I would like to apologize to everyone as the board has been down since Christmas morning. At around 4 am I started to smell an electrical burning smell. After doing some investigating I discovered the servers power supply was the cause of the smell. In prevention of damaging other hardware in the server I shut the server down. I ordered an new on around 4:30 am Christmas morning, but since it was Christmas it would not be shipped out until Wednesday morning. I got the new power supply a few hours ago, replaced it, and let it run for a while. There is now no more burning smell and everything seems to be running ok with no further damage. Thank you all for your understanding, sorry for any inconvenience.

Well the snow has started to fall here at GliderCENTRAL and that only means one thing!!!! Thats right, it's time for this years annual snowball fight :snow: Get those hats and gloves on and stay warm, it may get nasty out there :bring:

We have just completed moving the forum over to our other server for some time while we consider some hardware upgrades. I have just moved the current avatars over to this server and all the styles. All post from the other server have been imported to this one. Members will need to edit their preferences to reset their style sheet for the board and maybe some other preferences. We may experiences some issues with email notifications so please be patient. If anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, please pm me about it and I will get on it when I can. I will be fixing the links in the header and the footer shortly. Thank you all for your patience and understanding wave

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