I got Holly 3 years ago. She was bought at a flea market as a gift for someone's 3 yr old daughter. The mother got hold of me wanting this rodent out of her house. When I went to pick her up the lady literally handed me her through the front door and shut it after me. When I looked inside the piece of fleece there was this tiny little girl. I would say she was maybe four weeks old.
Holly has always been my special baby. She never got past 80gr. She has always had a health issue. The latest started this summer. She was never healthy enough to do blood work.
This past September she got bad. I took her in and we had to get blood work. It was found that she was in the first stages of HLP. We started her on calcium (Neocalglucon). I put her and her mate in a small hospital cage to limit her movement. After a month on calcium you'd think I would have seen an improvement. Sunday when I went to get her out for playtime I noticed she had limited movement of her back legs. I called the vet and made an appointment to get her in first thing Tuesday. My vet does not work on Mondays.
On the way to the vet Tuesday morning she died in my hands.
I had a neocropsy done on her yesterday. It was discovered she had a bad gallbladder and her colon was blocked and ready to explode.
The vet said that the nerves that operate the legs also control the colon and she probably couldn't poop.
Holly was on BML the first two years and HPW her last year of life.
Dr. G is in contact with Dr. Tristan and will be sending Holly to him to do further testing if Dr.T wants her.
I want to do more research into what causes gallbladder issues. This is my second glider that has had a gall bladder issue.

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