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Travel/side cage
by Terry
11:02 PM
May Photo of the Month Winner
by Ladymagyver
08:56 PM
Have A Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend
by KarenE
06:10 PM
They loved me, now they hate me :(
by Glamper
06:06 PM
growth spurts = more food?
by Glamper
06:02 PM
Cage sets ready to go
by Ladymagyver
05:57 PM
On the right track?
by Alan
01:05 PM
Toys! Toys! Toys!!!
by Lynsie
11:36 AM
Coconut hut suggestions
by KarenE
10:51 AM
Another Birthday!
by KarenE
09:42 AM

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Feather/Kim & Tucker


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05/16/17 06:26 AM Please help me

I'm not new but, I didn't know where to go for help. I have way to many questions to ask in one place. I lost another glider this weekend. I have only 2 left and I'm completely out of money and scared for Mom.

I will try to simplify what's happened from the beginning. I was given a pocket pet glider from my sister (Xena). I came here and learned a little more than I knew when I agreed to take her. She needed a friend and a bigger home, I got her both, the friend was an unneutered male(Rex). I got him neutered and introduced them and it worked beautifully until he died. I searched for another companion glider for Xena, and found Belle. A year younger than Xena was young enough, she wasn't a baby but, was living with her mom and dad and needed a new home. Yay, sterilizing gliders in my county is really expensive and 2 girls that are used to company have a good chance of working.. So she was pregnant and I was advised not to put them together in case Xena killed the babies before they were even born. New cage and a whole new glider set up. Belle had 2 babies (Ren & Weiss). Ren died very young. Belle took it really hard. So I had Xena in one cage and Belle & Weiss in another, I was going to try to put all 3 together but, Weiss would not accept Xena. Soon Weiss got huge and I was afraid to keep trying. Belle and Xena are both tiny girls. Xena has been "alone" most of her life. She is my daughters companion and her classes pet glider.(high school vet assistant program)

Weiss died this weekend. I want to put Xena and Belle together. I moved her to Xenas old pocket pet little cage right next to Xenas cage. I can not afford new anything. Is there a way to get the territory smells out of the bedding or the cage? They have lived in the same room for a long time. Do they already have each others scents? How long should I keep them near each other before I attempt an introduction. It's been 3 days. Belle has/had a big cage but, it smells like her and Weiss. I don't know what to do. Help

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05/15/17 11:58 AM And then.. There were three! And four next weekend!

Ok. So like.. We ended up getting a baby Cremeino this weekend. She is addorraabbble! And has a different personality than Kara and Lilo. The exotic pet store where I got her from along with Lilo and Kara last Feb threw in another baby grey for free because we're such good customers there! :-o She won't be able to come home until weekend though. Here's a pic of the still to yet unnamed baby girl!

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05/13/17 04:32 PM May Photo of the Month Contest

May Photo Contest

Starts Monday, May 15th @ Noon CST


Ends Monday, May 22nd @ 9 PM CST

Voting Poll Will Be Announced Shortly After May 22nd

Same rules posted below apply:

You may upload up to three photos until Poll time, however, only one photo may be entered in the Poll. If you have more than one photo in the entries at the time of the Poll,
the first one entered goes up

You will need to contact KarenE to have the two photos you do NOT want removed before Poll time.

Please read Rules and How to Upload Pictures Here.

Be sure to upload your photos UNDER the RED Photo Contest Rules in the Contest Forum NOT the Archives Forum wink

So get those cameras ready and work with those camera shy gliders as well as those who are Little Divas.
It's time to show them off.

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05/08/17 08:24 AM Salutations. New to the board

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jenn and I live in Atlanta. I have been lurking at this board for a little bit finally decided to join so I can join in the festivities. I am currently Momma/ slave to two beautiful Gliders. I rescued Navi in October of 2016. I had to get her a friend so I adopted Gunner just after the new year. Hello everyone I am happy to be here.

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05/06/17 02:48 AM New Daddy Day 2. Nothing but sleeping and I'm freaking out!

Hello dads and moms,

I had my sugar gliders for 2 days now. The first night they were dropped off at 8pm and then they slept till 11pm and stayed up until about 9am.

Today they have been sleeping ever since and it's going on 3am here. One of them came out briefly for a few minutes ate a bit and then went back in the pouch.

I know I'm probably freaking out for no reason, but I just wanted to be sure and wanted peoples experiences with this subject. Any help is appreciated and thanks again!

579 Views · 11 Comments
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Have A Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend
by KarenE
06:10 PM
Travel/side cage
by Alan
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May Photo of the Month Winner
by KarenE
01:00 PM
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by kidqwik
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05/25/17 10:30 PM
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May Photo of the Month Contest Poll
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05/23/17 01:36 PM
They loved me, now they hate me :(
by Glamper
05/23/17 01:19 PM
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