This forum will be used to list members on GliderCENTRAL who have sold items through GliderCENTRAL's Classifieds. This list will be compiled of those who do not warrant a colony alert, but for the protection of our members need to be listed to use EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with anyone placed on the list. The members on this list are those who no longer have permission to posts ads anywhere on GliderCENTRAL including their signature, profile and PM's. Please notify GC Administration if you are contacted by anyone on the list for the purpose of selling.

A name may be placed on the Classififed Alert either by having a documented complaint submitted to GliderCENTRAL admin at which time we will review such proof and make a decision. Please remember, the sale in question needed to either take place or be advertised through our classified system of the board. GliderCENTRAL Administration also reserves the right to place a name on the list after seeing and investigating activity that we feel could be injurious to our membership.

Noone will be placed on this list who has had their Ad locked for Rule violations or has been temporarily banned for Rule Violations.

Members and/or vendors may also be placed on this list for non-payment after reasonable efforts have been made to collect.

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