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Bonding three males
by Feather. 04/01/20 11:43 PM
So,,,What Are You Doing...
by KarenE. 03/31/20 09:59 AM
WFB or platinum?
by Feather. 03/29/20 10:43 AM
Male Bloated Butt (rectum area?)
by Feather. 03/27/20 08:51 PM
Average weight for male and female gliders?
by Feather. 03/23/20 01:35 PM
Houseplants in the Sug's room
by KarenE. 03/23/20 09:59 AM
pouch patterns or tutorials
by Ladymagyver. 03/22/20 03:41 PM
Mom escaped last night
by Anonymous. 03/16/20 12:45 AM
Lost Khaymen
by KarenE. 03/15/20 10:18 AM

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03/08/20 01:00 AM Taking care of son's gliders.
Hello, we have been caring for these 2 little guys for the last couple of years. They are Maverick an Goose. They are both neutered but one started hurting the other. I have them in separate cages now. The one smaller one has had a rough couple months. He has been on antibiotics and eye drops. He has been grooming so much he has lost the fur off his tail and it looks like he is self mutilating. Any thoughts on what I can do t help him?
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03/02/20 02:46 PM Passing of Two Members
Wanda Smallwood aka Wanda passed February 12, 2020. She was a member here for a long time giving help to many.
[Linked Image]
Connie Small aka Suggiemom1980 a long time member passed Thursday February 27, 2020. Connie devoted many hours helping owners and gliders. She did the same with her skin family.
[Linked Image]
Please post any further stories or information you have about these wonderful ladies. They will be missed by so many.
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03/01/20 05:35 PM Help, I'm trying to register
Hi, I am looking to get sugar gliders and I was referred to come here but when I try to register and login it says it can't be found. Can someone help me get it right, Please?
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02/29/20 04:49 PM New to GC - Looking to Adopt senior glider

I have had Caesar for almost 10 years. I actually got him from one of those mall displays. Concerned concerned their legitimacy, I went to a small local breeder to get him a companion. This was before I knew they weren't really regulated, and how big of a problem inter breeding is. We tried twice, and both babies died of birth defects.

I'm pretty sure I actually posted here. Before a few years ago, and I may have put this in the wrong forum. Caesar needs a companion. He is over grooming out of probably boredom and stress from not having a cage mate. He's also much older than most gliders you can get from breeders, and to be honest I dont really trust them at this point.

I am trying to find a companion for him that is 6 or more years old, since he's already 10 himself. I joined GC in the Hope's that this community may have some recommendations on where I can start.

Thank you,
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02/27/20 10:01 PM New to Glider Central
Hello all!

I am a longtime animal caretaker turned first time suggie mom about a year ago. I was contacted by a rescue about taking in a unhandled 3 year old male glider. I had never even thought about owning a sugar glider, but I am always for expanding my animal caretaking knowledge so i figured why not. Well it was a lot of work, and some learning curves, and sorting through countless husbandry debates but I feel like I am in a great place with my little glider. We are finally bonded and he has completely tamed fact I am thinking its time to get him a family!

I decided to join this forum because I have two questions I would really love some input on

#1: Trio of males
I am going to meet another male glider today that may be a good match for mine.The glider in question is currently living with another young male. Should I just adopt them both? What are your thoughts on trios of males?

#2 Diet
My current glider would not touch TPG, so I fed him BML for about 8 was fine, but i just wasn't convinced he was at peak health. Mind you I followed the instructions to the letter. I have recently transitioned to the Suncoast Sugar Glider Diet. I was originally EXTREMELY skeptical over diets with pellets...for no real reason, just indoctrination I suppose. Anyway I have been loving the results, my suggie has been such a good eater and has never had a weight or coat as nice as he has now. What is the general consensus over this diet? Anyone else use it?

Thanks all!!
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01/27/20 08:48 PM Back again after 15+ years
I had a pair of sugar gliders over 15 years ago. They were an older pair who had two previous litters of joeys and weren't handled by their previous owner so it wasn't an ideal situation.

Things have really changed in 15 years. There is so much more information and all the food options. I don't think there were any dry foods specifically for gliders and I only knew of BML as a mixed diet. Plus all the supplies specifically for gliders. Etsy was barely a thing 15 years ago, let alone all the people who sew just for sugar gliders. Where does one start?

After raising my 3 children and looking at an empty nest, I decided now was a good time for a sugar glider.I picked up my little girl joey yesterday. I haven't decided on a name yet, but seeing all the names on the forums has been inspirational.

I know gliders live in colonies and do best with a minimum of two, but I am hoping to bond with my little girl before I introduce a second glider. Is that a good idea? What time frame should I give for bonding with this glider before looking for a second one?

Looking forward to learning from all of you once again.
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Bonding three males
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WFB or platinum?
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Male Bloated Butt (rectum area?)
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Average weight for male and female gliders?
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Houseplants in the Sug's room
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So,,,What Are You Doing...
by KarenE. 03/17/20 01:33 PM
Mom escaped last night
by Anonymous. 03/16/20 12:45 AM
Lost Khaymen
by Feather. 03/14/20 10:21 AM
by KarenE. 03/12/20 10:54 AM
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