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Hey Feather!!!
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Underweight Glider
by Feather. 11/12/21 05:56 PM
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09/04/21 05:23 PM New glider parent here
I adopted a glider about 5 months ago. He was traumatized by his previous owners. They had dogs that would constantly go after the cage, let their kids hold him in his pouch and did not monitor them, had him in a room isolated by himself, and hardly paid any attention to him. They were giving him apple juice to drink, and a basic kibble that wasn't even ment for gliders. I have him on the critter love diet along with a fresh salad (following one of the critter love recipes), kibble for gliders, a couple of mealworms and a yogi treat. He has hi choice of what he wants each night. He goes for his nectar and salad first and sometimes ignores the treats so I'm not worried about him over eating. My daughter and I have made a lot of progress with Duckie. He no longer crabs and lunges when he hears us (he would attack the sides of his cage if we got to close). He let's us pet him and give him treats now as well as pick him up if he is in his pouch al long as we don't close it. He will let us pet him while he is eating as well. He doesn't let us pick him up yet and that is fine (baby steps). He is about 1.5 yrs oop. He recently started bitting for no reason and no warning. It started as little nips but now it is getting painful. He took a chunk out of my husband's finger a week ago. I noticed last night after he bit me a few times that he didn't seem annoyed or anything and he would look at me expectantly after bitting me. At one point he bit me particularly hard then went over to his pile of fuzzies. When I moved one of his fuzzies he started to bat at it like a cat and would nip it. He didn't Crab at me while he did this and he would leap on to the side of his cage then look at me like he was waiting for something. So I "played" with him using the fuzzie. Is his new bitting behavior his was of saying "Hey Play with me?".
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08/10/21 05:41 AM Adopt vs Shop
Hi! I’m new to the forum, and still trying to figure it out. I’ve wanted to get sugar gliders for many many years now, and now that I’m an adult with a stable job and income I feel ready to FINALLY get some little sugar gliders! I’m curious though other’s opinions on adopting can shopping, my family has always adopted animals from shelters, or took in rehomed, so I wondering what others think about adopting or getting rehomed gliders vs getting a baby from a breeder. I know it is a lot harder to bond with an adult glider, and since they would my first gliders it could be really difficult. But I really do love being able to give an animal a second chance and a good home. Also there are not many breeders near me, and I don’t really want to go through the process of shipping. Any suggestions or opinions would be great! Also if anyone knows any good breeders in the Washington area, I’ve seen links to some, but most of them seem to not be active anymore.
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07/02/21 11:56 PM The Passing of a Member
It is so sad we must post the passing of another GliderCENTRAL member, Josefine Vodenik, known as Josefine on the board. She cared deeply for her very spoiled gliders. Here is what her husband posted.

Josefine Vodenik, age 68 of Perry, passed away on Thursday, July 1, 2021, at the Dallas County Hospital in Perry, IA. Visitation will be held on Monday, July 5, 2021, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. with a Celebration of Life Memories at 5:30 p.m. at the Carris Family Funeral Home & Cremation Care in Perry. In lieu of flowers, memorials will be given to the Raccoon River Pet Rescue in Perry and may be left at the Carris Family Funeral Home & Cremation Care.
Please no flowers, those who knew her well, knew she didn't want cut flowers, because she felt someone killed them to give them to her.
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06/29/21 07:31 PM newbie but not
Hi all,
From Rutland VT.
I have a lovely lil mosaic with babies in pouch..... her name is Fern
I also have a lil man that is a BB who at times can be a cranky boy.
Today while he was in his bonding pouch he fought all morning to unzip his pouch. LOL he would try and try and then crab over and over because he could not do it. He must have annoyed Fern because she crabbed at him and gave him a swat
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06/15/21 01:11 PM So to be a Parent

Hello everyone, I am about to be a new parent to 2 gliders, I have been reading a lot studying a lot, and still got no definitive answers so I found this place maybe you can lay to rest some of my concerns or worries.

My first concern is that I read and heard they like to pee on everything is this true I mean if I have them out playing on the sofa and whatnot will they pee on my furniture, and rugs and so forth?

What about my morning walks I have heard it is OK to take my gliders on walks with me either in a pouch or sitting on my shoulders, do I have to think about some sort of leash as I am afraid they might run away while on walk and out and about?

Thanks\I am sure as I learn from them I will have more questions
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05/02/21 04:21 AM Hi I’m New!
Hi sugar glider community!

I’m new here!
I’ve had my sugar glider for about 3 months his name is Pikachu & there is something reddish pink coming out of his cloaca, I read online it his penis but I just want to make sure, I have pics also but can’t attach them because they are larger than what can be uploaded (488KB) , I’m worried & I just want to know that the red thing protruding out is normal,

Thank u!
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