A while back, someone was looking for this recipe and I sent an e-mail to one of our old members - ganesh - to request it from her since the thread it was in accidentally got deleted during housekeeping. She finally replied to my e-mail today, so here it is dance

Overseas BML Recipe
Originally Posted By: ganesh
Here's the BML recipe I follow in France:

* 115g honey
* 55g yogurt
* 1 hard boiled egg, shelled
* 100ml apple juice (you can go up to 200ml if the BML is too thick. I always do the recipe with 200ml)
* 1 teaspoon of Rep-Cal Herptivite

Mix well
Then add:

* 2 teaspoons of Rep-Cal Calcium with D3, no phosphorus
* 55g wheat germ
* 115g Nestlé baby cereals (5 cereals for 4 months old and above)

Mix well

Edited to Add:
Please note that the BML Recipe shown above is meant to be served as the Protein Nectar along with fresh fruits and vegetables in the evening; then mealworms should be given in the morning to help keep your gliders' teeth clean. This is the same as it would be with the Back to Basics BML recipe that is fed here in the United States. For a complete list of appropriate fruits and vegetables to feed, along with proportions of all components of the diet, please go to that link.

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