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On behalf of the Owners, Administrators, and Moderators, welcome to the GliderCENTRAL Home Page. We have been serving the glider community for about nine years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to help Sugar Gliders and their owners with illness questions or general glider care. We are a PG rated board and do not approve of flaming or bashing. This board will not be involved in name calling, gossip or drama. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our Moderators, Administrators or the Owner.

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04/20/17 10:34 PM Hello! New here

Hello, my name isJessica and I'm new to the forum but not new to gliders. I had a colony years ago that I took in from a friend who couldn't keep them anymore. I had them a little over 5 years, but sadly they passed away one by one (they were older when I took them in). I just last week got a new little guy, and am on the hunt for a sister for him (he's already fixed). I'm enjoying the bonding process with just the one, as I'm finding it a lot easier than bonding with a colony.

I do live in an illegal state, but I've never had a problem getting vet care (I have a great exotic vet, that sees tons of illegal animals), food supplies, or anything else. I sew and have always made all of my own pouches, liners and toys. Besides sugar gliders, I have been owned by a few other illegal pets in the past, and I'm currently owned by a mini zoo. I am the proud fur mom to 2 small dogs, a cat, a cockatiel, a turtle, 2 rats, 2 guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, and now 1 sugar glider (soon to be 2).

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04/19/17 12:39 PM New Sugar Momma!

Hello all,

I became a new Sugar Momma this past December. I adopted Joey from a nearby resident who didn't want him anymore. I've always wanted a Sugar Glider but I could never afford the price. This lady sold me Joey (and all this supplies) for $75. So heck yeah I paid and ran! She had him for only a few months. I got him from her at 4 months old. She raised him to be a bra baby so I've continued this for him. He's happy to stay nestled in my bra while I clean and do whatever. I changed his diet when I got him from Hedgehog food to Vitasmart kibble and fresh fruit and veggies. His treats were dried mango so I use those, yogies, and now mealworms. I'm going to change his diet again to the BML diet at the suggestion of his vet. His first vet visit was the other day and he was given a clean bill of health. My next step for him is a larger cage. He's such a sweet boy and I am very happy to have him. My youngest son enjoys helping me with Joey. It's nice to have a backup caregiver. Playtime with Joey is inside a 2-man tent. We let him jump between us and crawl along the tent walls. I have a plate of treats out for him but he hasn't nibbled on them yet. I think he's too busy jumping around. I don't know that we are 100% bonded yet but if he gets scared he runs straight to my bra. He's also kneeded my back when he's inside my shirt and he's barked at me and won't be quiet until I take him out. I think we are on the right track.

Thank you for having me.

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04/15/17 10:05 AM Where Should I Get My Sugar Gliders?

I'm thinking about getting 2 Suggies soon. However... I haven't found a breeder yet. I've done all my research (Almost...). I already have a good cage (Double CN), i have fleece, i have a gluttonous rat, and i know what they need in order to survive. So this is all i need yet. If you have any ideas on where i should get them, that would be great.

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04/12/17 10:35 AM Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month

We have decided to have a Photo of the Month Contest which will start on the 15th of each month at NOON EST and end on the 20th of the same month at Midnight EST.

Contest Starts Saturday, April 15th at Noon, ending April 20th at Midnight dance

Voting will be done by a Poll so all members will be able to vote. This means all members in good standing will be eligible to participate :yes:

You may upload up to three photos until Poll time, however, only one photo may be entered in the Poll. If you have more than one photo in the entries at the time of the Poll,
the first one entered goes up

You will need to contact KarenE to have the two photos you do NOT want removed before Poll time.

Please read Rules and How to Upload Pictures Here.

So get those cameras ready and work with those camera shy gliders as well as those who are Little Divas.
It's time to show them off.

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04/05/17 03:31 PM New Mommy of Rescues

A little history...I have owned ferrets, dogs, cats, chinchillas, hamsters, etc throughout my lifetime. My littles (20, 15 and 8) are growing up on me quickly and baby fever kicked in after I lost my 10 year old doberman to auto-immune disease. We fought it for two years and the last attack she gave me "the look" so I took her to the emergency vet to be put to sleep. She is now peacefully resting in her urn in the living room.

A friend of mine had a colony of suggies when we were young and I was always intrigued with them. She shared them with me when I would visit and I grew very fond of them. I witnessed the bond and knew enough about them to know I wanted to get a pair.

I contacted a breeder and found some lovely young ladies but my wife decided we should rescue instead. I knew this was going to be challenging but we are up to it. We started looking and found two males that were in need of a new home. I asked tons of questions about them, the care they were receiving, etc and knew that these little boys needed a new home ASAP. I picked them up Sunday. They are 7 months and 8 months out of pouch and came from a "breeder" originally (sounds like someone who is irresponsible and let his pets breed several times to me) and were supposedly put together at a young age. They do seem to be very bonded to each other so no issues there. The family that had them knew nothing about them except what the "breeder" told them and they were feeding them cat food with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds mixed in. I have placed them on BML diet and bonding is going really well. They go for their vet check and neuter Saturday morning (the earliest the vet could get us in).

The first night we didn't handle them much and let them get used to their new home and our voices. It didn't take long to realize that we def do not have two males. At first we thought it was possible that we had one intact male and one neutered male but after some additional bonding time and closer inspection...we have one male and one female. Keeping fingers crossed that we don't end up with any joeys BUT last night Diesel (male) was extra oily during playtime and Moxy (female) was very timid which is not like her. I'm going to get a temporary cage to separate them after work today because my son called when he got home from school saying Diesel was making weird noises and being a little aggressive to Moxy. I'm really hoping she didn't get pregnant already.

Sorry for the novel but wanted to introduce myself.

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04/04/17 01:09 PM Another New Glider Guy Here

We just got our first glider from a regional breeder at a local show. He's a real cutie of course. Like most newbies I'm a bit intimidated by the "bonding" period. I'm only on day 3 and although I'm making progress it seems like he'll never like me LOL.

I'm not new to exotics but I'm a chameleon guy. The glider (Dr. Cornelius Squibbles if you must know) is something my wife and kids fell in love with immediately. I think he's great and look forward to bonding with him and getting him a cage mate very soon.

Aric Keith

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