What Is A Colony Alert?

A Colony Alert is the staff issuing warnings to inform the glider community of a person, persons, or a business entity that may not be on the up-and-up.

Only the Owners/Admins have the right to issue a Colony Alert, so if you have a situation that you feel deserves attention, please gather up your information and forward it to us here.

Guidelines For A Colony Alert

We, as the Owners of GliderCENTRAL, will only get involved when GliderCENTRAL is brought into the picture either through a direct sale as described below, through the SGH which is owned by GliderCENTRAL or by misrepresentation.

If the sale took place on GliderCENTRAL, and you believe you have a legitimate complaint, you MUST have placed an AD through ClassifiedCENTRAL OR been contracted through the PM system as a result of an Ad.

GliderCENTRAL will not look into three way trades or other alternative payments such as products, other animals, etc.

Complaints will only be accepted and reviewed within 4 months of the transaction.

There must be documented proof of any and all transactions or failed attempts to collect by either party involved.

Being contacted through the PM system as the result of a "brag post" does NOT constitute a deal taking place on GliderCENTRAL.

False reviews on SGH constitute involving GliderCENTRAL.

Karen & Eddie