Our second Colony Alert is for West Wind Critters . Otherwise known as Cleverwetnoodle and Westwindcritter here at GliderCENTRAL. As of last night these accounts have been banned.

We have issued this alert because of certain inconsistencies in their business practices. We have received many reports from members who have firsthand experience with this person. Complaints range from deception, misleading, and selling unhealthy gliders. These health issues include HLP (Hind leg paralysis) and Giardia. Gliders have been reported dead within days of purchasing gliders from this breeder. She is located in Utah and is frequently seen selling gliders from kiosks set up at gun shows, fairs, and malls.

Please use extreme caution in attempting to do business with West Wind Critters

she is also DBA "The Sugar Glider Shop" off 9000 So. in Sandy, UT

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