For anyone that does not know or needs to refresh their memory

Abbie had pneumonia in her left lung.

Abbie's kidneys were failing.

Abbie's liver, adrenal gland, part of her intestine and mesentary test results came back that they were working overtime, or slightly enlarged.

Dr. Robertson said if we had given her a kemo treatment or pain meds of any kind, Abbie would not have made it 24 hours. Her kidneys would not have been able to filter any of it.

I just opened the "Promises Kept" thread to get he addy from, started re-reading, started sobbing uncontrollably again. I miss my matriarch, Abbie. I thought she was suffering and I was right. I did what I would want done for me if it were legal. My heart is breaking all over again, but is healing because I made the right choice.

Dr. Robertson is in the process of writing the paper, proof reading, re-writing, having others proof, re-write... Then when her paper is finally perfect, she is going to submit the paper to the "Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association" and to another online forum that I jotted down too quickly to remember what it all meant "Exotic ... Forum".