• We have created subforums for each of the forums under the glider care section. Our moderators have begun the task of Housekeeping. This means they are going through all the old posts, removing those that do not need to be kept and moving the ones that have great information into the proper subforum. This will make is easier for members, both seasoned and new to be able to search the forums and find what they are looking for easier. These subforums are read only, you will not be able to reply to any post in the subforums.

  • Along with the subforums, we will also be doing a FAQ under each glider care forum set up like the one we have in Board Help & Announcements. We hope by doing the this in conjunction with the subforms, it will allow everyone to find their answers in a faster and organized way.

  • After some time, I have finally reconstructed our GliderCENTRAL contact form. Members are now able to request new galleries, request permission to Teen Cafe, and contact us for various reasons.

  • Within the next month or two we will be upgrading the board software to the next version. There are many things happening in this upgrade and a lot of really nice features coming in the future.

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