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First few days expectations
by Feather
22 minutes 44 seconds ago
Non bonders
by Feather
25 minutes 44 seconds ago
It never rains but it pours!
by Ladymagyver
Today at 02:19 PM
Losing Control.....
by KarenE
Today at 10:52 AM
Advice on Toe Nails
by KarenE
Today at 10:36 AM
by Feather
Yesterday at 11:32 PM
Natural Diet
by Feather
Yesterday at 11:30 PM
Glider Room
by Hutch
Yesterday at 07:43 PM
Gliders of the Round Table 3
by ComradeFluffy
Yesterday at 03:41 AM
Grooming me
by BYK_Chainsaw
Yesterday at 01:08 AM
2 Gliders Near Baltimore Area - Free to Good Home
by EnzoAndCarmella
10/21/16 07:14 PM
Border Crossings
by Feather
10/21/16 06:59 PM
Fleece vs cotton vs flannel ?
by Ladymagyver
10/20/16 06:47 AM
Is Flannel okay?
by Ladymagyver
10/20/16 06:40 AM
The Exciting Adventures of Lord Feverstone
by Hutch
10/19/16 04:02 PM
by Hutch
10/19/16 02:50 PM
Still lunging and crabbing in the Pouch
by Feather
10/19/16 10:38 AM
by Hutch
10/19/16 09:19 AM
What is my bonding "goal" anyway?
by Feather
10/18/16 06:07 PM
Gliders of the Round Table 2
by KarenE
10/18/16 11:05 AM

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A Welcome Message

On behalf of the Owners, Administrators, and Moderators, welcome to the GliderCENTRAL Home Page. We have been serving the glider community for about nine years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to help Sugar Gliders and their owners with illness questions or general glider care. We are a PG rated board and do not approve of flaming or bashing. This board will not be involved in name calling, gossip or drama. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our Moderators, Administrators or the Owner.

We would like to thank everyone for making GliderCENTRAL what it is and we are glad to have you all.
Have fun, and we will strive to give all the help we can for you.

02/17/16 01:03 PM Diet Poll

What diet do you feed Part 4 Here

Be sure to stop by our Diet & Nutrition Forum and tell us what feeding plan you are using.

We would love to hear from you.

You must be a registered member to contribute to the Poll.

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12/03/15 10:46 AM GliderCENTRAL and Sugar Glider Help Community Calender working again!

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that the Community Google Calendar for GliderCENTRAL/Sugar Glider Help is now working again. We do NOT have access to the old version (at least at this time) so a new calendar was created.

If you would like to add your event to the calendar please use the Contact form from the calendar page or the Sugar Glider Help (SGH) page. It is NOT the same as the "contact us" page on the forum.

Here is a direct link to the Calendar:

And then a direct link to the event entry form:

Phil W.

2091 Views · 2 Comments
11/23/15 09:43 AM Welcome Philwojo, Tech Support

Please join me and Feather/Kim in welcoming Philwojo to our team clap

Phil is going to be starting off by checking

Sugar Glider Help

for broken links as well as updates that need to be done.

If you have any personal websites that need updating

or come across broken links,

please contact Philwojo by PM.


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09/11/15 02:30 PM Mary Holcomb 11/4/1939 to 9/11/2015

It is with Deep Sadness that I post the passing of the glider community's Beloved Mary Holcomb. For so many of us, Mary was so much more than a rescuer. She was A True Legend in her own time. Few people in this community have the distinction of being known only by their first name, but Mary certainly was. There was never any doubt who you were talking about when you spoke of Mary.

You will be greatly missed by gliders and owners. You have left your mark deep in this community, Mary.

There are many of your friends and ours waiting for you today not to mention all those babies you cared for and loved so much.

We miss you, Mary heart

6427 Views · 19 Comments
05/29/15 11:16 AM Welcome Admn Feather

We normally announce earlier when there is a Staff Change, however, this time we wanted to give Feather/Kimberly a little time to get used to her new position as

GliderCENTRAL Administrator clap

Kimberly will now be taking over Classifieds and Rescue Me forums, along with her other Administrative duties wink

Any questions regarding those forums or Rule 8 should be directed to her :yes:

4844 Views · 8 Comments
09/11/14 08:58 AM Ellen Ross

Yesterday we received a call from Bruce that our Beloved Miss Ellen crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in her sleep.

Many of you never had the pleasure of knowing her personally or even here on GliderCENTRAL, but because of her this message board and all it stands for is what it is today.

Ellen and Bruce stepped in as Owners in 1998, with Ellen being the 'Mother Hen' of GliderCENTRAL, a name the staff affectionately gave her.

Ellen not only attended but worked the SGGA's, coming up with many ideas to raise money for the glider community. She helped raise funds for the First Diet Study and helped with too many things to remember.

She was also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great friend.

We will miss you Miss Ellen.

23523 Views · 49 Comments
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Non bonders
by Cathayvet
Today at 04:06 PM
First few days expectations
by Potatorbread87
Today at 09:16 AM
Losing Control.....
by ComradeFluffy
Today at 05:41 AM
Advice on Toe Nails
by Terry
Yesterday at 01:26 PM
Glider Room
by Gliderators
Yesterday at 08:03 AM
Natural Diet
by Gliderators
Yesterday at 07:59 AM
by Gliderators
Yesterday at 07:56 AM
2 Gliders Near Baltimore Area - Free to Good Home
by EnzoAndCarmella
10/21/16 07:14 PM
Grooming me
by Jaybird
10/21/16 10:37 AM
Border Crossings
by ComradeFluffy
10/20/16 08:15 PM
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