The ELISA test doesn't test for aflatoxin specifically, it tests for either enzymes or antibodies (I just can't remember right now) that the body has made against it. It tests for the reaction the body has to the presence of Aflatoxin exposure, which is why you can determine exposure down the road but it doesn't mean that the toxin itself is still in the system (although some level of the damage always is, of course).

M1 is metabolized ('produced') by the body from active exposure to B1. Just like everything mom takes in, it is processed through the liver and comes out the other side as M1 (in milk and urine, as a matter of fact). Again, from my understanding, it is in the blood stream for a time until the liver processes it out, but that time it is in the blood stream is when it can cross the placental barrier as well as being transmitted through the blood. M1 is of concern where a baby is nursing from it's mother - but again, if the exposure is not ongoing it will not forever be in milk that mom produces as M1 is a metabolite itself and has to have B1 in the system to be produced.


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