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it never fails does it
by mechnut450
56 minutes 19 seconds ago
Pearler beads?
by Ladymagyver
Today at 06:56 AM
Golden harvest raw unfiltered honey
by Feather
Today at 01:05 AM
Vendor Temp Closings Due to Hurricanes
by Claralice
Yesterday at 11:37 PM
Spoke to Glider Vet today
by Claralice
Yesterday at 06:51 PM
New everything
by Feather
Yesterday at 02:03 PM
Gave new glider 3 crickets, should i be worried
by Feather
Yesterday at 01:48 PM
New Noise: MUFFLED CRABBING SOUND... what does it mean? HELP
by Feather
Yesterday at 01:41 PM
by KarenE
Yesterday at 09:35 AM
Emergency? Urgent? Neither?? But my girl is dying and needs help
by Feather
01/18/18 11:23 PM

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#653795 - 10/09/08 04:55 PM The Pet Glider!
SugareeErin Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/21/08
Posts: 3843
Loc: Lisle, Illinois
Priscilla updated her site and has so many gorgeous mosaics up you guys OMG! I'm just drooling roflmao

:leu: Sugaree Gliders :rtmo:

Simba, Nala, Rain, Snow & Sugaree

Shadowdancer, Sugar Magnolia, Sunshine Daydream, Winter, Twinkle, Twilight, Everlette, Sparkle, Polar Bear, Indigo & Willow

#653812 - 10/09/08 05:21 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: SugareeErin]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/01/06
Posts: 21060
Loc: Kansas
I'm almost afraid to go look... shakehead

#653975 - 10/09/08 09:37 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: LSardou]

ooooohhhhh... I always drool over her mosaics... if I weren't full up right now, and had a couple thousand laying around, they'd be MINE, ALL MINE!!!! Not to mention spoiled rotten... I just LOVE my little Keito that I got from her.

#654039 - 10/09/08 10:44 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: ]

I'm loosing worried my mind heart roflmao clap over those white tail mosaics she has

#654044 - 10/09/08 10:52 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: ]
USMom Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 05/11/05
Posts: 7356
Loc: Austin, TX
Stop bumping this!!!! I don't need anymore temptation!!!! exclamation
Who are you networked with? Networking could save your gliders life. Create one now.

#654049 - 10/09/08 10:56 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: ]

Okey. agree
I lost my mind today. shakehead roflmao thanks dunno
I saw it! mlove heart heart heart
I already know what I'm gonna dream with, clap tonight

#654065 - 10/09/08 11:15 PM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: ]
sweetheart26 Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 07/12/07
Posts: 3305
Loc: USA
lol we all have a right to dream about having one smile

mom to sugar gliders storm,thunder,lighting,snowball,rosebud,winter,string,summer fall and sweet.

#654080 - 10/10/08 12:43 AM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: sweetheart26]

Eeeekk! So cute my dogs jumped out of their skins when I squealed. lol heart

#654083 - 10/10/08 12:58 AM Re: The Pet Glider! [Re: ]

LOL... I don't want to dream... sleep I just want to wake up finding one next to my pillow! heart roflmao clap
I think that's not to much to ask...
The problem is to get the money... confused And I'm working on that.
It's going to be a dream come true agree


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