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New Freedom Stealth Wheel by Atticworx
by Dallie
Today at 09:46 AM
by KarenE
Today at 09:44 AM
poor Kahless
by mechnut450
Today at 09:24 AM
SpinZone Global™
by Dallie
Today at 08:29 AM
My Female Glider used to Love me
by TlcMager
Yesterday at 11:57 PM
by Feather
Yesterday at 07:52 PM
Male glider mangled female glider
by Terry
Yesterday at 04:43 PM
Somewhat new Sugar Glider Baby Mama
by Sandeewhispers
09/23/17 07:27 AM
by 1daddyglider1
09/23/17 01:19 AM
by Ladymagyver
09/22/17 10:12 PM

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Our main goal at GliderCENTRAL is the Good of the Glider, and to help owners help and care for their gliders. These rules are not intended to censor anyone, they are here to protect our members.

1. Do not share your registration. Each member may have only ONE account. If you do not remember your login name or password, please contact us. All members must keep a current, working email address at all times.

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4. GliderCENTRAL is a family oriented board moving towards a "PG" rather than a "G" rating. Be polite, courteous and respectful to other board members at all times. This means illegal substances, illegal activities, flaming, sexually explicit subjects, spamming, harassing, policing, diet bashing, and abusive or negative personal posts are not allowed. Posts and sometimes entire topics that contain such content will be removed, and the poster(s) may be warned, suspended or banned at the discretion of the board administrators. Abuse, flaming or inappropriate comments directed toward GliderCENTRAL, its Moderators and Administrators, or failure to comply with the direction of a Moderator or Administrator, the poster(s) may be warned, suspended or banned at the discretion of the board administrators. Please keep any personal matters off the board. Take it to email or PM. Please keep in mind that board rules do apply when using the PM feature.

Rule 4 violations:
  • First offense = Will be a warning or suspension depending on severity.
  • Further offense's = actions will be determined by admin.
  • Third offense = Will be decided by GliderCENTRAL admin.
5. Fundraisers including but not limited to auctions, sales of services or goods intended for non-profit use must be approved by the Board Administration before being posted on GliderCENTRAL. Solicitation for free or price-reduced gliders, donations, or goods is not permitted without prior approval of Administration.

Raffles are considered a form of gambling. As gambling laws vary State to State, we will not approve the posting of any raffle or raffle type fundraisers.

6. Do not suggest medication dosages. It is very important for everyone to understand that gliders must be taken to a Vet for proper treatment of many injuries and illnesses. GliderCENTRAL will not be responsible for any treatments given to your gliders because of the advice of any member or staff. Our strong advice is that you take your glider to a Vet for medical advice and treatments.

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  • Avatars: must be in good taste and not violent or sexual in nature.
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  • Images: Are allowed, sparingly, when it adds to the post's understanding.
  • Gremlins/Smilies: Only board smilies are allowed.
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  • Links: to news sites as well as other sites such as blogs are permitted as long as the page being linked to complies with Rule 4. Links to personals (dating sites) and other sites that do not comply with Rule 4 will not be allowed.
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    8. Classifieds

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    Ads will stay for 30 days.
    • Advertising is not allowed on the forums except in the ClassifiedCENTRAL and must be glider related.
    • You may have one ad in each subforum. You may only bump(or respond to) your ad once within a 7 day period.
    • Ads can be posted by the seller or buyer only. No third party ads. Please keep chit chat to a minimum.
    • No posting for the rehoming of rescues in ClassifiedCENTRAL.
    • Please read here about posting in RescueCENTRAL.
    • Links to auction sites such as Critterbin and ebay may be posted in the Auction forum only! Please do not post any "look what I found posts" for your or anyone elses auction. Please read here for further clarification.
    • Due to past issues, we will not allow trade/barter posts.
    • Please read here for further classified clarification.

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    Yesterday at 07:57 PM
    by suggietakeover
    Yesterday at 02:50 PM
    My Female Glider used to Love me
    by TlcMager
    Yesterday at 08:33 AM
    Male glider mangled female glider
    by Luithicca
    09/22/17 10:20 PM
    by Feather
    09/22/17 05:30 PM
    Roxie is smaller than the others
    by kidqwik
    09/22/17 03:17 PM
    by Feather
    09/20/17 05:45 PM
    Brisbane Cage for Sale in NJ
    by kidqwik
    09/20/17 11:55 AM
    Milk or juice jug as nesting box?
    by Belladonafire
    09/20/17 11:08 AM
    It is time to Party!
    by Feather
    09/19/17 07:02 PM
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