ok I am going to post this and then be gone, if theres replys or its deleted I will never know.

I want to clear some things up

First the rumor I stole a glider that was to be railroaded, it was left with a 7 yr old in a cardboard box over nnight it chewed out and got outside, I never saw this gliders and stayed more then 2 hours at someones house I couldn't stay just to look for it plus made another trip to look for it. It should have never been left with a child.

Second, that I stole or used pictures to try and sale someone a glider, I have never used someone elses glider pictures to sell gliders, I haven't even sold onne glider. I have given allthe gliders away that I have rehomed. I have only gotten $50 to glidersit and that cheked bounced and I ended up keeping those gliders instead of giving to them someone that was going to inbreed them and carry them with no cage.

I steal pictures and ideas for toys. I did make the mistake of using peoples pictures for toy ideas. I am sorry, but I have made every toy I pictured. I just didn't take pics all the time sorry

I threw together toys that were unsafe for gliders for someone, I discounted like many do the price because she sent me the fabric, before I got it she was begging to have it doe for her aggressive glider. I got the fabric and she pleded with me to have it done that day or the nnext day, so I stayed up all night making it I have the pics to prove nothing was unsafe and she lied saying it was for a glider she no longer had or I never would have done it to begin with.

I place ads for toys I never had or didn't ship, I have tracking numbers for everything I ship, I did miss up on a swap and things were lost but thats not my flaut.

I admit I have done wrong but not once has anyone called me or came by to check the facts.

I have gone this holiday without my kids because SOMEONE called child services saying I buy my gliders food before my kids and put my pets first and the proff they broght was all from forums and some from here.

No one thinks when they post or stalk people online that it hurts anyone else. And you maybe thinking well shes getting what she deserves but did my kids deserve to go without their family because of what you wrote online? Did my 1 1/2 yr old deserve to be ripped from my arms on friday crying cause of what you wrote? Do my kids deserve to be teased and talked about at school cause of what the teacher and parnets fid online doing research cause of your hurtfull words? Did you think that anyone researching gliders could see what you were writing about me?

I am not returning to the internet period. I have had enough hurt and heartache. I need to focus on getting my kids back tomorrow and just spoiling the pets I have now, instead of trying to impress you guys and getting talked about behind my back.

Maybe I made mistakes but you guys are like children you guys took things too far and now my whole family is a mess. Thanks. I thought I had frieds on here but once they started to read the gossip they turned to. And thats all it is gossip since no one thought to call or email me about the facts. Think of that in your next blog, post, or bullentin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joanna Pierce