Vu sustained what at first was a superficial wound next to his chest gland due to overmarking. (I had put another pair of gliders next to him and Deja to hopefully introduce someday ie: the overmarking.) Because of Vu's obesity, the scratch on his chest quickly became necrotic (due to the fatty tissue and blood/oxygen flow) and had to be removed resulting in 8 stitches.

Unable to use an e-collar, again because of his weight, we nursed the wound to almost complete healing after 4 weeks. I was lucky...he did not mess with his wound, or the jackets I made him, except for normal grooming. At this point in time is when things changed. I had decided to put a jacket on him for the weekend before his vet check up on Monday. There was a small spot that was still open and I believed it would give the stitched skin a little more time to heal before possibly having to get once last stitch. Bad idea.

That night, Vu chewed his entire chest open all the way to his lower abdomen and to his patagium. It was horrid. We went to the vet and came to the conclusion his quality of life would be so comprimised (if he survived the surgery) and it would be best to put him sleep. Vu had been losing weight due to the stress of being seperated from Deja, among other unknowns. By the time 4 weeks had passed, he had lost 20% of his body weight. Down to 214g, from 267g. His liver was comprimised because of the rapid weight loss.

I asked for a necropsy, which surprised my vet (since we knew why), but I thought if Vu could just help one glider someday... Dr. Ness is writing another research paper on glider's and asked if he could use Vu's pictures from the necropsy in his publication. I am honored. Initial results showed:
Lungs: black and thick
Liver: LOADED with nodules
Kidneys: pale
Heart: normal
Digestive tract: normal
We decided to send tissue samples in and the results are as follows.
Lungs: congested
Kidneys: fibrosis (most likely due to age)
Liver: Acute hepatitis with a secondary bacterial infection and toxemia

I know now, Vu was in pain that last day, even with pain meds. It was the first time he EVER nipped me, and he nipped me often that day.

The vet concludes that...the necropsy appeared to show Vu trying to *remove* his liver. (This was a different location that the initial scratch wound) Is it because the jacket was putting pressure on the liver and it hurt? We will never know that answer.

I do not blame myself for the jacket...we had made it so far and we were doing pretty good, so I can only believe it was a blessing so that he did not have to suffer so terribly down the road.


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