This forum will take the place of Auction posting on the main board. 'Look what I found' threads will no longer be allowed on the board.

By posting within the Auction forum, you agree that you have read, understood, and will abide by all of the following. You also agree that your failure to adhere to any of the rules of this forum will result in the following consequences;
  1. Only Auction links will be allowed here.
  2. You are only allowed to have one thread in the Auctions forum at a time. Threads will not be removed earlier than two weeks from the post date. If you would like your thread removed, it will be your responsibility to notify either GliderNursery, or KarenE by PM or by using the 'Notify' button after the two weeks has passed. One of us will remove it when we can, no other staff will remove your post, so please do not ask. Should you notify us early, your post will not be removed and it will be your responsibility to notify us again when it has been two weeks.If you are found to have more than one thread in the forum at a time, they will all be removed and your privileges will be suspended (see below).
  3. You are only allowed to post your own auctions. No 'look what I found', or third party links in threads will be allowed.
  4. All other board rules and policies (in their entirety) still apply in this forum. This includes Rule 5 and means that you are not allowed to post any links to fundraising auctions without prior approval. This includes general links to your list of auctions if you are running fundraising auctions at any time your post is on the board.
    Auctions for the benefit of people, other animals, or for any non-glider related reason are not considered glider related and will rarely be approved. Just because you ask for approval does not mean your fundraising auction will be approved.
  5. As Rule 8 also applies here; auctions must be glider related. Auctions of non glider related items and/or services will not be allowed. This includes general links to your list of auctions if you are running non glider related items/auctions at any time your post is on the board.
Additional guidelines: Since there will be no replies to posts, please consider your title, text, links and pictures carefully before posting. As with any post on the board, you will have 36 hours, from your initial post time, to edit your post as you see fit (within GliderCENTRAL and Auctions forum rules).

Once the 36 hour edit window has passed, your post will remain on the board for the remainder of the two weeks and will not be edited by a Moderator, Admin or Owner, so please do not ask.

Do not assume that because you have requested your thread to be removed that you may post a new one. Only when your post has been removed from the forum may you post a new auction listing. (See #2, above)

Under NO circumstances will GliderCENTRAL, it's staff or owners, become involved in any dispute relating to or stemming from any link or Auctions posted in this forum. If you have a complaint or dispute relating to any auction, seller or buyer, please take it up with Paypal, your credit card company and/or the Auction Site.

We want to give the membership an area to post their Auctions, should they decide to do so. However, should these rules prove too difficult for people to follow or should we receive too many complaints about the Auction forum, it's rules, or consequences, we will close the forum and Auctions links will no longer be allowed anywhere on GliderCENTRAL.

  • First offense - 1 week suspension
  • Second offense - 3 month suspension
  • Third offense - 1 year suspension
  • Fourth offense - Permanent suspension

Karen & Eddie