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PLEASE HELP. Glider showing dominance???
by Mackenzie314. 08/18/19 10:51 PM
My baby doesnt chirp?
by KarenE. 08/16/19 10:18 AM
Dietary suggestions for a newbie?
by Claralice. 08/15/19 08:52 PM
Glider hit fan - HELP!
by the_eidolon. 08/15/19 03:38 PM
Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!!
by Srlb. 08/14/19 01:04 PM
Help with my new girl.
by Ladymagyver. 08/13/19 10:34 PM
New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy
by KarenE. 08/12/19 11:23 AM
Posting Guidelines
by KarenE. 08/11/19 04:17 PM
Cats and Gliders Getting Along?
by the_eidolon. 08/11/19 11:34 AM

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08/16/19 03:28 AM My baby doesnt chirp?
Hi! I'm Allison and I'm new to this whole sugar glider thing. I have one baby his name is Petree, I've had him for about a month now.

My sister also adopted a glider at the same time, and hers is always making these cute chirping noises, I read online that could mean I love you or just plain talking.

Something I have noticed, however, is that my baby doesnt make those noises,and we had kinda a rough start with bonding, he crabbed at me a whole lot and his usual form of communication is crabbing only when hes like grumpy which is typical. Does anyone know why he doesnt make those noises? Is he just a quiet glider? Does anyone else have/had this issue? Any help would be appreciated

Thanks !! smile
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08/12/19 02:31 AM New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy
In order to better serve the glider community, I have deleted the 50 post requirement to place glider ads in Classifieds, unless approved by an Administrator, which was implemented long ago when we felt it was necessary. Every registered member should now be able to see and post in Classifieds.

The Rules regarding ads have also changed. Please read here rather than under the Board Rules & Policies.

Rescue Me has changed a little also, however, not much from how it was before. Please read here.

Any questions/comments may be posted here or PM me.
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08/11/19 07:38 AM Help with my new girl.
I did not realize this was a new parent firm so a bit ago I posted a concern that my new girl was acting strange. Thanks to hood advice I just wanted it out and she is ok now.:).

Just a bit of back story so you understand why I’m so fussy, she has only 3 legs due to an infected wound on her leg when she was just 6 weeks old. She had to have the leg amputated and then wear a cone because she chewed out the first set of stitches. I know she has been through so much already and I’m trying very hard not to upset her more especially while I have her all to myself. Her cage mate will not be coming home with us until the end of August because the vet could not get him in for neuter until then.

I do have new concern that I can’t find any information about wether or not it is bad to pick up my new glider with my hands. All of the information I found about bonding says give it time, be patient and such and I am doing all of that as well as I take her pouch from the cage and give her lickey treats then lots of pets while she sleeps in her pouch in my lap. I talk to her a lot when I’m in the room with her and when I’m cleaning and rearranging her cage. She doesn’t crab at me when I pet her and as long as I don’t jostle her when I pull out her pouch. But I have not picked her up with my hands since I first bought her home 3 weeks ago. She bit me, not hard but it was obvious she did not want me to grab her so I don’t. I know that every interaction with these sweet babies you are either earning or burning trust so I’m trying not to burn it. But I am now worried that if given the option she will never let me pick her up and if I don’t male it a habit now I will pay the price for it later. I read everything here I could about bonding but there is nothing specific about wether It matters if I pick them up by hand or not. It might not matter once she is bonded to me but I don’t know...

Please help
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08/06/19 02:55 AM Hello, I’m new!!
Hi, I’m new to sugar gliders, GC, all of it. We started with one while keeping an eye out for a second to keep her company... within 2 days we found a bonded pair of in-tact female and male gliders. My original thought process was to put the girls together and get the male neutered so he could rejoin and make a colony... well when we picked the pair up we found out from the owner that the female was going to be a mommy and supposedly she is having twins! (I’m not sure how to tell it’s twins, but the pouch is moving and she’s definitely pregnant!!) With this realization I’m not sure how to go about things - if we should put our lone girl with the momma before the babies are OOP? Or wait until the babies are out, eyes are open and they can hold their own? Should we leave the momma and daddy in their own cage indefinitely...?? Our lone girl seems relatively happy on her own in her cage, she can see the other two and they chatter back and forth... I’m at a loss for now. Any advice is appreciated! ☺️
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08/02/19 07:09 AM My boys!
I brought my twin boys home on July 3rd! They are doing great and I just got their adorable cage set in the mail yesterday! Leroy is much more accepting of treats and attention than Stitchy. But they both love their yogurt bites. Leroy loves mealworms as treats but Stitch hates them. I am now at the point that I rarely get bitten and they don't seem disturbed by my hands but not yet at the point that they can be trusted to not get lost in my room during playtime. They were 6 months old when I brought them home. Leroy goes out of his way to check me for goodies and will jump on me to get elsewhere. I have been trying to do more pouch time but this tends to lead to some crabbing. I just made my second batch of tpg diet and they like this batch much better! I want my babies to bond better with me so I can fully enjoy their company and they can feel comfortable and loved. Any advice besides continuing pouch time and giving them treats often?
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07/30/19 02:37 AM Prayers for Dawn/Ladymagyver

Our hearts are breaking for our friend Dawn and her family as they grieve the loss of Granddaughter, 16 year old Amara, in a tragic car accident. Her sister Camryn is in the hospital with multiple injuries.

Here is the News Story about the accident.

Please keep Dawn and the family in your hearts and prayers as they go through this time.

Originally Posted by Dawn
Our granddaughter died in a car crash and we have a second granddaughter in the hospital. Brad's son has posted on FB and I shared it on my feed.

Amara was the rock and the glue for my stepson's family. She had so many hopes and dreams on top of her being a genius. In her 16.5 years, she has touched the hearts of hundreds of people.

I've had one good cry, but my eyes leak all through my waking hours. The loss is undescribable. And yes, my grandkids are supposed out live me. Now I understand why

[Linked Image]

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PLEASE HELP. Glider showing dominance???
by Mackenzie314. 08/18/19 10:51 PM
My baby doesnt chirp?
by PetreesParent. 08/15/19 11:28 PM
Glider hit fan - HELP!
by Anonymous. 08/13/19 11:46 AM
New ClassifiedCENTRAL Policy
by KarenE. 08/11/19 10:31 PM
Posting Guidelines
by KarenE. 08/11/19 04:17 PM
Help with my new girl.
by Misti. 08/11/19 03:38 AM
Joey Care
by wvglidermomma. 08/08/19 12:06 PM
Critter Love® Has JOEYS!!!
by Srlb. 08/08/19 10:54 AM
Hello, I’m new!!
by SleepyPanda. 08/05/19 10:55 PM
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