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02/13/18 03:53 PM Hey, New Here!

Hey everyone!
Just thought I would stop in and say hi, just signed up for the forums.

So the reason I'm here is my Leucistic Sugar Glider, Eevee smile She is a little girl that I rescued from a shelter and am working on gaining her trust, we've come leaps and bounds since she first came to me and tent time is our favorite!

I do have an instagram account for her where I upload pictures and video pretty much daily so feel free to check her out at: Instagram

Thanks for having me!

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02/10/18 10:30 PM Greetings from Pensacola (logged in this time)

Hi everyone!

Finally decided to create an account instead of lurking and wanted to introduce myself!

At the moment I have 6 with a seventh coming out of pouch within the next week or so! I've been a sugar glider guy for a long time and never leave the house without at least 1 or 3 and am moderately well known for it lol. I have a male Leucistic, a breeding pair of Mosaic Ringtails, 1 female standard, 1 female cremino and 1 whiteface.

I got my first sugar because I travel for business all over the country, driving from city to city sometimes 5k miles a month. After a couple years of mostly being on my own on the road I found myself pretty lonely and since I had some when I was a teenager I knew a gliderbaby would be the best little travel companion I could ask for and I picked up my female standard named Mercy. I've had at least 1 glider somewhere in my pockets or a pouch on me ever since lol.

I as most others have made mistakes but as we all know these little guys provide one of the most rewarding companionship experiences one can have and I'm happy to start contributing and chatting. If theres anyone within a few hundred miles my area that needs assistance I am happy to alter my routes and provide baby transport, as well as help out anyone else with questions about what being a road warrior with sugar gliders is like smile


Also, disregard the anonymous post, clicked sign-in instead of verify in the email because they are in a weird order and i didnt read it lol

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02/09/18 05:30 PM New Forum Opened

A new Sub Forum has been opened in Special Events for the OSGA Gathering in April.

You will find it Here.

The forum will be used solely for starting new or posting in already existing topics (by anyone) relating to this gathering. It can be about roommate needed, ride shares, transporting (NOT selling) gliders or anything else that pertains exclusively to the OSGA.

Shelly will also post updates or new information as needed.

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01/21/18 08:26 PM New lady from the swamps!

Hey yall! I'm new here and figure why not introduce myself! My name is Jessica. I'm a homemaker, which is just a pretty way of saying I stay at home why the hubby runs off and works. I have a daughter who is one named Jaina. I also have a little sugar glider named Day. In my spare time I like to crochet and make things our of yarn. So I started making some sugar glider things and signed up for the site so I could talk to other sugar glider craft makers and of course, to get to know other sugar glider lovers!

We haven't had our glider for very long. Just about a month now but she's doing really well on the bonding. The only time she screams at me if when I wake her up during the day lol. I like to spoil my little glider with lots of toys and love! Right now she's the only one we have because she was a gift to us for Christmas but when we have the money, we plan to get another young girl to join her!

Anyways, I think that's all for now! Thanks for letting me join and I hope to meet you all!

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12/29/17 09:14 AM Researching before I adopt

Hello all! wave
My husband and I are interested in adopting a pair of gliders. Before we do however we want to learn all there is to know so we are well prepared before diving in. I have a ton of questions and any advice is welcome!

1. I found a cage on Amazon that is wrought iron and quite a few reviewers say their gliders love it. Are wrought iron cages good to use for gliders? It's 30x18x72 (very tall).

2. I was raised around caring for and raising birds. As such there are specific toys that they cannot have. Are there any toys I should steer clear of when getting playthings for my gliders? (I plan to have everything ready beforehand)

3. When cage cleaning what is best recommend for cleaning cage, toys, and pouches? (What cleaners)

4. What fruits/vegetables/foods should I stay away from when it comes to their diet? My husband wants to do premade mixes but I would like to mix my own here and there for extra variety.

5. Concerning holes- our living room is made of plank-board walls, old house. I plan to seal any cracks but what should be my main focus size-wise to keep them from getting stuck in or behind the wall/under doors.

6. How/what should be used when bathing them? (Assuming they get some sort of bath/cleaning)

7. For the emergency medical kit what supplies should I always keep on hand to be prepared in case something happens until I get them to a vet.

8. Watering - is there a specific size/type/brand of water dispenser to use for them? Also what water is best? Would a purifier on the sink work or would it be recommended to buy purified bottled water (especially in the odd chance our water is shut off)

So far this is all I can think of. I've done tons of research but find varying answers. I know a lot is dependant on your glider and the breeder but I would like to have a good handle on basics beforehand and easily adjust afterwards.

All advice is welcome, sorry for the long post!!

984 Views · 17 Comments
12/15/17 05:12 PM Hi! I need some help


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I had a pair of sugargliders, but one of them passed away two days ago. Now, I have a single 14yr old male who is blind. He finally started eating again, before he was so depressed he wouldn't even taste his favorite treats. However, now he only sleeps, nibbles on his food, and runs. He doesn't want to leave his cage or even the pouch for the most part. The first day after Princess died he wouldn't leave me at all. What can I do for him? Would trying to find another senior glider be good for him? I don't know if he's too old to accept another, or if there is such a thing as too old in the glider world.

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