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Adelaidesmumma, TxSuggies
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Liver Cancer
by sandbat
01:28 AM
Calculating leu percentage
by Clark
09:58 PM
New to Glider Central
by chinagurl5
07:40 PM
Saying hi
by chinagurl5
07:20 PM
Handling babies leads to cannibalism?
by Clark
06:57 PM
Lion Females, Are they around or not?
by Clark
06:49 PM
how to tell apart
by Terry
04:33 PM
Milk Thistle?
by Terry
04:28 PM
Sudden weight loss
by sandbat
03:16 PM
by chinagurl5
02:39 PM
Joey Sitting
by dinah505
12:10 PM
Oh my.. Not to happy..
by dinah505
11:05 AM
Raisins... Safe or not safe?!?
by Srlb
11:00 AM
Critter love complete questions
by dinah505
10:24 AM
by KarenE
09:49 AM
My rescue Glider doesn't walk quite "normal"
by chinagurl5
12:45 AM
Intro and Pre- gliders questions...
by kim
10/07/15 11:48 PM
My Glider has purple upper lip/nose
by FurBabyMama
10/07/15 09:06 PM
Lump on nose
by Feather
10/07/15 08:53 PM
by Terry
10/07/15 04:54 PM

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A Welcome Message

On behalf of the Owners, Administrators, and Moderators, welcome to the GliderCENTRAL Home Page. We have been serving the glider community for about nine years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to help Sugar Gliders and their owners with illness questions or general glider care. We are a PG rated board and do not approve of flaming or bashing. This board will not be involved in name calling, gossip or drama. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our Moderators, Administrators or the Owner.

We would like to thank everyone for making GliderCENTRAL what it is and we are glad to have you all.
Have fun, and we will strive to give all the help we can for you.

09/11/15 02:30 PM Mary Holcomb 11/4/1939 to 9/11/2015

It is with Deep Sadness that I post the passing of the glider community's Beloved Mary Holcomb. For so many of us, Mary was so much more than a rescuer. She was A True Legend in her own time. Few people in this community have the distinction of being known only by their first name, but Mary certainly was. There was never any doubt who you were talking about when you spoke of Mary.

You will be greatly missed by gliders and owners. You have left your mark deep in this community, Mary.

There are many of your friends and ours waiting for you today not to mention all those babies you cared for and loved so much.

We miss you, Mary heart

1145 Views · 14 Comments
05/29/15 11:16 AM Welcome Admn Feather

We normally announce earlier when there is a Staff Change, however, this time we wanted to give Feather/Kimberly a little time to get used to her new position as

GliderCENTRAL Administrator clap

Kimberly will now be taking over Classifieds and Rescue Me forums, along with her other Administrative duties wink

Any questions regarding those forums or Rule 8 should be directed to her :yes:

1720 Views · 8 Comments
12/17/14 10:47 AM 2014 Snowball Fight

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

This year our Annual Snowball Fight will be a little different.

We are lifting the Rule for smilies in the Snowball Fight thread only meaning winter related smilies may be used in gif format.

Please remember we are a PG rated board, so pick your smilies accordingly. Any deemed inappropriate will be removed with no PM sent. Simply removed, so do not be offended, and do not send moderator PM asking why.

Pick your team captains, pick your teams and have a great time.

Go HERE to join the fun snowball1

1615 Views · 2 Comments
12/15/14 04:04 PM Look at that GREEN!

Looks like GliderCENTRAL is getting even more colorful this month! We have new GREEN on the board!

Congratulations and :welcome2: to the GC Staff Kris_N_Zoe! She has completed all of her training with flying colors and is ready to Moderate. (Hmmmm...not sure what I'm gonna do now that she's on board. Back to slacking I suppose... LOL)

Anyway, we always warn the new Moderators about what they can and cannot do. The biggest thing is the RED BUTTON. shakehead We never, ever, touch that! But ya know what? No ones looking, so get that bright shiney Red Button in your sights, and go ahead and softly, ever so gently, slowly, with just a little attitude....Slam your hand right down on that bad boy and see what happens! Don't worry, when you mess it up, we'll just have to call for back up to get everything fixed again. :rofl2:

4164 Views · 19 Comments
10/11/14 06:40 PM And the Winner is.........

:party2: party

Ela11 dance

Ela11 was first to post the closest guess without going over the actual number. She was the 5th member to post with a guess of 126 toy parts. clap

The answer is 128! Yep, there really are 128 pieces in total to make that toy. I had fun making it, and I hope your gliders enjoy it Ela11. :lshower:

6056 Views · 24 Comments
09/30/14 10:41 AM Stick A Feather In Her Cap

And call her a


Give a big ole welcome to Kimberly/Feather to the GliderCENTRAL Staff


There's good news and bad news to bringing Kimberly on board.

The good news: she blew through our training course in record time with no trouble whatsoever :yes:

The bad news: We don't dare go away on vacation because we may come back to no jobs shock

Oh yeah, about that Red Button we always tell you not to push, well go ahead and PUSH HERE , because I have a feeling Kimberly can fix about anything you all break :rofl2:

3473 Views · 12 Comments
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  • Forums- The forums are the heart of GliderCENTRAL (GC). Here you will find discussion on just about every thing about sugar gliders.
  • Links- The links database is comprehensive collection of links that will provide you hours of reading. The links can be added by anyone and reviews can be left and read on existing ones. Included in the Links Database, you will find the Vets List and Breeder List
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Liver Cancer
by prdycool
11:59 PM
Saying hi
by chinagurl5
07:20 PM
New to Glider Central
by Joann
05:07 PM
Joey Sitting
by dinah505
12:10 PM
Calculating leu percentage
by Clark
01:32 AM
Milk Thistle?
by theresaw
10/07/15 09:54 PM
Raisins... Safe or not safe?!?
by FurBabyMama
10/07/15 09:46 PM
My rescue Glider doesn't walk quite "normal"
by FurBabyMama
10/07/15 09:16 PM
Patient New Sugar Mom
by Sugam0m
10/07/15 10:25 AM
Can't add to the calendar?!
by SariYappa
10/06/15 07:10 PM
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