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Today at 11:10 AM
Tucker is a Grandpa again!
by KarenE
Today at 10:02 AM
RV Life with Gliders?
by KarenE
Today at 09:58 AM
Giardia testing, etc
by kidqwik
Today at 09:24 AM
New and in need of advice !
by TwoDog
(aka - ComradeFluffyPants)
Today at 06:18 AM
What tent do you use?
by Ladymagyver
Today at 04:00 AM
balding spots/overgrooming, need advice
by Feather
Yesterday at 04:18 PM
Bonding update
by Alan
Yesterday at 03:00 PM
On the road again!
by Ladymagyver
Yesterday at 01:19 AM

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03/23/17 05:03 PM Jubilee's new mom - just saying hi!

I just adopted my first glider. He's a two year old male saved from a less-than ideal situation. I've been reading everything I can. He was very underweight when I got him. Tested for parasites but thankfully clean. Just depressed, lonely and being fed a poor diet. I switched him to TPG and he's gained six grams already. After his neutering next week and as soon as he's clear, he'll be getting a new girlfriend. I'm experienced with exotics. I have an 18 year old saltwater reef, I breed bearded dragons and used to own a cockatoo and Amazon parrot. I'm looking forward to learning from the experts on these little guys.

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03/21/17 12:03 PM Soon to be Sugar Daddy!

Sugar Glider that is...

Hi, my name is Ryan. I will be getting my fuzzbutts in a couple of weeks and can hardly wait. I've been researching for a couple of months on diets, behaviors, toys, etc. I know I have more to learn, but I'm pretty sure that I have the necessities down. I will be getting two creaminos (male and female), whom I lovingly named Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. I just can't wait to get them home to start the bonding process.

I've been following the forums for a while and find most of the info extremely valuable and informative. I guess you can call me a lurker, until now. I'll probably still lurk though... smile

About me:
I am a fact checker, and that drives my fiance nuts. I am also a dog person but had to put my bud down 7 years ago and just couldn't get anything else to take his place. Until now! I am a pretty out going person for the most part, easy to get along with. I have the patience of a rock. I can take a lot before I break. Just a quick introduction basically. I look forward to taking part of the glider festivities!

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03/18/17 11:44 AM New suggie dad

Hi everyone!! My name is Alan, and tonight I'll be possibly the new dad of 2 female joeys!! I have a smallish cage (only about 15 inches instead of 24 across) for the next few days while the HQ comes in from Amazon. I know it's tiny, but it's high and I figure might be a good cage if I have to visit my parents with them or separate them for health or something. The new one is large and should be here soon.

I got a wheel from Petsmart. I was seeing plastic wheels on here, and normally the 12 inch size. I just read a post, however, where it said a mesh wire wheel was better for them to hang on to? I have a hedgehog as well, and I tend to lean away from wire mesh wheels because of the toenails getting caught. Do I want the 12 inch size and a mesh one instead?

Right now I have a branch for them to climb on, clip on feeder bowls, water bottles, a hammock and sleep set from the breeder, their food mixing (which I will look into changing depending on what it is) and a vet appointment set up for Tuesday. I only say maybe I'll have them as I want to see how healthy they are and such, it's a lot of money and I want to make sure I'm investing properly.

Do you think I need anything else? Also toys I have a hanging plastic piece, some fleece pieces and a hanging rope loop, which I will watch for fraying. I'm just thinking of the wheel if it isn't right I would rather get the right one.

Sorry this is so long, I'm new with a TON of questions but I've been creeping here for a few weeks to see how everything goes and what to get.


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03/16/17 06:12 AM new guy intro

Hi all,
figured it was time to post and say hello(was trying to get pics of my guys 1st but its harder than I thought)
I have had my 2 brothers since the last weekend of February.
these 2 could not be more different, one is scared to leave the pouch once outside of the cage(except for a treat) , the other wants to see how many times he can jump on my head before play time is over. I will do tent time earlier tonight so maybe I can get pictures while they are groggy

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03/14/17 05:19 PM New Forum-Articles & Blogs

We have opened a new Forum titled Articles & Blogs which you will find in the Good of the Glider Section of the Board.

This forum is where Articles will be stored as well as a place for Blog posts to be shared. Special access will be required to post, however, these Articles and Blogs may be referenced and linked in other posts.

Articles and Blogs in this forum will be able to be easily updated by the original poster should they need to be, especially in the case of the Blogs.

This forum will be in addition to the Articles which can be found in the Left Column of the Page, and we hope will be more easily accessible.

Should you wish to submit an Article or Special Interest Blog, please contact KarenE, Feather or Philwojo.

345 Views · 8 Comments
03/13/17 11:20 PM Looking for Gliders in Virginia Beach

I'm in Virginia Beach and researching places to buy a pair of gliders. Does anyone have any sellers to suggest? Thanks.

214 Views · 5 Comments
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