I am asked some common questions often addressing new owner concerns regarding the BML, things like..

my joeys are not eating much of it..
they do not like fruits and veggies
will they get bored of the same fruits and veggies
how do I start to offer it to them.

so I tried to address all of these issues to another person today and thought it would be a great opportunity to make a post about it..

I always appreciate it when people want to feed a plan as directed..

as for the gliders getting bored, in reality they are creatures of habit, you will start to notice that the longer you have your babies. you will notice that when you move things around in their cage or replace items, they actually become "undone" until they deem the items as safe. the same will go with going to different places.. they will find you as their "familiar" they really don't like change..

now if you only have one glider.. then it will be easy for you to figure out what he likes, what he doesn't.. but the main thing to keep in mind, (especially if he is a joey) the mix is the most important part of the BML diet.. as a joey they will eat and need more mix than anything else.. in fact till they are about 3 months oop, they may not be interested in other things yet..(He will be going through some immense growth spurts those first 3 months) this also is the crucial part of whether or not their diet will constantly be a problem.

most of the calls I get about a glider not eating their bml, is that too much of a smorgasbord is offered..as well as..it throwing off the balance, it also confuses the gliders. so now.. how to feed the bml..

start off with just the mix... remember that 1 tablespoon of the mix is for the adults, so if he leaves a little behind that is okay.. if not.. he is showing you that he is eating what he needs.. then add only a few peas..as long as he is eating the mix, and the peas.. he is doing great.. offer that for a couple of days..slowly add a couple pieces of corn along with the corn. see how he does with that.. if he eats it all.. then only add i or 2 cubes of carrots, and 1 green bean.. keep this as his staple.. an every day thing.. do not change this..

during the day. offer the fruits, switch those around and remember to stay simple..

a good rule of thumb unless you measure it out.. is that 3 grape halves is a tablespoon.. so do not exceed that.. but also keep in mind he is a joey.. so maybe from the start little pieces of them..

he will take to the fruit before the veggies.. but the veggies are really more important but also as important as the fruits. fruits left in the cage will attract the fruit flies which is why I suggest them as finger treats, you can also use the veggies as finger treats instead of in the cage at night..

some people switch up on the fruits through the week, that is okay.. but remember the balance of the diet is dependent on staying with the recommended f/v...

now AFTER he is about 3 months OOP, you can start to offer other things as TREATS.. remembering to keep it small and in moderation, and not to replace his regular diet.. so if you notice he isn't eating his staple.. look at the BML page and look at the reasons why he may not be eating.. I highly suggest a journal for new owners.. if none of those things are issues.. then look at the other things you are feeding that is not part of the diet plan.

please make some notes..
things that may affect their eating..

moon phase
stress in the home/ or of a new environment
changes in his cage.. cage cleaning, moving things around adding cage mates.. or any other changes in his room..
he may not be hungry that night..
offering too much food for his little belly..(rule of thumb for an adult glider.. their stomach is only as big as your thumb nail if cut short.)

they only eat the insides of the green bean.. and only nibble on the carrots.. this is OK

I offer my v in the bowl and put the bml over them, some offer them separately.. you find what works for your baby.. and please don't sweat the diet.. keep it simple and as directed, and you will do just fine.. spend your time learning , loving and playing with your baby