This last month has been a very busy one, with some great additions and changes. By now you are all aware of the changes with Karen & Eddie's titles, but no one but the staff are aware of the additions.

A little over a year ago we announced we were moving the forums over to our current server while we consider some hardware changes. For many years GliderCENTRAL had two dedicated servers that we had full control over, one at a hosting company and one that came to me two years ago. Last December we eliminated the one at the hosting company and have been running off of one server.

About three weeks ago Karen, Ellen, and I discussed backup plans. The decision was made and Ellen approved the decision to build a new server. I received the parts and have been busy ever since, between holiday decorations, board upgrades, the new server, and other projects that will come later down the road.

This is the reason many have noticed some board interruption of being slow and stuff. We pretty much have all the software loaded on the new software as well as the databases. The slow times were caused from doing backups and transferring of the data.

The way things would be set up after I redo our current server is that both will be identical. This would mean if one went down for major issues, with a few buttons hit and database updated the other would take over while the other is being fixed.

Our current server is about 5 or 6 years old, the new one has a lot of hard drive space and more than enough memory to keep us moving forward.

This is all being backed up by a battery backup system that will keep GliderCENTRAL online for roughly 40 minutes before it turns the server off automatically so there is no data loss.

I have had a lot of help from my friend James from vnc with the setup of this. Soon it will be time to start testing things and permanently moving things over. I plan on having everything on the new server within a week, so here is advanced warning that you may notice down time, errors, and such. We will try to do it on off hours but I cannot promise that. We want to thank you all for your understanding, patience and support.

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