The SUGAR Group knows how hard it is to deal with the death of a beloved glider. We also know just how important necropsies are for owners and surviving gliders alike. One of the hardest things about getting a necropsy done is the cost. The SUGAR Group is proud to offer the following options to assist in getting that all-important necropsy:

NECROPSY, HISTOPATHOLOGY & CREMATION - complete testing including a gross necropsy, histological testing of a minimum of 5 organs and cremation with ashes returned to you.
$85 (plus the cost of shipping)

NECROPSY, HISTOPATHOLOGY, CREMATION & A SQUARE ON THE MEMORIAL QUILT - same as above AND your glider will be honored on our memorial quilt for that year.
$100 (plus the cost of shipping)

Of course, we also have our standard option of Necropsy and Histopathology only for $50 (plus the cost of shipping)

Please visit this site for more information:

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