Views · 2 Comments
11/26/16 09:45 PM New Gliders, Difference of suggies

Hi Im new to the forums and Im pondering on the difference of care of baby gliders and adults. Ive done much research on adult gliders, I know babys needed to be more hydrated. But Im wondering if theres a difference on how to care between the two. Im expecting suggies next month, and picking them up from the airport. Thanks in advance for any replies grin

182 Views · 3 Comments
11/15/16 02:29 PM Need help

Let me start by saying if have learned a lot here already. I have wanted to be owned by gliders for 7 years. I seen gliders at a reptile show in Tennessee while on vacation and the research began. Lol. Lots and lots of research. I realized how much time needs to be spent with them and was unable to dedicate the time. But know I've been forced to retire at 52 and have 24/7 to be with them. I live in Missouri and have been unable to find a breeder here. I'm would love to adopt at least 3. Just love the standard color. I have got everything I need cage all set up but just missing gliders. I'm just looking for pets. I have no desire to breed. Just want pets. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the help

312 Views · 6 Comments
11/13/16 11:20 AM First time with gliders

Hi All! My name is Stef, and my two young gliders have been with me for just about a month now.

I've had cats all my life, but have been without furry companionship for a couple of years now and finally decided to try something new. I ordered my gliders from one of the infamous trade-show brokers before I understood that situation, but cut ties with that company after doing my research. But no matter their origin, I am so in love with these babies!

Yoda is a bold and brave little boy, who was eager to start bonding from the first night at home. He loves jumping onto my shoulder and running all over me (peeing as he goes). He loves coming out of the cage to explore, and has escaped a couple of times, but also returned without much hassle.

Jabberwinky is a little high strung, and does her best to convince me that she is a large and fearsome beastie. She is very vocal, no matter her mood. From ferocious crabbing to soft little squeaks, she makes herself heard day and night. She has been slower to bond, but will now come to my hand in the cage, and happily run all over me (stopping to nip and make little whisker noises in my ears).

I'm happy to find this forum and share the glider love with all of you. smile


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11/08/16 12:16 PM New mommy plz helpppp!!!

Hi everyone I'm a new suggie mommy and really could use some help. So my 15-year-old daughter got our first Suggieand his name is Cannon. He was about six months old when we got him a couple months ago. We had never had one and didn't know much about them. My daughter wanted to take care of him and she did well for the 1st few weeks but then wasn't spending as much time with him so I told her she had to put his cage in the living room so I could help take care of him too. So Canon moved to the living room and I started doing lots of research to see exactly how to care for him other then what the girl explained to my daughter when she got him. So I took him to the vet, got his diet down, and started working on bonding with him. It's been about 4 weeks and I think we r doing fairly well....he climbs on me when we go in the bathroom for play time, he lets me reach in and pet him in his pouch, and tries to get on my arm to get out with me when I reach in his cage. He does seem still a little scared when he is running around and still shakes when I first get his pouch out but I figured it'll keep getting better with time. So in my research I decided that since I do have to work and my daughter isn't consistently interested in him that Cannon needed a buddy. So the a couple nites ago Charlie came home. His oop is 8-31-16 so he is still a baby. So far he won't let me even open his pouch without crabbing loudly. I have the pieces of fleece I'm sleeping with and putting in with him and I have held him in his pouch while he's sleeping but he still crabs when I move with him. I did put some apple slices thru some of the holes in his cage and he ate those last nite but he crabs when he sees me put my hand near the cage. i would greatly appreciate any help on what I can do to help him bond with me and about how long I wait to try? Also how to get Cannon and Charlie acquainted to b able to b in the same cage?

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