Please read through the list of diets below and vote for the one that you feed to your gliders. If you have used multiple diets, please select only the diet that you are currently feeding so we can see the most up-to-date results.

Note: Glider Central does not intend this list to be considered as a "proven" diet list. When deciding which diet is right for your gliders please consult your vet, breeder, and be sure to check out the Diet and Nutrition board here on Glider Central.

Also Note: These diets are to be fed according to their specific instructions. Please remember that the majority of the diets listed are to be fed in combination with certain fruits, veggies, and/or insects along with the diet itself. Please research your diet to find the way it was intended to be fed. We will redo another poll around six months from now to see if diets are changing. Thank you oakley for getting this together.

What diet do you feed?
single choice
BML- Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters Diet
26%, 74 Votes
Caroline MacPherson's Diet
0%, 0 Votes
Chicago Zoological Park Alternative Diet
0%, 1 Votes
Cindy's Diet
1%, 2 Votes
Darcy's Diet
0%, 1 Votes
Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney Diet
0%, 0 Votes
Elwin's Fresh Food Diet
0%, 0 Votes
Healesville Sanctuary Diet
0%, 1 Votes
HPW-High Protien Wombaroo Diet
35%, 100 Votes
Judie's BML
2%, 7 Votes
Pet Glider/Priscilla's Diet
10%, 29 Votes
PML- Pocket's Modified Leadbeaters Diet
2%, 5 Votes
Reep's Diet
0%, 1 Votes
Suncoast/ Zookeeper's Secret Diet
7%, 20 Votes
Taronga Zoo Diet
1%, 2 Votes
Brisky's Sugar Glider Diet (pellets)
0%, 0 Votes
Exotic Nutrition (pellets)
0%, 1 Votes
Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete (pellets)
1%, 4 Votes
Exotic Nutrition Insect Eater Diet (canned)
0%, 1 Votes
Glider Buffet (pellets)
0%, 0 Votes
Glider Gourmet (pellets)
0%, 0 Votes
Glider Grub (pellets)
0%, 1 Votes
Pet Pro/Happy Glider (pellets)
1%, 3 Votes
Pretty Pellets (pellets)
0%, 1 Votes
Sunseed Sunscription/Quiko Sugar Glider Food (pellets)
2%, 5 Votes
9%, 26 Votes
Total Votes: 285
Voting on this poll ends: 0 seconds ago


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