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by Lisa11
Today at 02:26 AM
New odor issue??
by AlyCatz
Yesterday at 10:56 PM
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by Ladymagyver
Yesterday at 08:46 PM
Recipe for glider yogi's please!
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Lighter Gliders??
by Feather
Yesterday at 05:59 PM
RIP Spencer
by Hutch
Yesterday at 09:39 AM
Is a glider right for me?
by Hutch
Yesterday at 09:31 AM
My Caramel Gliders anything I need to know about neutering?
by Feather
12/12/17 11:08 PM
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by Ladymagyver
12/12/17 10:50 PM
Dear Crabby
by Feather
12/12/17 05:31 PM

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12/12/17 04:42 AM Three weeks in, first timer, questions .

Hi everyone!
Currently picking this out one handed as I have Wendy in her pouch on my chest with my hand lightly on top of her little sleeping body I would speech to text but for some reason my voice makes Wendy very crabby. Even if she's not on my body so not a vibration issue I think.

So that's question one... Noise makes Wendy extra crabby but not Lisa..

Wendy is under two months old and I have had hey for two weeks. Lucy is about three or four months old and I've had her going on four weeks. They are being fed the bml diet with a steady stream of treats such as meal works, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and a great frozen treats.

I have them in separate cages next to each other. Each had a pouch blanket, wheel, water bottle, water dish, food dish and some toys. I have only tried to introduce them twice. I did this in the play tent. The first time the baby Wendy got on Lucy's back and rode her around. No complaining or crabbing from anyone. But I thought Lucy looked uncomfortable.. Being a newbie though I was alarmed and tried to separate them which ended up being noisyy and stressful for everyone involved. The second time the same thing happened but Lucy got free and hid. Wendy frantically searched the text but even when she passed over the spot on the blanket indeed which Lucy was hiding she could get find her. So much for that super sense of Smell..

Question number two. This seems like baby behavior or dominant behavior, when I house then together I guess I'll find out? Is this normal? Am I going about this correctly?

Both gliders are very very eager to get out of the cage... Reminds me of the first Jurassic Park. When the hunter fellow says "when she looks at you, you can see that she's working things out..."
I even think the baby knows when I forget to put a binder clip on one of the cage doors.....

Shouldn't they want to be in/return to their home?

I have let Lucy loose in my bedroom a few times... ( First time by accident) and it was pretty easy to pick her when she would scale the curtains to scoop her up and get her into a pouch and into the cage. But now she isn't very polite about wanting out. As soon as I reach in to maintain or change something, she earnestly tries to go squeeze past my arm to get out and she won't climb the curtains anymore. Basically I have to spend an hour chasing and tiring her out to. She learned that the curtains were a weak spot and now al doesn't use them. She also had been studying how I get in and out of the play tent..,.

When they do get out should I just play the waiting game or should I don some gloves and forcibly (but gently) pick them up and return them to the cage or pouch.? I don't want them to associate me with fear and I feel that if I really Chase them that they will get terrified.

I ordered the biggest cage off of Amazon and it should be Here today. I plan on making the second bedroom the girls room with the cage, play tent camping and hopefully some perches.
Also it's been impossible to get either glider into a pouch. Lucy has had to stay in the play tent the past to nights simply because I didn't want to put on gloves and manhandled her into the pouch just to go drop it in the cage.

Also it's like "50 first dates" with Lucy everyday, it's like she had amnesia everything she wakes up and we have to start all over again.

Wendy the baby seems to remember that she is not particularly fond of me very easily though.
Let's see what else..I always greet them by name and with a licky treat or something but as soon as the go up my arm they want to roam and not come home.

Ok getting tired. I come home from work and spend anywhere from one to three hours with the gliders but it just depends on who is in a good mood that day as to who gets more time.. so that's my long rambling post. Any advice that I haven't already read in the hundreds of great posts or general tips or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Wendy is currently hl awake and trying to chew a hole in her pouch so I think I better put. Her back and start my day waiting for the Amazon delivery...

Thanks in advance!!!!!

PS names bill not Lisa or Lucy to....ha.

Pps for pouch time, it seems like any movement makes them crabby, simple house work, and even walking around, should I just let them cream until they get used to the movement, or should I tuck the pouch under my shirt to minimize the movement?

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12/03/17 07:17 PM Third set of Gliders but here to stay!

I thought I had completed enough research to handle gliders. The first one I bought was a standard color and 12 weeks OOP. I knew he needed a buddy so I searched for a second one and found a tiny 6 week OOP. I nervously took the little baby but worried it would not make it as it was so much more fragile than the one I had. I nurtured her and she thrived! I soon had two hand tamed wonderful babies.
Then, I got sick and they were something I had to let go-I cried when the lady picked them up and I explained that she would need to neuter the boy-or learn to raise gliders which is not a good idea for a first time owner. She left, and with her went my little buddies! I was heart broken!
I located a pair by accident in a small town near here. The person had never worked with the girls. They were grippy and finally I was able to tame down one but not both. I decided I couldn't do it and so I rehomed these two. At the time I was having another health issue that required a hip replacement.
I dreamt of my first two glidders and finally decided, I had to have a tame pair. I drove to White Settlement in Texas and a wonderful breeder sold me my two males. They are precious.
I work full time, I have a couple of aquariums, 3 small dogs and two large lumbering outside (mostly) dogs and Fred and Barnie-my little hand tamed gliders!
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the forum! And I look forward to continuing to learn about gliders and others experiences!

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12/02/17 06:05 PM Is a glider right for me?

So my fiancé and I were shopping today and came across Pocket Pets in a mall. After talking with the guy we walked away to give it some thought. After looking up the company we decided against getting one from that seller. However, we're still interested in getting one but have some questions.

1. How loud are they during the night? Sleeps pretty important with the work I'm in.

2. My work schedule is pretty different. I work 10-12 24 hour shifts a month (not in a row). I know they require a good amount of attention so I want to make sure that's okay.

3. I have a 24x24x48 metal screened cage. Would that be okay for them?

Thanks for the help!

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11/28/17 10:03 PM Hi!

Hi there!

I'm a new member here, but not new to having gliders (though I haven't had any in awhile)! I've got three babies coming to me next week and couldn't be more excited.

I tend to be more of a lurker in forums since life keeps me busy (I'm a veterinary student), but I look forward to trying to keep up and being a part of the forums here!

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11/09/17 06:07 PM Hi new to forum.

Hello. I'm new to the forum here but not to gliders. Had a small colony of them when I was a teen and just picked up 2 new babies tonight. I can not wait to get to know everyone!

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10/19/17 03:36 PM First time glider owner looking for wisdom

Hi we’re new owners to. We’re rescuing a pair of females from Wisconsin Sugar Glider Rescue. We got a nice 21*23*31” HQ flight cage, talked to Matt for the Ec leaves. (Side note Matt’s doing good, he’s 30 miles away from the wildfires) We researched the diet and got a great recipe. We’re ordering the mineral and sups from Amazon and the Glider Wheel too. So I think we’ll be ready when we get them next week

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Injured Tail W/No Vet Instru/Help!
Yesterday at 03:57 AM
Recipe for glider yogi's please!
by Claralice
12/12/17 10:03 PM
My Caramel Gliders anything I need to know about neutering?
by Claralice
12/12/17 04:14 PM
Three weeks in, first timer, questions .
by Lisa11
12/12/17 04:42 AM
RIP Spencer
by Cora
12/11/17 04:58 PM
New odor issue??
by AlyCatz
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Lighter Gliders??
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