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Tent help?
by AshleighNicole
Today at 02:13 AM
What happened?
by Hamlet
Today at 01:56 AM
by Kris_N_Zoe
Yesterday at 09:56 PM
Presenting The Amazing Zoey!!!
by Kris_N_Zoe
Yesterday at 09:44 PM
Careful Considerations
by suggiemom1980
Yesterday at 09:34 PM
Cage lining
by Sherri
Yesterday at 07:10 PM
New Sleeping Pouch!
by Kris_N_Zoe
Yesterday at 06:02 PM
The cutest thing...
by Kris_N_Zoe
Yesterday at 11:38 AM
Oh jasper....
by Terry
Yesterday at 11:33 AM
Two new friendly little ones
by Terry
Yesterday at 11:31 AM
Getting A New Sugar Glider
by Terry
Yesterday at 11:28 AM
rescue wont stop biting
by Terry
Yesterday at 11:25 AM
New and just slightly concerned
by Typhoonkitty
08/31/14 10:58 PM
Biting Issues SOS
by Typhoonkitty
08/31/14 10:45 PM
Hi... New Glider lover
by Kris_N_Zoe
08/31/14 10:05 PM
Hide and seek... Teeth?
by Kris_N_Zoe
08/31/14 09:42 PM
Just got into an Accident Today...
by Sherri
08/31/14 08:23 PM
Toxic PVC Coated Wire
by KarenE
08/31/14 05:09 PM
Tucker is still giving me the stink eye!
by Feather
08/31/14 05:06 PM
Yogi drop are yogi drops??
by dinah505
08/31/14 03:58 PM

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On behalf of the Owners, Administrators, and Moderators, welcome to the GliderCENTRAL Home Page. We have been serving the glider community for about nine years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to help Sugar Gliders and their owners with illness questions or general glider care. We are a PG rated board and do not approve of flaming or bashing. This board will not be involved in name calling, gossip or drama. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our Moderators, Administrators or the Owner.

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11/03/13 09:49 PM And The Winners Are

Congratulations to everyone who entered the 2013 GliderCENTRAL Cage Contest. Every single entry was a winner, and there are some pretty spoiled gliders out there for sure :yes:

The votes have been tallied and the results are as follows - where IS that drum roll when you really need it :roflmao2:

North_Nocturne takes it by a landslide in Mesh Enclosures wink

Let's give a hand to mmatt in the Room Category clap

Now, last but not least: Cages

Give a huge round of applause for:


BrendaR and


Congratulations to everyone. I hope you had as much fun as we did with this years' contest.

Would the Winners please PM me their mailing addresses so the Prize Patrol can get their prizes in the mail as soon as possible.

Also, it has always been our policy to make sure everyone who enters gets a little something for their glider/s if they choose, so if you would like to receive a little "Thank You" please let me know your address as well.

8123 Views · 54 Comments
09/08/13 04:53 PM 2013 Cage Contest

2 0 1 3




Grab those cameras and start decorating those enclosures. The contest is early this year, and we don't want anyone to miss out on the fun dance

Rules are posted below as well as in the Cage Contest Forum. All entries must be posted by Halloween at the Witching Hour (midnight) 2013 :elaugh:

Donations for the prize packages will be enthusiastically accepted by KarenE

and need to be received by October 28, 2013. Please PM KarenE for shipping address.

Those donating prizes will have a banner displayed on the Forums Page.

Contest Rules

1. There will still be three categories (Cage, Rept & Room) but because prize packages are dependent on the number of donations we receive, we cannot promise that there will be more than one winner per category.

2. Please Include Cage/Rept Dimensions (height, width & depth - measured in inches) & Brief Description.

Room entries must be either a play room or their living space, not just the room where the glider cages and glider things are housed.

3. Only one Cage/Rept/Room per member can be entered. A member cannot win more than one category.

4. No more than four photographs may be entered per cage. Pictures may be changed by the member BEFORE the deadline.

4. The Cage/Rept/Room entered must be currently owned by the member entering it.

5. Entrant must be a current member, in good standing, on GliderCENTRAL.

6. Entries must be submitted and received on or before 11:59 PM EST, October 31, 2013

7. Contest results will be posted on or before November 15, 2013

8. After result of contest is announced, winners will be contacted for shipping information. Prizes may take a few weeks for delivery.

9. Entry into this contest indicates your agreement that all entered photographs will become the property of GliderCENTRAL and may be used by GC in the future without any further notification of the entrant.

GC staff, and their family members will not be eligible to participate in this contest.


21694 Views · 94 Comments
02/06/13 01:50 PM Rule 5 Change

Most people are not aware it is illegal to hold a raffle or raffle type fundraiser on the internet as they are considered a form of gambling.

For more information you can read here

Rule 5 has been changed as follows:


5. Fund raisers including but not limited to auctions, raffles, sales of services or goods intended for non-profit use must be approved by the board Administration before being posted on GliderCENTRAL. Solicitation for free or price-reduced gliders, donations, or goods is not permitted without prior approval of Administration.


5. Fundraisers including but not limited to auctions, sales of services or goods intended for non-profit use must be approved by the Board Administration before being posted on GliderCENTRAL. Solicitation for free or price-reduced gliders, donations, or goods is not permitted without prior approval of Administration.

Raffles are considered a form of gambling. As gambling laws vary State to State, we will not approve the posting of any raffle or raffle type fundraisers.

Later on we will activate the system to have all members agree to the rules again since they have changed as shown above.

Thank you.

1519 Views · 0 Comments
01/07/13 12:24 AM down time

Tomorrow I will need to take the server offline for a few hours. It should go down late morning early afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1962 Views · 3 Comments
11/06/12 02:39 PM Round Two!!

While I am hoping things will be fine we never know how it will be till it is over. We have a nor'easter heading our way tomorrow.

Thankfully it looks like some of the worst hit areas from Sandy will not be getting the full brunt of this one so that is a good thing. While the winds will be less then what Sandy brought, we may loose power again. There are still 198k+ people still without power here on the Island.

Hopefully this storm will shift more off shore before it hits but just wanted to give everyone a fair warning that we may go down again.

Read More

2958 Views · 5 Comments
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Tent help?
by AshleighNicole
Today at 02:13 AM
Presenting The Amazing Zoey!!!
by Kris_N_Zoe
Yesterday at 03:57 PM
rescue wont stop biting
by KaiandLuna
Yesterday at 11:03 AM
The cutest thing...
by Kris_N_Zoe
08/31/14 09:53 PM
Increased Storewide Sale & BIG Weekly Bonus Sales!
by IowaMisty
08/31/14 12:27 PM
Toxic PVC Coated Wire
by Feather
08/31/14 11:27 AM
Proper Diet & Nutrition by Dr. Brust
by Hamlet
08/31/14 12:53 AM
Baby glider shaking uncontrollably
by Anonymous
08/30/14 10:48 PM
Two new friendly little ones
by terri
08/30/14 10:17 AM
Tom Collins - Male WFB Min. Marked Mosaic in IL
by JanetGlider
08/30/14 05:26 AM
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