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A new mommy and need some advice!
by Rednlizzy97
7 minutes 10 seconds ago
New adopted gliders aren't eating
by KarenE
27 minutes 50 seconds ago
New glider mom, hello!
by joanneM
Today at 06:18 PM
Soon to be new mom
by joanneM
Today at 05:54 PM
Treats for the Ball Pit?
by Hutch
Today at 05:22 PM
NO NO foods
by KarenE
Today at 02:54 PM
by Pasley
Today at 02:52 PM
New Suggie Mommy (who needs help!)
by KarenE
Today at 10:33 AM
SGS2 anyone?
by OzzySugarGlider
Today at 07:52 AM
the second round
by mechnut450
Today at 06:42 AM

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Today at 06:47 PM A new mommy and need some advice!

Hey everyone! I'm so thankful I found this site:) I got my babies last Saturday and I feel like I've made some progress bonding but now I'm kind of unsure of what to do next. I have one male and one female, siblings, 12 weeks oop. The first 2-3 days I left them alone to let them adjust to their new home...they were skittish and ran away when I approached the cage (especially the female) but have since gotten a little more comfortable. Every time I walk in the room or open the cage I say "you're ok" to warn them that I'm approaching...and they really only crab when I move their pouch if they're in it. I've been feeding them treats at night, they'll take them from me but run away to eat them. They both have licked a little bit of honey off my finger. I've been wearing them in a bonding pouch for a minimum of 2-3 hours for the past 3-4 days. And they hardly crab when they're in there...the crabbing is definitely lessening even when I move their pouch. So I feel like I'm making some progress. How should I proceed from here? I don't want to move too fast for them, but I really want to feel like I'm making substantial progress. I haven't even got to pet them yet...they won't let me touch them at all, even if they're busy eating a treat. I know a week is not long, but I keep hearing stories of people being able to hold their babies within 2-3 days of getting them and it kinda makes me feel like I'm maybe not doing enough. I don't place my hand in their pouch because I know they will crab like crazy and I don't want to stress them out, I really want some bra babies and the breeder I purchased them from says they were with her, but how do I put them in my bra when they protest so loudly if I open their pouch? I ordered a tent and I'm just waiting on it to get here, so I'm hoping that will help them be more comfortable around me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I want my babies to love me !

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Today at 12:16 PM New adopted gliders aren't eating

I just adopted 2 sisters that are 1 year old. I have their cage and all of their cage sets, bonding pouches and toys but the lady I got them from washed everything. She also gave me all her frozen bml diet that she had made. The first night, they ate a little cube of frozen yogurt (after reviewing the bml diet, I saw there is no side of yogurt) . The second night, I left out the yogurt and gave them a tbsp of an approved veg each and same with fruit. They ate the those but the bml was untouched. Should I be worried? They've been in their bonding pouch a lot with me and today they both stopped crabbing when they saw it was me transferring them into the pouch from the cage. They both let me pet their heads with my finger too.
What should I do tonight? Should I just give them the bml cubes to remove choice ? If they don't eat tonight should I prepare the petglider diet instead? Their other home alternated every few weeks. I also looked into the hpw, I can order the ingredients from but it would take a few days to get here. I live in Ontario and getting the critter love diet is a no go. Shipping and exchange rate is too high.

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01/05/17 11:32 AM From Oklahoma

I just wanted to let everyone one know where i was from. I live in oklahoma.

SO hi everyone.

I know i did this a little backwards. I asked a ton of questions then introduced myself.

But i have always been alittle backwards lol..

119 Views · 2 Comments
01/02/17 10:50 PM New Suggie Mommy (who needs help!)

Hello all! My name is Jess! I am a new sugar bear mom! I have 2 young gliders, 1 male and 1 female, they are approx. 13 weeks OOP I believe. I have had them for a month (the male about a month and a half) and we got them from a reputable USDA exotic local breeder. When we got our female we noticed the end of her tail was bare like missing fur. We brought that up as an obvious concern and he told us it was just from stress and she would stop over grooming when we got her home and settled in. Well we got her home and we were able to put them in the same cage because they were raised together and are only a week apart and they are still young. We have never witnessed her hurting herself but just recently it has gotten worst and now the breeder wont answer our questions and concerns we have about her. She finally started to open up to us bonding wise and we are finally able to pick her up (she's a biter) and last night I checked her tail, it's gotten worst. I feel a kink in her tail so I believe she is SM because it got damaged in the cage the breeder had her in (he had a bunch of them in a cage and about half of them had damaged and severed tails) so I made an appointment with our exotic vet here in town and luckily we have a really good one I hear. We have never witnessed her tail bleeding or anything like that, we just noticed the damage is worst and the bone is exposed. I feel as if I want to blame the breeder for not addressing this and now ignoring us on the issue (we never signed anything when we bought her releasing them as at fault) does anyone know what a typical tail amputation costs? She seems overall healthy and happy other than keeping her tail curled and my male leaves her tail alone. She is on a BML diet and I only feed them the strict fruit and veggies each night. They are picky and don't get many treats other than yogurt but she eats and drinks very well and stool is normal and she loves to play. Just want to know what to expect when we go into her appointment for her poor tail frown So sad for my baby girl Cloud <3

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01/02/17 06:34 PM Soon to be new mom

I am adopting my first glider. I get him this weekend. I have asked loads of questions and read what ever i could find. Anyone have advice.

2 human babies
5 arfs
2 meows,
1 bubble
and soon to come Pips

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12/27/16 07:53 PM Hello

Just wanted to say hello.

Two weeks ago we brought home two six month old brothers, Rascal and Widget.

At first I was a little worried about bonding with them being 6 months old already. However, I think Rascal and I are coming along nicely.

209 Views · 4 Comments
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by Rednlizzy97
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