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12/01/20 02:07 PM Hello!
Hey everyone, I'm so glad I found this forum! It seems like theres hardly any in depth information about sugar gliders on the internet. I've done a ton of research on gliders and I'm always reading more so they can have the best cage life as possible.

I was just given 4 sugar gliders (all females) about 3wks ago: Flower, Roo, Willow and Cheyenne. I am told they are all around 2-3 years old. Flower seems to be the leader of the colony as she is the biggest and is always out to eat first and the first one back in the pouch(then she'll come back out later on during the night). She has the most outgoing personality out of the 4 in my opinion; rarely- if ever crabs at me, and isn't shy

But here's the thing: when she goes back into the pouch one of them (usually Roo) will go near/inside the pouch and see whats shes up to in there and Flower makes an alarming sound, kind of like a zzt-zzt sound or like a hissing/sneezing sound.. they all seem to get along great any other time besides when Flower goes back into the pouch when she's done eating. Any ideas what this sound means?
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10/25/20 12:38 AM Babys mom died, have to hand feed
I have a baby 4 weeks out of pouch. Her mom died and I am hand feeding her marsupial milk about every four hours. I try to keep her with daddy as much as possible. Is there anything else I need to be doing?
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10/11/20 11:15 PM How long can you wait to replace a cage mate after death?
My pair of gliders Albie and Sugar I have had for 5 years. Sugar died 3 nights ago. Albie has been going around the cage from each pouch and hiding spot all night long looking for Sugar. This is so far the only concerning behavior he has exhibited. He is eating well and not over grooming. If anything he has stopped grooming and his scent is a bit overwhelming with his smell. Unfortunately I won't have the money to buy a new cage mate for about 3 weeks. My big question is, is it safe to wait that long? I believe it will be more stressful for him to adjust to a new home than wait for a new cage mate. He is very attached to us and I think he will feel that loss at the same time even greater.
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08/11/20 06:05 PM Brand new to sugar gliders
Hello all!

New member here. My gf and I adopted a pair of females yesterday. They had been surrendered to a pet store by the previous owners and are thought to be about a year old. My gf came across them while shopping. We buried ourselves in research for a couple of days and decided to bring the gliders into our lives. We are aware that we may have a longer road ahead of us then had we opted to go with a breeder and get babies that were weaned and just oop. My gf is good with animals; she grew up in the country and bottle-fed more than one rejected/orphaned raccoon when she was growing up. She was confidant that we could give them a loving home and we're looking forward to the challenges.

The smaller of the pair is much more social and trusting. From what we understand, the larger of the pair was never very social or willing to bond. Time and consistency will tell.

We haven't named them yet.

As far as I can tell, they came from a popular internet site The cage and food are consistent from that site. I have never had an experience with them one way or the other.

A couple of newb questions (I apologize for my ignorance, I'm absorbing a lot of info)..

1) Is the protein powder mixture sufficient enough to replace bugs and insects in their diet? Should I avoid one or the other? Use a combination?

2) When we transition to bonding pouches, can we separate the girls for part of the day or should they stay together as they are bonded to each other?

Thanks for the help!!!!
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06/25/20 05:05 AM So excited to start anew!
Greetings & well met!

I'm adopting 3 neutered boys (bonded with each other) this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited!!! Many many years ago, I was a servant to sugar gliders, but after my fur-babies passed away, I hadn't the heart to continue until now. I'm so very excited, but also daunted! So much information has been gained since back then (over 12 years ago!!!), and I'm learning as fast as I can! (Don't worry, I've been re-researching (is that a word?) for several months in preparation!) I'm glad to be diving back in, and I look forward to picking your collective brains for wisdom and knowledge!

A little about me: In the intervening years, I switched careers from graphic design to veterinary medicine. I am a certified veterinary technician, with many years of experience in emergency & critical medicine, and working with exotic animals as well as companion animals. One of my goals for the clinic I'm at is to convince the doctors to start seeing invertebrates! I love tarantulas and other inverts, and am also in the process of expanding my collection of these beautiful creatures.

I also enjoy expanding my knowledge base and experience working with exotics, studying animal behavior, playing the acoustic guitar, gardening, and playing board games.

I look forward to being part of this community after being gone for so long!
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06/16/20 01:17 AM My wife passed, now it's my turn....
Hello there,
My wife unexpectedly passed and now it's up to me to take care of "Kiwi". We got her last July so I am kind of aware of what I need to do. We have a big cage, I give her fresh fruit and veggies and sugar glider pellets. I will do my best as I also have 3 dogs here to take care of. Our kids are adults now so no help there. I hope I can do this, I would hate to have to get Kiwi a new owner. I am hoping I can use this forum for any help I may need! Thanks in advance ....
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